Getting Started With Your IPVM Membership

By IPVM Team, Published Dec 02, 2019, 12:00am EST

Here's how to get started and get the most out of your IPVM membership.

Books for Members

All members can download the 4 member-only books below - just click on the books you want to download:

IPVM ImageIPVM Image IPVM Image IPVM Image

Getting Started Video Presentation

You can watch the 20-minute video immediately below or scan through the whole post for images and recommendations.

15,000 Members

You are one of 15,000 members from 110+ countries. We survey IPVM members for special reports and facilitate sharing comments and feedback from amongst members.

IPVM Image

21,000+ Pages

Get Notified of Video Surveillance Breaking News
Get Notified of Video Surveillance Breaking News

IPVM is very big, with an unmatched wealth of information.

IPVM Image

IPVM is so big that it is unrealistic to read all of it yourself. You will want to pick and choose the topics most relevant to you:

IPVM Image

Searching IPVM

One of the best ways is to use IPVM's custom search engine that is available on the top right corner of every page on the site. As you type in your query, IPVM immediately returns matches. You can select one of them:

IPVM Image

Alternatively, you can press return for all results and go to IPVM's advanced search page. On this page, you can filter by newest matches, type of content (tests, articles, discussions), and author's name:

IPVM Image

Sharing IPVM with your Friends and Colleagues

We are introducing 'invites' that allow eligible members to give 1-month free IPVM membership to whomever they choose. Every eligible member has 3 invites per year, a $60 value. And, if one of your invitees becomes a member, you get the invite back to use again. All members will be eligible unless the member is on a monthly or quarterly plan and has been a member for less than a year. In that case, upgrading to an annual plan will immediately activate invitations.

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Sharing Articles with Non-Members

You can also share unlocked IPVM research and reporting to colleagues and friends. Every member can send 3 unlocked articles a month with whomever they choose. This lets you share IPVM reporting with non-members.

New on IPVM

Every week, we have numerous new releases. We focus on new products, events, and trends.

Expect ~12 new articles, ~30 new discussions, multiple tests, and unique news reports each week.

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Getting Updates on What's New

Each time we release a new post or have news, we post it on LinkedIn.

Additionally, members can choose from 3 types of email notices from IPVM:

  • Newsletters on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (this is opt-out)
  • An email each time a new discussion is promoted (this is opt-in with 1,000 members doing so)
  • An email each time a new article is released (this is opt-in with 1,500 members doing so)

Members can edit these preferences, when logged in, on their profile page:

IPVM Image


Get the most out of your membership and ask questions in our discussion group. Just enter in a title and a description in the 'Start a New Discussion' form located on every discussion page.

IPVM Image

Bonus, if you do not want others to know who you are, simply check the 'Post Without Disclosing Your Name?' box on the lower left of any discussion form. This way you can get help but stay private.

Show Your Picture, Company Name and URL

When commenting on IPVM, you can get more out of it by including your picture plus your company's name and URL back to your preferred site.

Here is an example of how that looks:

IPVM Image

To add your picture / headshot, go to edit profile / photo tab.

To add your company name and URL, go to edit profile / main profile tab.

Solve Problems

In particular, use IPVM discussions to help solve problems. They could be technical questions or issues with vendors. IPVM brings the expertise and power to help resolve them.

Here is one example of how we help solve technical problems: Help Me: Looking For a "Pretty Looking" REX

Here is an example of how we help solve manufacturer problems: Genetec Not Really Recording


Members can quiz themselves any time on a variety of topics from cameras to access control to sales to installation, etc. As soon as you finish the quiz, IPVM displays your score, how your score compares to other members, and answers to every question.

IPVM Image

Additionally, if you have a group account and are an admin, you can assign quizzes to your co-workers. Pick a quiz, co-worker, and due date and IPVM will email your co-worker with the link to take it. Once they complete it, you will get an email confirmation with a link to their results including what they did wrong.


The IPVM calculator is the best way to visualize and plan your new camera selections. See what type of coverage you will get and the projected quality.

This 15-minute video shows how to get the most out of it.

The calculator has a number of members-only features including:

  • Pick from over 10,000 camera models, to see how they will perform in the scenarios you plan.
  • Upload your own personal scenes to see how cameras will look in the actual spots you plan to deploy them.
  • Save your calculations, organize them into projects, and export them.

You can try out the entire calculator.

Camera Finder

The IPVM Camera Finder searches over 5,000 cameras over 45 unique criteria. Watch this 90 second video to learn more:

IPVM Image

To get a sense of what you can do with the Finder, here are some example searches:

Camera Comparison

The IPVM Camera Comparison tool shows you the strengths, weaknesses, and similarities of any set of cameras. For example, here is an Axis 1080p dome vs a Hanwha 1080p dome:

IPVM Image

You can pick any combination of cameras you want to find similar comparisons.

Refer a Friend, You Get Credit, They Get a Discount

Refer a friend to IPVM. If they join, you get 10% credit to extend your membership and they get 10% off their price. For example, your friend joins with the annual plan (normally $199.00). You get a $19.90 credit and your friend gets $19.90 off (only paying $179.10).

Use the referral code below:

Getting Started Video Presentation

Finally, here is the whole video presentation. The first 9 minutes walk through the slides presented above, while the final 11 minutes are a live demonstration of each area discussed:

Need Help?

If you need help or have more questions, simply comment below or send us an email to

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I have a small pawnshop and want to have the proper security but don't know much nor how to install these cameras I got n I have a dvr.. where do I start?

What brand / model DVR and cameras do you have? This will help us give better feedback.

Excellent program. Thank you! 

I have been subscribed, following and viewing since Feb. 2020.

Thank you for the membership!

Highly appreciated!

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