Hikvision Gives IPVM An 'F'

By: John Honovich, Published on Jun 06, 2017

Two weeks after Hikvision called IPVM 'absolutely unethical' and 'anti-everything', Hikvision has given IPVM, in their words, an 'F'.

Hikvision did not object to IPVM's reporting on Hikvision's China government ownership, nor on Hikvision's recent backdoor confirmation, nor Hikvision's Amazon scam.

Failing At Chinese Economics

Rather, Hikvision gave IPVM an 'F' on Chinese economics, alleging IPVM:

takes an extreme ideological approach to foment fear, promote prejudice and misunderstanding.

Concluding that IPVM:

*** ***** ************** ****** **** '********** unethical' *** '****-**********',********* *** ***** ****, in ***** *****, ** 'F'.

********* *** *** ****** to ****'* ********* ***********'* ***** ********** *********, *** ***********'* ****** ******** ************, ************'* ****** ****.

Failing ** ******* *********

******, ********* **** **** an '*' ** ******* economics,************:

***** ** ******* *********** approach ** ****** ****, promote ********* *** ****************.

************** ****:


****** [****] ****’* **** his ******** *** ****** doesn’t ********** *** ********** and ******** ****** ** hand, ** ** **** understand *** **’* ************* misleading *** *******. ****** way, [****] **** ** F.

***** ** *** '********' including ******** ********* *** evidence.

China ********** - *****'*

*** **** ***** ** this ********* **** ****, credit ***********'* ********** *****, *** ****** ** a ****** ** *** news *** *** ********** China *******, **** *** NY ***** ************ ************** ***’* ******* *** Debt-Fueled *****, *****’* ******* ******* **************'* ********** *****, ***** of ****** ********* ******** as **** ******. **** ******* *****'* earlier *** ************ *********'* ****** ******* ****** impacted ** ************ ***** systemic *********.

Debt ******* ****** *****

*** ******* ** **** debt ****** *** ******* inside *****, *** ****** than ***** ******* ** growing. *** *******, ******'* China **** ******************** ****:

********, *** ****** ** bad ***** *** ******* as ****:

Debt ************

**** * ****** ******* than *** ***** **** in *****, ** **** the **** ** ******* unproductive. **** *** ******* government ******* ** *********** top-line, *****-**** *** ******, it ***** ** *** cost ** ************ **** increases, ********* ********:

**** **** ** ****, when ****** ****** ******** more **** ** *******, it **** **** *** yuan ** ***** ****** to ******** *** **** of *** ******, ********* to ****** ******* ************.

** **** *** *** one **** ****-****, **** Beijing ******** ** * massive ******** ******* ** ward *** *** ******* of *** ****** ********* crisis.

*** ***** *** ******* again ** **** *** one ** ****, *** this **** [*****] ******** *** **** *** every **** ** ******, ****** ******* ****,***** **** *** ***** in *** ****** ****** during *** ****-****** ******* bubble**** ********* *** ****** crisis. [******** *****]

**** ** ******* ** a ******* ********** ****** out ***** ****** *****, then ******* ******** *** rich **** *** ** they **** ** ***** cars *** *******.

China's **** ** *********'* ****

** *** ***** ****, at ***** *** *** time *****, *****'* ******* debt ** **** ******** for *********. ********,********* ****** *** **** granted $* ******* ** debt **** *** ******* government. ********, *********'* **%+ China ******** ******** ******** from ********** **** ** it ****** *** ******* government ** ***** **** (e.g.,*********'* **** ******* **** year **** *** ** China's ** ******* ******) ** **** ** Chinese ********* *** *********. For ** **** ** the ******* ********** *** keep **** ****** ******, it **** *** **** boost *** *** *** revenue ******* ** ********* like *********.

***** ** ********* **** more **** **** *** China *** *********. ***** the ***** ********* *****'* strong ******* **** ********, the *****, *** *** economy, ***** *** *** greater ***** ** **** this **** ******** ** for *** ****** **** a **** ****** *********. Ultimately, ******, **** ** approach ** *************, *** as ********* ********** ******* to ** ***** ****, the ***** ********* ***** may ** **** ** continue ******** ** *** many ***** ** ****, longer **** *********'* *********** can *******.

Comments (45)

At least it wasn't an F minus. That's what I would have expected.

I think that you have to be on "double secret probation" to be eligible for an F minus.

You do. And they are.

Not the least bit surprised...:-) I'm sure no one will lose sleep over it...

An F is no biggie... No child gets left behind in the US, not even a defiant blogger child.

I give Hikvision's debate skills an F-, and my opinion on this is almost as relevant as theirs.

Thank you, I needed a laugh today!

Why do they never mention IPVMs name? This always looks so out of context, like they are just attacking some random unknown blogger. Sure any publicity for IPVM could be seen as a negative for them right now but at the same time do these completely untargetted attacks not look a bit insane?

