Pelco Sarix SureVision Examined

Published Sep 20, 2011 00:00 AM
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In this note, we examine Pelco's announcement of SureVision [link no longer available] - examining how the feature set compares to existing Pelco Sarix cameras and how it will compete with major competitors such as Axis, Bosch and Sony.

UPDATE: SureVision test results published.

With SureVision, Pelco aims to deliver strong WDR, low light performance and anti-bloom simultaneously. Scheduled for release in Q3 2011, SureVision will be a new product level within the Sarix portfolio. Currently, Sarix [link no longer available] has 2 product levels - the base/main series and the Extended Platform series. Relative to the main/base, the Extended Platform adds analytics and full frame rate streaming.

SureVision will be the top level / premium series within Sarix - adding WDR, improved low light performance and anti-bloom to the feature sets provided by the existing Extended Platform. Indeed, Pelco claims that the camera offers both the industry's best MP WDR and low light performance. Unlike the other Sarix lines with 2.1 and 3.1 MP options, SureVision maximum resolution will be 1.2MP (960p). Surevision models will be indicated with an LW designation (standing for Low light, Wide Dynamic Range). 

Competitive Positioning Overviewed

Given that SureVision is marketed based on image quality, ultimately the value will be determined by field testing. Specifications alone are insufficient to make an assessment in this area.

The competitive cameras most likely to be compared include the Axis P1344, the Sony CH-140 and the Bosch Dinion 720p. These are premium offerings from large brands that also market superior image quality.

Beyond actual field performance, the other interesting element will be relative pricing. Pelco has released pricing to us, as seen in our Sarix competitive positioning update. Readers should see that update for more detailed information. The SureVision-equipped IXE10LW will have an estimated street price of about $750, not including lens. This puts Pelco at a disadvantage versus Sony, the leader of the wide dynamic field in our tests, whose SNCCH140 has an online price around $800, including a 2.8-8mm varifocal lens. The SureVision domes, however, are more competitive, with the indoor IM10LW10 dome comparing favorably at an estimated $665 price point versus the Axis P3344 ($830) and Sony DH140 ($950). With both of these models, Pelco is at the very least priced in the same range as their competition.

Pelco's SureVision Video

Below is Pelco's video from ASIS 2011 demonstrating SureVision. It is a vendor marketing video so be careful about drawing conclusions on quality:

We will be testing the SureVision technology in the coming weeks to see how it compares against current WDR offerings. UPDATE: SureVision test results published.