ASIS 2014 Show Floor Review

By IPVM Team, Published on Sep 30, 2014

What Happened to the New Products?

Nothing major at all. Disappointing.

Lots of new recorder boxes, for some reason. Axis is now in the box business (OEMing Dell), joining Milestone's DVR. Also, Avigilon looks to be OEMing Dynacolor/Razberi.

We'd love to be able to highlight big, novel, impactful moves, but this is the least we have ever seen. This is not a good sign for the industry.

Tech Review - 17 Manufacturers

Check out IPVM's reports of 17 manufacturer new products just added.

Show Review

IPVM has tons of coverage inside including:

  • [NEW] Full Show Floor Walk
  • 20 Videos of Manufacturer Booths
  • H.265 Missing
  • 4K Flat
  • Milestone
  • The Most Interesting Demo
  • Dead PSIM
  • Guns On Show
  • Analytics on Steriods
  • Tiny Sony Booth
  • Power Shift To ISC West
  • Wal-Mart's Booth
  • Honeywell
  • Empty / Dead Spaces
  • Top Sponsors
  • Tyco

Full Show Floor Walk

53 minutes one end to the other:

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Get Notified of Video Surveillance Breaking News

20 Videos of Manufacturer Booths

See what is happening at 20 manufacturer booths IPVM members expressed the most interest in:

Tech Review - 15 Manufacturers

Check out IPVM's reports of 15 manufacturer new products just added.

Ice Bucket

Though Derek refuses to get pepper sprayed, despite your votes, he did get 'virtually' ice bucket challenged:

Oh, Diebold....

Where is H.265?

Though a member's preferred new technology, there is even less of a presence of H.265 at ASIS 2014 than previous shows. The one company, Aventura, promoting it last year has turned down the marketing for it:

There's just one side panel highlight it at Aventura.

And no other manufacturer that we saw.

Miles One?

Don't miss the Milestone Hybrid Recorder With Integrated Encoder Card DVR. We don't believe they changed their brand name, but:

The Most Interesting Demo

Demo showing a dog attacking a hypothetical active shooter:

Will a dog save your children from a gunmen? Debatable but it was a lively demo.

The exhibitor behind it was K2 Solutions [link no longer available], who trains dogs.

There's Anixter

With a tiny booth at ASIS:

Of course, this makes sense since Anixter never sells to end users.


Because so many of you like them:

Yeah, it's Dead

A member recently asked: Is There A Market For PSIM?

Here's an answer - mid day first day of the show:

In fairness, we are surprised that Vidsys has lasted this long.


Most bizarre ad:

These are the guys who rigged won the People's Choice Award last year.

Walmart Has a Booth

Wal-Mart has a booth. They are primarily focused on recruiting candidates. Do you want to be Wal-Mart's go to surveillance guy? Stop by their booth.

I cringe at the number of manufacturers who will cold call Wal-Mart at their booth. Don't tell them IPVM sent you. Please.


When your offering is a profitable commodity without differentiation, you lead with a circus act, like Protection One:

This is why Silicon Valley is licking its chops to take down the monitoring industry, e.g.,Simplisafe - The Startup Silicon Valley Bets Will Beat ADT.

Honeywell is a Caricature

The much anticipated Honeywell caricature setup is in full force:

Why? Who knows? This is Honeywell we are talking about.

The ASIS App

Don't have the ASIS show app? Want to get alerts?

Here's what you get:

Free alcohol?

Magic Trick

Vicon does not have a booth, so we are deprived of their magician.

But take heart, this exhibitor delivers:

Downsizing Booths

The theme for ASIS 2014 is downsizing.

Sony is the poster boy for it with an amazingly small booth:

Of course, it does not take much space to show 4k camcorders in an outdoor housingand they have had their woes recently with the ouster of their GM.

In fairness, Sony has a booth 750% larger planned for ISC West 2015, which raises a related theme, the continuing shift in power from ASIS to ISC West.

[Compare / review booth sizes for ISC West 2015.]

And a number of well known companies are opting for 10 x 10 booths, like DVTel, Pivot3 and 3VR. For example, here's 3VR:

But, 3VR has a booth 900% larger planned for ISC West.

The same pattern of smaller booths for ASIS 2014 compared to ISC West 2015 was common.

For example, Bosch has a fairly modest 20' x 20' booth at ASIS but a massive 36' x 100' one for ISC West 2015. Similarly, Pivot3's booth is 4x the size for ISC West and DVTel's is 6x the size. Brickcom has no ASIS booth but a 20' x 30' one at ISC West 2015, Vivotek's ASIS booth is 60% smaller than their ISC West 2015 one, Hikvision's ASIS booth is 75% smaller, etc.

Empty / Dead Spaces

Along with the smaller booths, comes an alarming amount of unsold exhibit space.

ASIS actually is putting meeting rooms on the show floor in that space, like so:

Plus, they have an incredible seven lounges, covering 4300 square feet, shown in their floor plan:

Set up like so:

So many lounges clearly represent a failure to sell that floor space to real exhibitors.

We believe this reflects ASIS ongoing decline. Recall the poor showing at Philadelphia 2012, in particular.

Top Sponsors

Tyco and Allegion are the most aggressive advertisers at ASIS 2014, toping the list:

Tyco is a common trade show presence, with fairly subdued messaging including this stair ad:

The big news for Tyco is their OEMing of Dahua, or as they call it, their new video surveillance line, Holis.

Allegion's name might not be recognizable, but they are the old IR Security group. Presumably, the marketing campaign is to get some brand / name awareness.

They are sponsoring the social media & technology bar, whatever that is:

Their focus is on promoting Schlage with a series of advertisements, such as on the bus:

And with pop ads like:

Wireless access control is a growing trend, as IPVM stats show. For more, see Schlage Lockset AD Series and WiFi & Wireless Access Lock Guide


With meaningful new product releases missing (for almost everyone), Honeywell thinks it has the answers - caricatures. This could be you!

Next Year!

There's always next year to look forward to, if you can decipher the image / motto of that show:

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