Instead of attacking critics and reviewers, Hikvision should consider focusing on gaining back the trust of the industry and security community. Attacking someone who criticises your business for any reason, doesn't show professionalism, it shows lack of confidence in your own actions and products.

Hikvision has posted another post about IPVM (the third in 3 weeks), hours after IPVM released this post. This post is called "Blogger Hires Click-Bait Consultant".

They make a number of sweeping allegations but the truth is fairly boring. I hired a freelance marketing person to help write our email autoresponder series and sales pages. After he did those, I discontinued using him more than a year ago. Any questions, let me know.

OH how dare you advance your marketing.

In all seriousness, do you believe the new Hikvision crisis manager signed off on this hack-job blog post? Publicly attacking your critics does not seem like the professional approach. Am I wrong?

Also kudos for responding on LinkedIn to the HIK post. Their plan to leave the so-called blogger unnamed was thwarted when they posted to a platform which allows response.

No, the "new crisis manager" has not done ANY writing for HIKvision. The company does it all in-house. The new writer does not work for them at all; it didn't come to pass.


Thanks. I have updated our original report including your status and not having written for them.

Vicki your LinkedIn profile used to reflect you working for Hikvision. You accepted a position and updated your public profile but before you could do any work for them the agreement fell apart? I'm curious how that played out?

It played out on their end while I was on vacation. We did agree to work together but they changed their mind (I wasn't privy to their talks), and upon my return I was told that all their "comms"'were being done in-house. I wasn't told why but this sort of thing happens a lot with freelancing. I, therefore, could use some work!

My writing style is very different, as is my relationship with John, and I know the field well. They simply changed their minds.

Atleast you are honest about it. You could also deny, blame others and attack other companies for it. Now where have I seen this method before...

Thats hilarious. That's not much different than the neighborhood kid getting mad because he can't score a TD, taking his football, and going home. I've got (3) words for you, HikVision. "Boo. Hoo! Hoo!"

So maybe they'll take their ball and go home now! GTFO.


You have been hacked or should I say Hiked.

I have to admit I laughed a bit. Yesterday I read the "Most Disrespected Camera Manufacturers" article and so that was my context for this read.

John, you are doing fine. The company is in a marketing crisis - and doesn't know how to handle crisis well so they are lashing back. You've provided more than just evidence, but the word of your followers as a basis. Any business who leans on government subsidies will one day have to answer to the business gods (too many examples to name). They ran (run) the low cost game and when profitability becomes not viable (because low cost volumes decrease when customers start caring about security in their security products and not just price) a crisis ensues.

A sign of character and integrity is owning your problems and addressing them - not lashing out against the whistle blowers.

Keep blowing your whistle. You have support.

I think it would be interesting to know the names of a couple companies that failed after relying on government subsidies. This is not sarcastic - I would like to know. This subject is fascinating to me.

We are getting way off topic to address this side comment - and it's a hugely political tangent which would be better addressed elsewhere. There's some good research articles on non-obvious subsidy impacts out there.

But, for clarity, my point wasn't to call attention to the failed companies, but to the fact that an influx of funding creates (without extreme discipline) a mindset shift in how company leaders address their issues (in this case, if I understand the details correctly, export costs are basically subsidized so Hik can ignore the tax impact of doing biz in the US). When the subsidy ends, there is not only the loss of that benefit, but there is also a natural "laziness" that has taken hold in leadership and transitioning out of that is incredibly difficult (and you'll find it usually takes new leadership to shirk). And that effect worsens with time.

There's a lot of companies that take government money and do well (especially when the money keeps coming in). But what is meant by "answering to the business gods" is that the business model will likely change and leadership will have a tough go ahead to address the impact.

F! ahh heck that is a badge of honor

I agree with Tim. Take it a a badge of honor. All they can do is lash out with no real defense. Facts are facts.

Oh how I wish the Hik Blog had a comments section

Oh how I wish the Hik Blog had a comments section

They did, at least for the first day. I actually was the first commenter. I knew to screencap it too since given Hikvision's paranoia and inability to handle criticism I figured it would be removed. Here it is:

Later that day, Hikvision switched comments to moderated and then the next day they disabled comments entirely.

Thanks Tim, Richard, all.

To clarify, I am not offended by it. I've also told Hikvision repeatedly that their tactics here are a mistake and actually helps IPVM.

Interestingly, Hikvision shared their first anti-IPVM post on social media, but it got so much criticism (see LinkedIn) that Hikvision has not promoted the following two anti-IPVM posts. And they took down comments on their own blog. It's a mess for them.

