Honeywell Hides Selling US Gov Banned PRC Dahua Video Surveillance

By IPVM Team, Published Oct 10, 2018, 10:59am EDT

Honeywell hides selling US government banned Chinese video surveillance as their own 'Honeywell' products, deceiving buyers and putting US security at risk. The 86-second video below shows proof:

While Honeywell claims to "invent and manufacture technologies", what Honeywell does here is change the colors and branding of Dahua's finished goods.

Problems - Backdoor And Ban

This is a problem. (1) Those Dahua devices had multiple backdoors discovered in 2017 and were hacked hard. (2) In August 2018, the US government banned Dahua's products. (3) The US government is even considering sanctions against Dahua for profiting from human right abuses.


And it is straightforward to expose this. For example, it can be seen in the camera's physical appearance, which varies simply by color and branding:

IPVM Image

Ironically, Dahua's own software recognizes these 'Honeywell' cameras as Dahua cameras:

IPVM Image

That should not be surprising since it is a Dahua camera, just essentially with a paint job.

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Indeed, even the web interfaces of the cameras are virtually identically, down to obscure features:

IPVM Image

Deceptive Industry of 'Pretend Manufacturers'

Unfortunately for buyers, Honeywell is simply the most well-known brand doing this, but there are more than 100 US companies doing the same, taking finished products from Dahua and Hikvision, banned by the US government, passing them off as their own. See Dahua OEM Directory and Hikvision OEM Directory.

Integrity Lacking

Honeywell declares:

At Honeywell, we have a responsibility to conduct ourselves with the highest levels of integrity in everything we do. This helps us sustain the credibility of our brand

Honeywell is failing that responsibility.

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