Law Breaking Longse Enters USA

By: Brian Karas, Published on Nov 22, 2017

Longse has established itself as world class, at least in spamming the industryripping off Milestone and Video Insight as well as Hikvision.

But they have always done so safely hidden away in China.

Now, they have entered the USA:


In this note, we examine the risks involved and the potential opportunity

US ****** ********

*** ***** ** ******** ****** ********* *** ****** building **** **** ******. LA ****** *** ******** Site ***** *** ******** was******** ********* *** **** under $**. ** ******* ** LA ****** ***** *** building ***** ** "****** USA ***".

*****'* ******** ** ******* 15 ******* ********* ** Hikvision's ** ****** ** southern **********:

*** ******** *********** ** *** ********* * *,******* ****** building. ** **** *** list ********* ***** ** loading *****, ********** *** Longse ** *** ******** to ***** *********** ******* of ******* ** **** location.

****** ** *** ******** show *********** ** ******* Longse ****-********* ********, **** generous *** ** ******* chairs *** ********** ***** working ******** *** *****:

Upside ** ******

************** *********** ****** ***** sales, ******* *** ********. For *******, ******* ****** incredible ******* ($* *******, etc.), *** *********** *** Longse ****** ******* *** risk ** ******* **** an ************ ***** ****** physical ******** ** *,*** miles **** ** *** risky *** *********** *** most.

* ** ****** ****** Longse ** **** ****** communicate, ******* *** **** products ** *********. ** executed ********, ** ***** overcome **** **********. ** example ** **** ** the *** *****, ***** despite ******* **** ** industry **********, *** ******** of ****** *** ******** locally **** *** ****** has **** **** **** many ******* ***********.

Opportunity **** ***** *** ********* ***** ********

*** ***** ** ******'* favor ** **** ***** and ********* **** ******** significant ****** *** ******** problems ** *** **** year. ******* ** ****, there *** ****** ** integrators *** *** *********** other *******. ****** *** an ********* ** **** it ** ****** ** still ******** ***** *** Hikvision's *******, ** ***** until **** ***** *** expensive ***** *** ******** is.

** *** ***** ****, Longse ********* *** *** own ******** ********. ********, their ******* *** ***** companies **** ** **** a ***** ****** ********* that **** ****** **** many ** ***** *** cybersecurity ******** **** *** just ******* ** ** picked ** ** *********** if ******'* ******** *****.

Longse Vs *********/***** ********

** * ****** **** ** ******* ****** cameras, *********** ****** ************* between ******. ******* ***** quality, ************ ** ****** and ********, *** * step ***** ********* *** Dahua. *******, ******* *** significantly ******* **** *********** Hikvision ** ***** *******, even ** ****** **** order **********, ****** *** products *********** ********** *** low-budget ********. *******, * US ****** ***** ********* increase *****, ***** ***** likely ****** *******. 

Challenges ******

**** **** * ** office, ****** **** ***** face ******* ********** ** competing ** *** ** surveillance ******. ******* ********** funding **** *********, ** an ******* ***** ****** business **** *****, ****** will ** ******* ** their ******* ** ***** out * ***** ***** presence. **** ***** *********** raise *****, ****** *** company *** ********* ******** in * *** **** indicates **** ****** ** grow ******* *********** ******* investment ** ****. ****, Longse's ****-**-****** ******** ***** will ****** ***** **** integrators ** *** **** consider *** ******* ** any ***** ***** ** performance *****.

Legal *****

********* *** **** ***** campaigns******* *** *********'* *********, *** ********* **** **** ******** ****** from ********* *** ***** Insight, ***** *** **** could ****** **** ****** China, ********* **** ** Western ******* ***** *** them ** ******* ******.

**** * ** ******, the ***** ***** ********. Now, ****** **** **** assets ** ****** ** $1M, *** ********** **** damaged ******* ***** **** recourse. *********, **** ****** Longse ** ****** *** to **** *** ********* practices **** **** **** to ****. *********, **** will **** ******* *** ***** and ***** ** ******** their '********' ** *** USA.

Comments (55)

I got the email from them on this as well. They said they will only be stocking "Longse" branded equipment in the USA.

I think I remember IPVM mentioning they asked the head of Longse to take IPVM staff off the SPAM list when they were at maybe ISCWest a few years ago....? Did you guys stop getting emails from "Elvis"?

