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By IPVM Team, Published May 05, 2021, 10:18am EDT

Updated for 2021, this directory includes US Government-banned Dahua OEMs for dozens of companies. The following directory includes 50+ of those companies with a graphic and links to company websites below and 30+ that have dropped Dahua in the past few years.

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It does not cover all Dahua OEMs as most hide the association and we have only listed ones we have verified by examing shipping records, product documentation or testing products.

If you have feedback on this list or others to add, email us at info@ipvm.com or leave a comment below.

Links to each OEM partner:

Typically, these partners take Dahua product and substitute their branding, alongside their own internally developed product, or in some cases, other OEMs, making it sometimes difficult to determine what is and is not OEMed. More confusing, many companies change OEMs from time to time.

Note: there are certainly far more Dahua OEMs than this list as our information sources are primarily North American based and even within North America, surely there are some others not yet listed. Email us at info@ipvm.com or leave a comment with more suggestions.

Added In 2021: ADI Capture / Small OEMs

The most notable addition to this list for 2021 is ADI, with their new Dahua OEM Capture line, released in April/May. We cover this in a separate report: ADI Secretly Relabels Dahua

We also added several smaller OEMs from various regions:

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Bosch OEM vs. Contract Manufacturing

Bosch historically had an atypical relationship with Dahua, actually developing and running their own firmware (verified in our testing) in cameras that Dahua manufactured for Bosch. However, some recorder product lines (see our Bosch DIVAR test) are more typical Dahua OEMs.

As of 2020, Bosch announced they were dropping Dahua as an OEM and contract manufacturer, discontinuing Dahua-manufactured/OEMed lines in the US, though they are still available in some other regions.

Panasonic: Dahua OEM No Longer Sold In US

Panasonic released a Dahua OEM series, the V-Series, in early 2017 (see our test). However, Panasonic has discontinued this in the US (and UK/Europe), though it is still sold in other regions.

IPVM Image

Removed / Former OEMs

We removed 30+ suppliers from this list as of 2021, as a number have stopped OEMing Dahua, stopped selling cameras altogether, changed OEMs, or gone out of business.

For those who have stopped OEMing Dahua, no other manufacturer stands out as the most common OEM, with various companies moving to Hikvision, Uniview, or TVT.

Beware Of Multiple Vulnerabilities

Dahua cameras have suffered from multiple major cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the past few years, these have been uncovered / disclosed:

  • Critical cloud vulnerability, 2020: Dahua and 22 OEMs including Panasonic and Stanley had hard-coded cloud keys / passwords which were shared and could be used to ultimately gain full access to cloud connected equipment.
  • Dahua Critical Vulnerabilities, 2020: 5 Vulnerabilities; one is 9.8 / 10 CVSS score and the others are 7.0 - 9.0. The most severe allows an attacker to execute malicious code on the camera.
  • Wiretapping vulnerability, 2019: In August 2019, a security researcher discovered audio streams could be accessed without authentication in Dahua and OEM models. This vulnerability allows attackers to listen to camera audio even if disabled in the web interface. See our report Dahua Wiretapping Vulnerability for full details and demonstration.
  • Exposed credentials, 2017: Vulnerable Dahua cameras and DVRs/NVRs exposed a config file containing username/password info to unauthenticated HTTP requests.
  • Hardcoded backdoor, 2017: A major vulnerability was found in Dahua cameras in 2017, allowing unauthorized admin access, very likely impacting most/all OEMs who may or may not have released updated firmware and notified customers.

Those using cameras from this OEM list should be sure to check for these vulnerabilities and seek new firmware from their OEM immediately.

In multiple instances, Dahua did not disclose these vulnerabilities. In the case of the wiretapping vulnerability, Dahua did not disclose until after IPVM notified Dahua we were publishing on it, even though a security researcher notified Dahua months earlier.

How To Tell

There are a few techniques to help verify whether a provider is a Dahua OEM, including:

  • Configuration Utilities
  • VMS Autodiscovery
  • Web Interface Similarities
  • Shipping Records

Configuration Utilities

Most Dahua OEM models will be discovered by Dahua's configuration utilities, such as this Speco model:

IPVM Image

VMS Autodiscovery

Additionally, VMSes may discover and connect to the camera as Dahua, as well, such as the same Speco model shown here connected to Exacq via the Dahua driver.

IPVM Image

Web Interface Similarities

OEMs typically make only limited changes to the Dahua web interface, such as a logo or color scheme. For example, in the video below we review the Honeywell HQA DVR interface (a Dahua OEM unit) with a Dahua branded model, nearly identical aside from color scheme.

Shipping Records

Shipping records often show that a company OEMs from Dahua. For example, the image below shows some of the shipments from Dahua to Lorex in August 2019.

IPVM Image

However, not all records are as easy to find. Many companies may hide their shipments or use different shipper/receiver names.

Other Directories

See also Hikvision OEM Directory and Uniview OEM Directory.

Feedback / More Submissions

If you have feedback on this list or others to add, email us at info@ipvm.com or leave a comment below.

[Note: This report was originally published in 2017, periodically updated since, and fully reviewed in 2019 and 2021.]

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