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By IPVM Team, Published Mar 01, 2020, 05:44pm EST

You trust and use IPVM for reporting and research and you can also have your team trained by our experts.

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One of the most common requests our support team gets is how subscribers can get their co-workers or employees trained. This explains how and why.

Great For New And Junior Employees

Your new and junior employees may not have an IPVM subscription and a lot of our reporting may be too advanced for them. However, our courses are a great way for them to learn the fundamentals guided by our teachers in live classes where they answer their questions and help them succeed.

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The top feedback we get from course attendees is that the courses enable them to understand and communicate with senior industry people on key technical areas. Indeed, a number of companies have standardized using IPVM courses for new employees.

Relevant Courses

IPVM offers a variety of courses and here is where they have the most benefit:

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  • Video Surveillance 101 - The perfect course for employees without experience in video surveillance to quickly learn the basics across the board.
  • IP Networking - For sales, management, support, and others without a computing background that wants to understand how IP networks impact and are used in video surveillance.
  • Access Control - The best course for access control companies or those coming from the video surveillance side who want to rigorously understand electronic access control.
  • Camera - For those with video surveillance experience who want to understand surveillance cameras deeper and increase their expertise.
  • Installation - The only course of its kind, for managers that want to improve their company's installs or installers that want to improve their skills.

Attending Courses Requires Subscription

While attending courses require an IPVM subscription, there are a number of ways to obtain this:

  • Invite your co-worker to a free subscription month and then just pay $20 per month for as long as you want them to have access (a course takes 3 months to finish).
  • Upgrade to a group (or larger) subscription, save up to 50% per subscriber versus the personal rate.
  • Sign up 3 or more co-workers for courses and we will give each course attendee 3 months free to take the course. Just email and they will get this set up for you.

Get Updates Weekly on Your Team's Progress

Every Monday morning, you will receive an email with your team's progress including what quizzes they have taken, what scores they receive, how they are participating, and more. That way, you will know how they are doing. Below is an example of the email you will receive:

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When you sign up team members that are part of your group, you automatically get those weekly emails. If the team member signs up individually, just email and we will manually set up the weekly progress report.

Custom Invoices and Payments Provided

Often companies need custom invoices or different payment options and we can easily accommodate that. Just email and tell them what you need.

Private Courses Possible

Private courses just for your team members are possible. We still recommend that the course sessions be done over the course of 4 to 6 weeks to allow attendees time to study the material. If you want to set up private courses, just email

Passing Is An Achievement

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Industry courses typically result in rubber stamp certifications that make it hard to know if the employee really has learned. IPVM courses are different. They are in-depth and require studying to pass. We routinely fail students who demonstrate they do not know the material. This way, you can be more confident that your employees are being educated and can better contribute to your team.

2021 & 2022 Live Course Schedule:

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Surveillance Cameras Live Course

Learn to design video surveillance systems based on 900+ tests and unique research, teaching the underlying technologies and tradeoffs of current cameras.

The Surveillance Cameras course will meet 12 times, over 6 weeks (Tuesday and Thursday) for 1 hour from 11am ET to 12pm ET).

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January 11th - February 17th, 2022

Video Surveillance Analytics Live Course

Understand how video analytics work, what problems they have, and how to responsibly sell or deploy. This course is for anyone who currently or plans to manage, design, sell, or support video surveillance systems using video analytics.

The Video Surveillance Analytics course will meet 12 times, over 6 weeks (Tuesday and Thursday) for 1 hour from 11am ET to 12pm ET.

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February 1st - March 10th, 2022

Video Surveillance 101 Live Course

Understand the most important terms, technologies, and trends in the video surveillance industry. Aimed at people with limited technical exposure to video surveillance systems.

The Video Surveillance 101 course meets for 2 full days, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 10AM - 4:30 PM ET.

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February 9th and 10th, 2022

May 11th and 12th, 2022

Video Surveillance Installation Live Course

Learn the basics for installing video surveillance systems. We teach you, step by step, the right way to install, the right tools to use and how to overcome the key challenges you will face installing.

The Camera Installation course will meet 12 times over 6 weeks (Tuesday and Thursday) at 5pm ET - 6pm ET.

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March 8th - April 14th, 2022

VMS / VSaaS Live Course

Understand the trends, terms and technology for VMS and VSaaS. Based on the latest reporting at IPVM, analyzing and testing products to determine which are best and worst at various capabilities, and what companies are emerging.

The VMS/VSaaS Course will meet 12 times, over 6 weeks (Tuesday and Thursday) from 1pm to 2pm ET.

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March 22nd - April 28th, 2022

Access Control Live Course

After completion, students understand how current physical access technologies best achieve security goals and are used in access systems.

The Access Control Course will meet 12 times, over 6 weeks (Tuesday and Thursday) from 1pm to 2pm ET.

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April 12th - May 19th, 2022

IP Networking Live Course

Learn to set up an IP video surveillance system: configuring a managed switch, connecting IP cameras, VLANs, QoS, bandwidth management, and network security. Aimed at people with limited experience managing IT networks.

The IP Networking Course will meet 12 times, over 6 weeks (Tuesday and Thursday) from 11am to 12 pm ET.

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May 3rd - June 9th, 2022

On-Demand Courses

The same course materials (videos, tutorials, quizzes, assignments, exams) are now available on-demand. Start whenever you want. Take as long as you want or finish as soon as you can. Learn more about each course:

Video Surveillance Analytics Course On-Demand Overview

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Access Control Course On-Demand Overview

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Cameras Course On-Demand Overview

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Installation Course On-Demand Overview

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IP Networking Course On-Demand Overview

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Video Surveillance 101 Course On-Demand Overview

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Every on-demand student gets a 20-minute phone call with an IPVM expert to get started and we offer 'office hours' every week to help any student learning the materials. More information and available courses can be found on the On-Demand overview page.

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