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Oct, 2021: Defigo Solution presents security for buildings.

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DMP Access Control

Jul, 2020: DMP presents virtual keypad access to provide access control management across multiple systems from connec... more

SpotterRF Access Control

Jul, 2020: SpotterRF presents Compact Surveillance Radar (CSR), a system for perimeter, ground, air, sea, and drone de... more

Matrix Systems Access Control

Jul, 2020: Matrix Systems presents Frontier Integrated Platform, providing access control for large scale facilities.

Ditek Access Control

Jul, 2020: Ditek presents solutions to prevent power surges and spiked damage to access control.

Galaxy Control Systems Access Control

Jul, 2020: Galazy Control Systems presents their access control, IP intercom and VMS solutions.  

Securitech Access Control

Jul, 2020: Securitech presents forced-entry & access control harmonious solutions and AYZRE, a mechanical hands-free d... more

Altronix Access Control

Jul, 2020: Altronix presents its access control power and network solutions specialties.

Blub0x Access Control

Jul, 2020: Blubox presents Blusky, a web based security platform that claims to work with any device, anywhere, and an... more

CIAS Access Control

Jul, 2020: CIAS presents perimeter intrusion detection over PoE.

Midpoint Security Access Control

Jul, 2020: Midpoint Security presents CredoID, its open cloud platform access control solution.

Tyco Illustra Access Control

Jul, 2020: Tyco presents cloud & ioSmart reader technology offering cloud managed keyless entry.

Tyco Software House Access Control

Jul, 2020: Tyco presents C•CURE 9000 2.90, access control and alarm management platform with integrations from 30+ vid... more


Jun, 2020: ACTi presents a cloud-ready solution that uses video analytics aiming to optimize business with real-time e... more

Cisco Meraki VSaaS

Jun, 2020: Meraki presents the MV Smart Camera family.

Agent Vi VSaaS

Jun, 2020: Agent VI presents cloud or on-premise real-time video analysis with alerts, video search, and business inte... more VSaaS

Jun, 2020: Vcloud presents AI powered cloud video surveillance and video analytics.


Jun, 2020: IPVM presents an overview of the VSaaS state of market 2020

Qumulex VSaaS

Jun, 2020: Qumulex presents a cloud-based, mobile-first, unified access control and video surveillance solution presen... more

Evercam VSaaS

Jun, 2020: Evercam presents AI smart cameras for remote construction project timelapse & site management.

Webeye VSaaS

Jun, 2020: Webeye presents its cloud remote monitoring platform for virtual guard and alarm visual verification.

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