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Author: IPVM Team, Published on Apr 17, 2017

Hikvision OEMs for dozens of companies around the world. The following directory includes 50+ companies that OEM some products from Hikvision, with a graphic and links to company websites below. It does not cover all Hikvision OEMs as most hide the association.

If you have feedback on this list or others to add, email us at info@ipvm.com or leave a comment below.

Here is the directory with links:

Note: there are certainly far more Hikvision OEMs than this list as our information sources are primarily North American based and even within North America, surely there are some others not yet listed. Email us at info@ipvm.com or leave a comment with more suggestions.

Good or Bad?

Whether it is good or bad depends on one's perspective.

On the positive side, Hikvision is the largest video surveillance manufacturer globally so that is seen by many as a source of strength to OEM from Hikvision.

On the negative side, Hikvision is owned by the Chinese government and has a poor cyber security track record, so many are concerned about that.

How To Tell

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A few techniques can help verify if your provide is an OEM of Hikvision.

Shipping Records

Shipping records often show that a company OEMs from Hikvision. For example here is a shipment of more than 2 tons of Hikvision equipment being sent to Tri-Ed:

And here is 7 tons going to NACE, the parent company of SecurityTronix:

However, may OEMs do not get shipments directly from Hikvision in China so all will not show.

MAC OUI Lookup

The MAC address OUI of an IP camera or recorder often will report as Hikvision even though it is sold, e.g., as ADI W-Box. Here is a such an example:

Here is a MAC OUI lookup tool so you can check your own devices.

However, more sophisticated OEMs will have Hikvision assign their own MAC address OUI to mask the origin, so this is not universal.

Web Interface Similarities

Typically, Hikvision OEMs use the same fundamental web interface as Hikvision with mostly cosmetic changes (logo, colors, button placement, etc.). The video below demonstrates this with a comparison of Hikvision's web interface and ADI W-Box's:

Discovery Tool Connectivity

Most Hikvision OEMs will connect just like Hikvision devices to Hikvision's SADP tool and even to third party VMS, e.g., here is an ADI W-Box that Exacq recognizes as a Hikvision branded camera:

Inside Labeling

If you open up a Hikvision OEM camera, typically there will be a Hikvision component modeling number, e.g., below is a Hikvision branded board and a Hikvision OEMed by Tri-Ed Northern that will not be found inside other manufacturers:

The 'DS' labeling is for digital / IP cameras. For more on this, see: How Hikvision Beats Its OEMs.

Feedback / More Submissions

If you have feedback on this list or others to add, email us at info@ipvm.com or leave a comment below.

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Hikvision, Dahua, another China rival is out for you.  The outlaw Guangzhou manufacturer Longse recognizes the growing conflict for Hikvision...
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