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DDN Storage

Dec, 2020: DDN presents SFA appliances offering both short and long term storage considerations.

Geovision Storage

Dec, 2020: Geovision presents their Storage Solutions powered b their own VMS software.

Secure Logiq Storage

Dec, 2020: Secure Logiq presents servers designed for HD Surveillance.

Proactive Data Storage and Monitoring Storage

Dec, 2020: Proactive presents its storage solutions with Local, Cloud and Hybrid options.

Synology Storage

Dec, 2020: Synology presents WebDisk Manager and the Snynology NAS/NVR line.

Razberi Storage

Dec, 2020: Razberi presents Monitor built for appliances with automated cybersecurity and health monitoring software.

Veracity Storage

Dec, 2020: Veracity presents 'Coldstore' sequential storage for surveillance with ONVIF G and cyber-secure recording.

WD Storage

Dec, 2020: Western Digital presents storage solutions to enable systems that employ AI.

Seagate Storage

Dec, 2020: Seagate presents their storage portfolio for edge and cloud services.


Nov, 2020: ISS presents SecurOS Auto, ANPR combined with other ISS built in video analytics technologies.

IntelliVision LPR

Nov, 2020: Intellivision presents AI deep learning based LPR / ANPR software that can run inside LPR cameras, servers ... more

Geovision LPR

Nov, 2020: Geovision presents their deep learning LPR, unified in its control center security platform with VMS and ac... more

Plate Recognizer LPR

Nov, 2020: Plate Recognizer presents ALPR optimized for accuracy on low resolution and low light video.

Rekor AI LPR

Nov, 2020: Rekor presents its OpenALPR AI-powered solution, which provides vehicle intelligence, automation, and publi... more

Platesmart LPR

Nov, 2020: Platesmart presents AI-driven ALPR enterprise-focused system offering vehicle recognition, scalability, int... more

Arteco LPR

Nov, 2020: Arteco presents its ARTECO LPR app, offered as server-based or on the edge for Hanwha Wisenet X cameras.

Allgovision LPR

Nov, 2020: AllGoVision presents multi-country deep learning LPR supporting CPU, GPU & Intel VPU processing.

Lilin LPR

Nov, 2020: Lilin presents a LPR module add-on to its Traffic Management Platform (AIDA).

Vivotek LPR

Nov, 2020: Vivotek presents traffic solutions featuring standalone LPR and traffic monitoring cameras integrated with ... more

Motorola LPR

Nov, 2020: Motorola presents its new L5F Fixed LPR Camera designed for high-speed, high-volume roadways.

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