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By IPVM Team, Published Apr 14, 2022, 08:37am EDT

Understand the most important terms, technologies, and trends in the video surveillance industry. Aimed at people with limited technical exposure to video surveillance systems.

This is a unique course in a sector with little available practical training. Two day course starts August 17th.

Register now and save $50 - The discounted registration is $249 until July 14th, 2022.

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Watch: Video Surveillance 101 Course Overview

This IPVM training is the equivalent of a college 101 survey course. The two days of live sessions enable industry professionals to quickly obtain the fundamentals needed.

Course Calendar

The Video Surveillance 101 Course will meet for 2 full days, Wednesday, August 17th, and Thursday, August 18th. Lunch is held each day at 1 PM ET for 30 minutes.

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Day 1:

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Class 1: History explains the key technologies and trends that have shaped video surveillance today - from analog to IP, from VGA to Megapixel, from VCRs to DVRs to NVRs, from local to remote to network monitoring, we explain where the industry has come and what is now legacy.

Class 2: Architecture explains the technical fundamentals of systems from cameras to recorders to analytics to cloud, showing how they relate and what the options are.


Class 3: We teach fundamental components including sensors, lenses, SoCs, etc., and fundamental form factor tradeoffs from box, bullets, covert, domes, multi-imagers, turrets, PTZ, etc.

Class 4: We explain the basics and importance of fundamental camera features such as codecs, streaming, ONVIF, bandwidth plus we demonstrate key issues in imaging including WDR and low-light.


Class 5: We explain the differences and tradeoffs between DVR, NVR, and VMS offerings.

Class 6: We demonstrate core VMS functionalities including live viewing, search, administration, remote access

Day 2:


Class 7: We explain VMD, video analytics and AI, neural networks, deep learning as it applies to video surveillance plus cover tradeoffs in where video analytics is performed (camera, recorder, server, cloud).

Class 8 An introduction to the key issues in facial recognition and behavior analytics such as abnormal events, fighting, collisions, etc.

Storage And Cloud

Class 9: Storage - Differences between HDD, SSD, local versus NAS/SAN, Edge storage, RAID for surveillance

Class 10: Cloud - Differences between hosted storage and managed video, Cloud service providers (AWS, Azure, etc.) plus bandwidth and security implications

Video Surveillance Business

Class 11 Business: We explain the fundamentals of the business from manufacturers to rep firms, distributors, dealers, integrators, online sales, consultants, and more.

Class 12 Trends: The final capstone section, examines the major technology and political trends driving the industry ranging from AI to VSaaS to rising ethical issues and global political conflicts impacting the industry.

Course Instructor

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The course will be led by John Scanlan from IPVM. In addition to heading up IPVM's network and video surveillance 101 courses, John is an integral contributor to video coverage and testing. Before coming to IPVM, John worked as a FE for several retailers & banks, owned a small business dealing communications equipment to hedge funds, and before that was a regional IT Manager.

John will lead each session, with others from IPVM moderating questions and providing feedback on related IPVM research and testing.

Live Class Sessions

This course will be presented live from 10am EST to 4:30pm EST and we will answer questions and help attendees learn more about the industry. Lunch is from 1pm-2 pm EST.

Watch Anytime

Additionally, the lectures will be recorded and posted to the class page for on-demand viewing.


At the end of classes, you will take a comprehensive final exam. If you pass, you will become IPVM Video Surveillance 101 certified (see a list of IPVM Certified Professionals).

Over 200 professionals are Video Surveillance 101 Certified by IPVM.

Who Should Take This Course?

Strong fits for the course are those new to the industry or those who have been in the industry in business roles but want to have a better understanding of the fundamental technologies and trends in the industry.

Who Should NOT Take This Course?

If you are in the industry and have significant technical experience, you will likely be bored by the course. Additionally, those who have already passed IPVM's camera or networking course are likely to find this too basic.

See what previous students said:

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We send Video Surveillance 101 students a survey where we ask, "How has this training helped you with your job?"

Here are some samples of responses:

"Helped me get a better grasp on the security industry."

"I'm new to a company and video surveillance so this helped give me some insight as to how the setup works and interconnectivity of a VMS system."

"This training has helped me to adequately understand my industry and provide better service, based on the knowledge that I acquired."

"Gives me a better understanding about the little details within Cameras."

"It perfectly summarized the knowledge I need to have when talking to systems integrators and other stakeholders in the security industry. I am working in the security industry for 2 years already and I regret that I didn't take this course earlier, it was very helpful and gave a good overview on topics I already knew or just touched on briefly during my job. Thank you for this great training!"

"As a rookie in the in industry it gave me a great overview of the landscape and how solutions perform in comparison."

"I'm MUCH more knowledgeable regarding security systems. Things are making much more sense."

"Very thorough and easy to understand."

Register Now

Register now and save $50 - The discounted registration is $249 until July 14th, 2022. This covers classes, personal help, and certification. Two day course starts August 17th.

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If you are not already an IPVM subscriber, registration also includes 1 month of an IPVM subscription. Register Now.

On Demand

We also offer the Video Surveillance 101 Course On Demand.


If you have any questions, please ask in the comments or email us at

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Are the times allready determined for these trainings? It's quite relevant to us given the time difference.


Yes, the sessions are taught live at 1pm EST. Let me know if you have any other questions.


This is great, I have been on the business side and know some things but alas there is more that I don't know.

Informative: 2

Is there a study text accompanying this course that takes students a bit deeper into the material that's presented in class? Perhaps putting the information in varied usage contexts or expanding slightly into the nerdy side of the technology and how ubiquitous it's become?

Agree: 1

Marjorie - thanks for your first comment!

Is there a study text accompanying this course that takes students a bit deeper [...]

Yes, the course will have reading assignments for each class that should be done before the live presentation. The reports assigned for class are derived from our testing and research.

The reading is followed by a live presentation on the content in the readings with two IPVM employees presenting, providing live demonstrations, monitoring chat for questions and comments and adding color to the information from the reading assignments.


I haven't taken this one yet, but I can assure you that there's nothing more thorough than an IPVM course.

Agree: 1
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