2022 VMS/VSaaS Book

By IPVM Team, Published Jan 03, 2022, 01:38pm EST

IPVM has released its 6th book; 220 pages that provide comprehensive education on VMSes and VSaaSes, based on our research and testing.

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The eBook is a collection of 12 IPVM Reports, published individually below:

The book compares the pros and cons of VMSes and VSaaS, focused on live viewing, search and playback features, camera integration, system management, and advanced 3rd party system integration challenges.

This book adds to over 1,100 pages of IPVM books, including the Camera Book, Analytics Book, Video Surveillance 101 Book, Access Control Book, and IP Networking Book.

Subscribers can download the eBook below.

Download The Book

Subscribers, please do not share the pdf book. If you want a friend or non-member colleague to get a copy, just invite them.

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