Who OEMs Hikvision?

We're compiling a list of Hikvision OEMs. Here's what we have so far:

I know there are more. Likely many more. Any you can think of? Let us know in the comments!

Could you (IPVM) do a list of Dahua OEMs as well? 

Yup, it's already in queue. Expect it next week or so.

Steve, just published: Dahua OEM Directory

Added, thanks!

Honeywell Video (partially)?

I believe their low cost NVRs are Hikvision.

Their low cost NVRs are typically Dahua. Their low end SD analog DVRs have been Hik for some time, though. 

Ah, the low end SD analog DVR was the one I saw, not an NVR.

Hunt Electronics

Found these searching around:





Thanks, added Hunt and Winnic. Q1C1 looks like Dahua to me but I don't see enough information to confirm. If anyone can confirm that, I'll add them in. 


Invid  Swann

I have heard rumors that some Illustra models are OEM Hikvision but I have no idea if there is any truth to that.

a couple are, i dont have the exact models but illiustra "essentials" are generally Dahua

Does Swann still technically OEM them? I think since the Infinova takeover and a bunch of other internal things...that's changed. I'll dig some more, but I've heard multiple times that Swann no longer OEMs them.

Nelly's Security

Avycon.  Salesman bought and sold some bargain-bin IP cameras, the software CDs that came in the box were blank.  No data on the disk and no manuals in the box. 

Avycon rep sent me a link to a configuration tool that was the same SADP Tool on Hikvision's download page. 

I got a subscription to Panjiva. Here are results for Hikvision shipments to various OEMs:

Power Technology Inc.

Global Network Security







Video Insight

Norelco Safecam

i3 International

SnapAV / Wirepath


HES Supply

That's a review of the past ~4 months of orders.


We are going to publish this this Monday the 27th as a directory. We'll of course keep adding to it but that is the next step in formalizing it and distributing it. Thanks for everyone who has commented.

We have a few Kobi DVRs around the place, they're another rebadged Hikvision.


Under their parent corp (NACE), they received 7 tons of Hikvision product this month:

Hills in Australia is a distributor...

Are these items akin to ADI's 'branded' W-Box series?

distributor yes, they re-branded hikvision gear as a low budget home solution

I have only installed a low amount of both Hikvision and Hills so i am not too familiar with them, saying that i did notice the Hills branded equipment seemed to be almost identical but cut down version of their Hikvision variants with the cameras I installed the mic was not present, and various options unavailable in web setup as opposed to the Hik, the NVR I used was almost identical sw wise, blue instead of red borders.. 

Sentry CCTV -  Sentry CCTV... All Hikvision Rebrands, spoke to a inside rep a few months ago, somehow these guys were bid on a project.

Just listing names is not sufficient data IMO.  Do they OEM the carcass and use their own software?  Or, do they OEM the whole thing from the manufacturer?  Or, do they pay the manufacturer to brand the software for them. 

So is an Interlogix camera a Hikvision camera?  Who's software is it?

Subsidized by China in whole or subsidized in part is still subsidized.

Interlogix always used their own software when I worked there.

Aventura, GenIV

GenIV does not OEM Hikvision that im aware

They don't. They basically do Uniview and very little else.

GenIV uses Dahua 

They stopped OEMing Dahua a little while ago. They now OEM UNV IIRC. 

Did not know that ,thanks for the info!

Dear “Undisclosed” Integrator #12, I am the Director of Business Development of Aventura Technologies and you or anyone else is more than welcome to visit our manufacturing facility any time in New York where our cameras are produced.

Lavonne, are you denying that none of your products are made by Hikvision? Because your post above doesn't really deny it. I looked for myself and found a few very similar models:

Maybe you could clarify why some of your models are dead ringers for Hikvision products? I know that the Photoshopped logo on the multi-imager wasn't very persuasive to me, anyways.

The silence is deafening.

Truevision (UTC)








Adding the rest, but do you have any more information on Scutum? I can't find anything on them online showing actual product.


You're right they don't sell them, they install them.

Don't know if SimplyMonitored counts as they declare they are a Hikvision OEM without any labelling.  They do state they are the manufacturer though.  Their product is also on Amazon free of any Hikvision info.


Scutum really is a terrible, terrible name to give your company

I think it is spelled "strotum"

Depends on where you live or what you studied.

Scutum is Latin for Shield.



Where can we find the final lists for Hikvision and Dahua OEMs?

The final list for Hikvision will probably go up next week and Dahua the week after.

We delayed a little because there has been so much news happening.

That and there are such an unbelievable quantity of OEMs.  The list seems to grow daily between Hikvision and Dahua.

WOW, how in the hell can that be UI #3 with all of the government concerns? Why in the world would 40+ companies be distributors of products that "according to IPVM" have such a horrific track record on Cyber-Security? Must be that all of those companies, everyone of them is careless and does not care, right? Or ?

The horrific track record on cyber security is factual, not simply "according to IPVM". A truncated list:

So assuming that OEM companies are careless is not an unfair conclusion. These vulnerabilities are public and well documented by us and others.

That being said, we aren't going to turn this thread into another Hikvision debate. If you want to comment with other OEMs, feel free. Cyber security or government ownership issues are covered in 100 other Hikvision discussions. 





Note: OpenEye was removed. OpenEye says they use Hikvision hardware but develop their own software on all their products. Any information to the contrary, please share.

Note: i# was removed. i3 says:

Few years ago, we did OEM with Hikvision but we stopped doing and moved our products to Taiwan and Korea in 2015... Note: if you review our products line, only 3 models left that belonged to Hik due to surplus inventory.

Any information to the contrary, please share.

Updated with OEMs posted earlier. Up to 43 brands on the list.


The cameras they list at that link are clearly labeled Hikvision

Thanks, added.

Vantage Security



Thanks, added






From China export records:













BV Security