Training: Basics for the Video Surveillance Business

By John Honovich, Published May 17, 2010, 08:00pm EDT

This report provides a 48 minute video presentation that teaches the basics of the video surveillance business including:

  • Size and structure of the market
  • Manufacturers and Products
  • Sales processes
  • Market segments
  • Investments and acquisitions
  • Emerging trends

Target Audience

We receive numerous requests from investors, analysts, consultants and sales people who are looking to enter the video surveillance business. The goal of this presentation is to help these individuals quickly get up to speed with the key factors impacting success in this market. We provide a critical look that cuts through many of the confusing marketing claims of the business. Furthermore, we provide dozens of data points and pieces of advice to navigate the market.


A pre-requisite is listening to our 2 hour recording on the basics for using video surveillance or some real world experience using video surveillance.

More In Depth

The video presentation below provides an overview of key elements within the video surveillance business:

The video presentation references a number of documents and reports that we recommend for additional reading:

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