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Alaa Masry Consultants

Oct, 2020: Previously an engineer with Johnson Controls Alaa is a technology consultant from SA Tech who has designed ... more

Chris Peterson Consultants

Oct, 2020: Co-Founder and President of Vector Firm Chris has helped over 80 companies shift from managing new business... more

Alfredo Perez JR Consultants

Oct, 2020: Principal Owner at Perez Consulting, Alfredo has consulted over major deals in Transportation, Critical Inf... more

Paul Anderson Consultants

Oct, 2020: The Group Director of 6S Global with notable clients like IBM, DXC, and parts of the London government spec... more

Viper Imaging Temperature Screening

Oct, 2020: Viper Imaging presents Viper EBT Pro a temperature solution utilizing both inner canthus and blackbodies.

SeekScan Temperature Screening

Oct, 2020: SeekScan presents its Kiosk temperature screening system.

Flir Temperature Screening

Oct, 2020: FLIR presents its version of FLIR Screen-EST software.

Hanwha Temperature Screening

Oct, 2020: Hanwha presents the Bi-Spectral Temperature Screening Solution.

Kentix Temperature Screening

Oct, 2020: Kentix presents a demonstration of the correct setup and usage of its SmartXcan body temperature scanner.

Avigilon Temperature Screening

Oct, 2020: Avigilon presents H4 Thermal Elevated Temperature Detection solution, which detects faces and measures the ... more

Fever Inspect Temperature Screening

Oct, 2020: Fever Inspect presents Temperature Screening with a claim of science backing up the solution.

Tyco Illustra Temperature Screening

Oct, 2020: Tyco presents the Illustra Pro Thermal EST contactless thermal scanning solution overview.

Bosch Security Temperature Screening

Oct, 2020: Bosch presents the DINION IP thermal 9000 RM and full solution kit.

Microsoft Analytics

Sep, 2020: Microsoft presents (LVA) Live Video Analytics

Geovision Camera

Sep, 2020: Geovision presents its Fall 2020 product line featuring cameras, access control and their AI Guard VMS.

OpenPath Access Control

Sep, 2020: Openpath presents integration with the Cisco Meraki video management system, and Presence Reporting.

Eyelock Access Control

Sep, 2020: Eyelock presents the Biometric Iris Identity Authentication for Access Control.

LifeSafety Power Accessories

Sep, 2020: LifeSafety Power presents the BiTSTREAM family of PoE midspan injectors and PoE powered, fire alarm integra... more

WD Storage

Sep, 2020: Western Digital presents a 18 TB capacity designed for surveillance and health monitoring both for both HDD... more

Avigilon Camera

Sep, 2020: Avigilion presents the H5 Pro camera, aiming to provide maximum coverage options with ultra high definition... more

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