$6 cameras?? I may have to start my own integration company now. I'll easily clear a 1000% profit end of year, although that will equate to about $600, my car trunk is my warehouse so expenses are low. I will easily steal business from all the serious integrators who sell on value and solution. With Longse, I can take the Hikvision dealer philosophy to a new level!

Don't forget to keep a couple (30 or 40) in your trunk so you can change them out when the cameras you installed go bad.

$600 profit! You'll be laughing at Hik dealers all the way to the bank!

Ripping off Hikvision's interface, and releasing a VMS with elements stolen from Milestone and Video Insight, until now they could simply hide inside China, confident that no Western company would sue them in Chinese courts.

Maybe Hik USA will sue Longse USA as a little warning to those who venture out of their ‘backyard’...



Just received confirmation that the building is actually owned by Longse. Updated report to reflect this:

For their US location Longse purchased the office building they will occupy. LA County Tax Assessor Site shows the building was recently purchased for just under $1M. An enquiry to LA County lists the building owner as "LONGSE USA INC".

Sprawling Longse campus with cavernous built-in parking structure:

Why does that wall pack below the Longse sign look much older than the building itself?

Why does that wall pack below the Longse sign look much older than the building itself?


And the surface mounted conduit screams 'existing building', not a new one.

It is definitely not a new building. When I looked at tax records, I believe it was built in the 90's. 

I've always thought that if Longse could develop more solid GUI's and Software interfaces, that they could be a real threat as long as they can keep their prices the same.

I've always thought that if Longse could develop more solid GUI's and Software interfaces...

I would have thought you would like the Hik Longse interface ;)


Ha! Apparently they got permission from Hik to use that interface. Not sure if its true or not. It may look like Hik, but definetely not as solid. It was laden with bugs when I tried it out.

Apparently they got permission from Hik to use that interface. Not sure if its true or not.

Sean, your source for this claim is?

The longse sales lady. Im trying to find my email but 100% that is what she said. The truth of it is what im uncertain about. U would figure that Hik would have the power to shut it down quickly though.

The longse sales lady.

Would that be Coco, Debbie, Eva, Irene, Janey, Lily, Lisa, Lena, Lizzie, Serena, Sylvia or Yvonne?

How could you leave out Tina?

Or Abby?

Whom evidently thinks I am Polish...

And that was just me quickly checking my inbox for recent spam emails from them.

They might need new space already.

They apparently also have permission from Hik to use their private protocol as well.

I feel like it'd just be more cheap garbage flooding the industry. I'd like to see some real innovators come through, not just people that can do approximately the same for cheaper... that's why this industry is so miserable in the first place. We don't need garbage in garbage out. We don't need Longse living here either.

It won't be long till we find a Chinese IP camera in a box of cereal...

Send in 10 UPC code labels and get a coupon for free analytics.

Maybe USA office is looking for new business ventures.

If they do, neighborhood pharmacies may prove a promising target market:


Do they OEM to any companies in the US? 

Do they OEM to any companies in the US?

Yes, but I have heard only of a few small ones. There certainly likely others but we have yet to hear of a large US company that is OEMing Longse. That said, Longse Wants To Be Your OEM

Longse was looking for national sales manager for their US operation.  There was a job advertisement on Craig List but can't find it anymore.  But here is link to a Chinese site that shows the same ad.

They are also advertising on indeed.

A chance for a great career advancement for those who know how to sell cheap IP cameras by speaking Chinese (a requirement for the position).

#9, good find!

I screencapped some of the job listing to make it easier for others to see. One interesting point inside was about directly managing 3-5 sales people, which I would guess would be US based.

That compensation range is not terribly attractive considering the high cost of living in Southern California, the 30% traveling requirement and need to manage a team.

That compensation range is not terribly attractive considering the high cost of living in Southern California, the 30% traveling requirement and need to manage a team.

What do you expect from the manufacturer of $6 cameras?


What do you expect from the manufacturer of $6 cameras?

You win...

In all seriousness, I am genuinely curious how Longse changes their pricing to support these costs. I hear a lot of "Wow, you don't know how cheap it is to make cameras in China" to which I generally respond, "But do you realize how expensive it is to sell and support those cameras in America?"

Maybe that's the base?

