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Oct, 2021: Defigo Solution presents security for buildings.

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Alan Chamberlin Recruiters

Oct, 2020: Vice President Talent Acquisition Solutions at The Richmond Group USA.

Mike Hurst Recruiters

Oct, 2020: Along with almost thirty years of security recruitment Mike holds several volunteer leadership roles within... more

Jack Phillps Consultants

Oct, 2020: President PSC Global

Chris Clarke Consultants

Oct, 2020: President of C Squared Security Consulting & Project Management.

Jake Connors Consultants

Oct, 2020: Managing Director of Utopia Technology Consulting Designed and configured the physical security for the lar... more

Felix P. Nater Consultants

Oct, 2020: President of Nater Associates, Felix's most recent accomplishment was finishing a Workplace Security / Work... more

Ron Davis Consultants

Oct, 2020: Owner of Davis Marketing Group, Davis has done hundreds of security acquisition deals over decades and is t... more

Bryan Warren Consultants

Oct, 2020: President and Chief Consultant of WarSec Security has created a copyrighted formula for security staffing t... more

Aaron Ker Consultants

Oct, 2020: Aaron has managed security programs for the largest private and public developments in the history of the P... more

Herbert Ubbens Consultants

Oct, 2020: President of the Paratus Consultants Group and also Board Certified in Security Management (CPP) and Physic... more

Michael Khairallah Consultants

Oct, 2020: As a Sr. Systems Consultant at Security Design Solutions- Michael facilitated assessment, and implementatio... more

René Rieder Jr. Consultants

Oct, 2020: René works for Burns Engineering where he uses his 20 years experience in airport security programs, securi... more

Frank Pisciotta Consultants

Oct, 2020: In addition to his 30 years experience as Founder & President of BPS, Frank serves as a Chair for the ASIS ... more

Alaa Masry Consultants

Oct, 2020: Previously an engineer with Johnson Controls Alaa is a technology consultant from SA Tech who has designed ... more

Chris Peterson Consultants

Oct, 2020: Co-Founder and President of Vector Firm Chris has helped over 80 companies shift from managing new business... more

Alfredo Perez JR Consultants

Oct, 2020: Principal Owner at Perez Consulting, Alfredo has consulted over major deals in Transportation, Critical Inf... more

Paul Anderson Consultants

Oct, 2020: The Group Director of 6S Global with notable clients like IBM, DXC, and parts of the London government spec... more

Viper Imaging Temperature Screening

Oct, 2020: Viper Imaging presents Viper EBT Pro a temperature solution utilizing both inner canthus and blackbodies.

SeekScan Temperature Screening

Oct, 2020: SeekScan presents its Kiosk temperature screening system.

Flir Temperature Screening

Oct, 2020: FLIR presents its version of FLIR Screen-EST software.

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