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Oct, 2021: Defigo Solution presents security for buildings.

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Hanwha Camera

Sep, 2020: Hanwha presents the Wisenet 7 Series of cameras that use a common SoC platform.

Ava Camera

Sep, 2020: Ava presents Ava Aware Cloud platform and cloud connected cameras and appliances with AI analytics.

D-Link Networking

Sep, 2020: D-Link presents its "Nuclias" cloud managed surveillance switches and Vigilance cameras.

Vivotek Camera

Sep, 2020: Vivotek presents 2 fisheye cameras as well as their OSSA product line.

Pelco Camera

Sep, 2020: Pelco presents Spectra Enhanced 7 Speed Dome as well as the Sarix Enhanced series.

Axis Camera

Sep, 2020: Axis presents its first body worn camera offering, targeting private enterprise and commercial users.

IntelliVision Analytics

Sep, 2020: IntelliVision presents an overview of their AI & Deep learning based analytics.

Tyco Software House Analytics

Sep, 2020: Tyco presents American Dynamics Victor/ VideoEdge, featuring mask detection, intelligent person search and ... more

Flir Analytics

Sep, 2020: FLIR presents traditional security analytics for perimeter security.

ISS Analytics

Sep, 2020: ISS presents video analytic products that aim to help bring people back back from their homes, schools, and... more

Hanwha Analytics

Sep, 2020: Hanwha presents their AI cameras featuring a range of analytics and integration into Wave VMS.

Allgovision Analytics

Sep, 2020: Allgovision presents its video analytics platform for enterprise, critical infrastructure and smart city ap... more

Boulder AI Analytics

Sep, 2020: Boulder AI presents 'Smart Cities Analytics' which aim to add safety and traffic data to urban environments.

Vintra Analytics

Sep, 2020: Vintra presents its analytics solutions which aim to transform video into actionable, tailored and trusted ... more

Milestone Systems Analytics

Sep, 2020: Milestone presents the "Power of Open" aiming for choice and innovation with video content analytics

Briefcam Analytics

Sep, 2020: Briefam presents real time and forensic AI analytics for gender, age, and other people classification featu... more

SoundIntel Analytics

Sep, 2020: SoundIntel presents how sound detection can reduce response times and increase awareness during violent inc... more

Ava Analytics

Sep, 2020: Ava presents their video analytics solutions which aim to add intelligence to most cameras including severa... more

Vivotek Analytics

Sep, 2020: Vivotek presents its panoramic cameras featuring crowd detection, running detection, and VMS integration.

Panasonic Analytics

Sep, 2020: Panasonic presents the I-Pro X-series with Ai-VMD as well as 3rd party support.

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