It could be just the base but that would be a mistake on their part as typically sales compensation is listed at target quota (i.e., full compensation, not just base).

But I suspect the $50 - $80k is total compensation and that they are looking for someone similar to the LTS model - a native Chinese speaker who is relatively new to the US, relatively inexperienced that would find that compensation package to be attractive. 

Actually since July, 2016, Longse already stop mass mailing to US customers, our sales person are allowed to send email only after they set up customer file for the USA customers who are indeed need our products.

In the past years, in order to expand Longse influence and promote the marketing, we sent emails to introduce new or hot products, new technologies and developments,
the assembling technology improvements, the seasons promotion information, etc, to our clients cooperated or potential.
Someone like it, and someone does not accept it. We are sorry if we disturbed you.

Actually we also feel a little sad that someone still keep the original impression to Longse when not fully know us, even we have already made some changes.

But it does not matter, we will still try every effort to become better. And we are striving to change our mode/ways to sale, committed to providing the service which is one to one, really meet customers requirement, high satisfaction to our customers!

Our strategy to set up the USA office is that: totally change our original sales mode, only have one distributor in each city or each area, in order to protect our distributor's interests and provide them more excellent service!
At the same time, we have technician in USA office, which can provide telephone service and on-site support services.

If you want to represent our products with “longse” brand, please contact our people in USA office directly( , if you need OEM products, pls feel free to contact our factory in China ( the purchase amount is at least 250 thousand USD per year, our email is or ) or USA office. Thanks for your understanding&support!

Hi Kelly!

Would you mind briefly explaining how you see Longse in comparison to the more familiar Chinese brands (in the US), Hik and Dahua?

Specifically in regards to pricing, distribution model, channel protection, warranty and support etc.


Actually since July, 2016, Longse already stop mass mailing to US customers, our sales person are allowed to send email only after they set up customer file for the USA customers who are indeed need our products. [emphasis added]

Kelly, how are you determining who 'needs' your products? And are you getting permission form these people first? Or does Longse just start bombarding people with emails who they think needs your products?

And a lot of your emails are still not providing any way to opt-out, e.g., this one from the summer from Jake:

Kelly, here's the deal. Longse does not take this seriously enough and you are going to find, painfully, that building a legitimate brand with those types of actions is very hard.

Kelly, how are you determining who 'needs' your products?

Good catch.  Does that mean they used to spam everyone regardless of any connection to security systems?

I guess they searched for all websites for CCTV or security keywords. And then spam them all. 

As for Unsubscribe link, I added a filter to my email client  "Move message to trash" for Longse and for about 50 other Chinese companies who used similar spamming approach without adding Unsubscribe link: Cantonk, Lonrun, Anyvision, Amovision, qihan  ...



Maybe start an IPVM article with a comprehensive list the community contributes to for domain names and IP addresses of spamming security manufacturers....  :)


It's happening again - more Longse spam:

And again:


Kelly, stop spinning us. Maybe in China, not having credibility is fine but it is a big problem in America.

Note: (the domain the spam is being sent from) is registered to Jim, the owner of Longse.

If you'd like to let Jim know that you don't appreciate being spammed, his email is

If you'd like to let Jim know that you don't appreciate being spammed, his email is

Sent. I just gave him a piece of your mind ;)

Seems there is an active group who will report domains and service providers aiding in use of Spam! how effective I'm not sure, but maybe if their email is blocked around the globe they might change their spam policy.


More Longse spam - Christmas edition:

More Longse spam, this time they sent it to "email?":

If Longse had any shame, they would be embarrassed. Kelly, anything to say here?


Kelly, "So shall I put you down for 100 cameras, or 200?"

And more Longse spam, this time using Hikvision:

Tim's back again this time emailing '' an address we never use or publish. Now, he is sending us photos of himself:

This is absurd.

Are you going to initiate legal action against their USA office?

We could send them a cease and desist though I am not sure what that will amount to.

Exposing their continued unethical practices is probably the most effective thing we could do.

We could send them a cease and desist though I am not sure what that will amount to.

Or maybe something to do with child labor laws...

I don't know if it is effective but  Federal Trade Commission has a Spam reporting address. As to what effect this would give is unknown, but now they enter the USA they will have to answer for their actions. (possibly!)


Update: Longse has hired Daniel Mik, who previously worked at Eastern CCTV, to be their USA sales manager.

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