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Oct, 2021: Defigo Solution presents security for buildings.

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Camect Analytics

May, 2020: US video analytics start-up focusing on the home market.

SAFeZoneTech Analytics

May, 2020: US start-up offering low-cost gunshot detection.

Defendry Analytics

May, 2020: AI-based remote monitoring solution.

Cvedia Analytics

May, 2020: US-based end-to-end AI Video Analytics.

VXG Analytics

May, 2020: Canadian start-up offering an open AI VSaaS solution.

Boulder AI VSaaS

May, 2020: Avigilon's COO is back taking the lead of this AI startup, see what his plans are.

SecuriThings Health

May, 2020: Israel startup uses AI to stop cyber-attacks on IoT devices in real time.

Monitoreal Analytics

May, 2020: AI targeted at the home market.

ViiSights Analytics

May, 2020: Israel start up focusing on behavioral recognition.

Calipsa Analytics

May, 2020: London-based, deep learning AI company, working to reduce false alarms.

Cawamo Analytics

May, 2020: Israel-based cloud and edge AI platform for detection.

Anyvision Analytics

May, 2020: With $70+ million raised, this startup is looking to disrupt facial recognition.

EyePark Access Control

May, 2020: Visitor management for vehicles - long range, contact less driver.

Deep Sentinel Intrusion

May, 2020: The Bezos-backed company wants to disrupt alarm monitoring with an AI video based system.

Smart Entry Systems Access Control

May, 2020: The low-cost multi-tenant access startup presents why their cloud solution is better than costly incumbent.

Sequr Access Control

May, 2020: Find out why the cloud building services company thinks its Sequr access is the next big thing.

Alcatraz Access Control

May, 2020: aiming to replace badging as an access point identification method by leveraging facial recognition.

Density Access Control

May, 2020: Wants to improve access control with realtime analytics- backed by the same investors of Ring, Stripe, Twil... more

OpenPath Access Control

May, 2020: Raised $27 million for cloud mobile access control.

Proxy Access Control

May, 2020: Raised $42 million last month, see how they are using it to disrupt credentials.

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