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Platesmart LPR

Nov, 2020: Platesmart presents AI-driven ALPR enterprise-focused system offering vehicle recognition, scalability, int... more

Arteco LPR

Nov, 2020: Arteco presents its ARTECO LPR app, offered as server-based or on the edge for Hanwha Wisenet X cameras.

Allgovision LPR

Nov, 2020: AllGoVision presents multi-country deep learning LPR supporting CPU, GPU & Intel VPU processing.

Lilin LPR

Nov, 2020: Lilin presents a LPR module add-on to its Traffic Management Platform (AIDA).

Vivotek LPR

Nov, 2020: Vivotek presents traffic solutions featuring standalone LPR and traffic monitoring cameras integrated with ... more

Motorola LPR

Nov, 2020: Motorola presents its new L5F Fixed LPR Camera designed for high-speed, high-volume roadways.

Tyco Software House LPR

Nov, 2020: Tyco presents victor and VideoEdge LPR claiming quick identification, tracking and analysis at entry and ex... more

Uncanny Vision LPR

Nov, 2020: Uncanny Vision presents LPR-as-a-service.


Nov, 2020: Red LPR presents its RedVision LPR solution for access control and law enforcement focusing on system uptim... more

Jenoptik LPR

Nov, 2020: Jenoptik presents their next generation VECTOR LPR.

Briefcam LPR

Nov, 2020: Briefcam presents LPR for ease of operation in finding license plates with live and forensic video.

Specto LPR

Nov, 2020: Specto presents SpectoPlate LPR system offering up to 4 lanes of high speed traffic coverage.

Mobotix LPR

Nov, 2020: Mobotix presents MOBOTIX 7 with camera AI analytics for LPR, vehicle, parking and traffic analysis.

Adaptive Recognition LPR

Nov, 2020: presents Carmen LPR software and mobile camera solution for traffic monitoring and smart parking systems.

Euklis LPR

Nov, 2020: Euklis presents FaRe Hybrid, an open LPR platform that offers vehicle attribute detection.

Scanlock LPR

Nov, 2020: Scanlock presents SCANNERA LPR solution using AI edge analytics for ALPR and traffic analysis.

FF Group LPR

Nov, 2020: FF Group presents AI-powered LPR on the edge for Axis, Hanwha, Mobotix, S&ST and others.

Genetec LPR

Nov, 2020: Genetec presents AutoVu LPR featuring machine learning cameras with vehicle behavior analysis.

Milestone Systems LPR

Nov, 2020: Milestone presents XProtect LPR with Certified Community Partners LPR plug-ins.

Ryan Gonyo Recruiters

Oct, 2020: Head of Sales for Mackenzie Ryan.

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