Btw, a few responses on LinkedIn to Hikvision's first anti-IPVM post:

  • "Wait... is hikvision really playi g the fake news card?"
  • "When they wrote about our company they allowed us to come in and clarify our positions. You should be able to engage them directly and correct anything you feel has been misrepresented. Your rebuttal didn't specify what they got wrong specifically."
  • "What did IPVM get wrong? This blog did nothing to refute any IPVM claims."
  • "Actually provide a response to the issues (DHS report, bad Amazon marketing, Government owned, etc.) By not responding to these issues and simply crying “bully” makes you guilty of the same accusations you charge IPVM. "
  • "From a PR standpoint I would have advised against posting such a an article. The company has had many issues in the press such as camera security, the company's pricing strategy, and your part ownership by the Chinese government. IPVM is just doing its job. Learn from your mistakes and thrive, don't blame someone else. What a shame."

Dammit John, What have I told you about bullying the Chinese government?

bullying the Chinese government?

Hikvision is not afraid to speak power to truth ;)

And Hikvision evidently read this and has now shared their Click-Bait Consultant post on LinkedIn. I've made the first comment, see below:

Now I am curious if or when Hikvision will delete my comment, as they have done last time I responded to their LinkedIn post about IPVM. Check out their LinkedIn item on IPVM here.

Ooooooh you're just a Blogger! Not a journalist! OUCH!

Ooooooh you're just a Blogger! Not a journalist!

I suppose it makes them feel better?

It is ironic that their response to a 'blogger' is literally starting their own blog filled with name calling.

You're a scribe, let's get it right.


I found the following advice to be helpful:

1. Clickbait works best on salmon, trout, and the under-30 age demographic.

2. Clickbait attracts fish by reminding them of their childhood and drawing them toward your hook using a strong sense of nostalgia.

3. If your clickbait keeps falling off your hook, consider adding in some strong action verbs or eye-grabbing adjectives for better sticking power.

4. Some fish prefer live bait, but clickbait works best for those who prefer their bait to be dead inside.

5. Clickbait is ideal for saltwater fishing because the salt water mixes right in with the tears evoked by the powerful message you’ll never guess.

6. Any fish you catch using clickbait will cook poorly because it never bothered to learn any proper cooking skills from its hardworking parents. What a mooch.

7. You’ll be able to tell if you’ve gotten a fish to bite because you’ll feel a tug on your rod and another tug on your heart.

8. There’s no need to spend extra money on fancy clickbait! Even the cheapest lure will work just fine for your purposes.

9. Clickbait is environmentally friendly, but make sure to wash your hands to rid yourself of any germs or moral accountability

10. You can reuse clickbait within a few hours of its first use, even if all the fish have seen it already and are totally sick of it. After all, something is bound to bite!

Haha!!! Wow, China is riled up!

And now Hikvision has shared their 'F' post on social media, 6 days after publishing but hours after IPVM called them out on not posting it on social media. It is fascinating how absorbed Hikvision is in tracking and responding to IPVM's criticisms of them.

You would think, or at least if you were a partner hope, that Hikvision management would be more focused on advancing their business than blogging about a 'blogger'.

Most any student today taking business classes, at some point in the process, will be required to write a case study on the failures of Blockbuster. It has become one of the most widely discussed and written about business failures in academia.

I wonder if in the near future, Hick will be added to the list of case study subjects, specific to failed PR and marketing response of negative press. The rate at which they are spiraling down is staggering.


They HAD to have hired an american or at least a Chinese person with great english to write that article!

I can't even get my kids toy's instruction written in proper english let alone use the word vociferously correctly spelled and in context. :)

This is hilarious! The only thing that would make it better is if they attempted legal action against IPVM. Could you imagine a judge asking HiKVision to prove that their product isnt crap? :D

Could you imagine a judge asking HiKVision to prove that their product isnt crap? :D

Depends on what you are measuring by "crap". Even IPVM's own tests have stated the cameras have good video performance for the value. That is the sort of thing "proponent extremists" use to discount any negative perceptions against Hikvision as just some sort of alternate agenda. But if by "crap" it was meant software security, then yes, that would be more relevant.

Could you imagine a judge asking HiKVision to prove that their product isnt crap?

To be clear, IPVM does not say things like their product is 'crap', as #6 notes. However, Hikvision has repeatedly claimed we 'defame' them which is a legal term but it's not clear if they mean it in the legal sense or if that is simply one of the exaggerated claims like us being 'anti-everything', which does not even sound possible (we are obviously 'for' free speech, free markets, democracy, human rights, etc.).

Related, I am surprised that Hikvision has published allegations like 'absolutely unethical'. I am not an attorney but I have been in media long enough to have a sense that making such claims invites its own legal risks.

This has to be worth a double...

Amazon, malware, PR blunders...

The it seems to be an every growing monster that can't get out of it's own way...

It sure is going to be one perilous time when that bubble bursts. And I am afraid it's going to take a toll on everyone =(

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