Trump Administration Considers Sanctions Against Dahua and Hikvision

Published Sep 11, 2018 13:32 PM
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The Trump administration is considering sanctions against Dahua and Hikvision for their involvement in human rights abuses against minorities inside of China reports the NY Times.

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The NY Times explained:

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Noting that Dahua and Hikvision have been 'singled out':

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The Times references a Congressional letter that urged sanctions against Dahua and Hikvision on August 28, 2018. The Times has confirmed that the letter has been positively received and the Trump administration is considering placing sanctions.

Sanctions Impact

Citing Executive Order 13818 expanding 2016’s Global Magnitsky Act, the sanctions would amount to:

  • A freeze on all Hikvision and Dahua assets – from property to cash – in the United States
  • A prohibition on all their transactions with US persons/companies (e.g., their employees and distributors)
  • The possible suspension of Hikvision/Dahua executives’ right to obtain visas to the US

See our original post on the Congressional letter for more details on impact.

Bipartisan Support

This effort has gained bipartisan support, not only with Democratic and Republican Congresspeople but with the NY Times, which is regularly at odds with Trump, providing a positive take on the matter. Indeed, the NY Times days prior ran a front-page story critical of China's human rights abuses:

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Risks High For Dahua and Hikvision And Their Partners

The risk is high, combining the sanction potential with the impending tariffs and the recently passed US government ban, Dahua and Hikvision face great challenges. Indeed, those in the US that sell or buy Dahu and Hikvision are facing increased costs, restrictions on who will allow these products to be used, and if the sanctions are enacted, even having access to these products anymore.

Whether one agrees or not with the US actions here, the practical reality is significant risks for sticking with Dahua or Hikvision.

No Feeling Bad For Dahua or Hikvision - Huge Benefits From Unfair PRC Policies

Lest anyone feel bad for Dahua and Hikvision, they would not be in this global position without benefiting from the unfair policies of the PRC / China. For example, Hikvision is owned and controlled by the Chinese government, Dahua has won nearly a billion dollars of Xinjiang human rights abusing projects and the Chinese government has largely blocked out foreign video surveillance manufacturers inside of China for years.

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