Axis Launches NVRs

By John Honovich, Published Sep 29, 2014, 12:00am EDT

The PC is dead?

Not in the surveillance word, where boxes are the big new innovation thing.

Axis has joined the fray with their S10 series of NVRs.

In this note, we review features, pricing and competitive positioning.


Axis is pre-loading their Camera Station VMS software onto 3 Dell OEMed machines, for 16, 32 and 48 channel units.

Like Axis VMS software, these NVRs will only support Axis own cameras. Analog cameras may be connected via Axis encoder appliances. Built-in encoder cards are not offered.

Each model includes the software installed and licenses already activated.

  • The 16 channel unit has 3TB storage (RAID1) with next business day on site service
  • The 32 channel unit has 9TB RAID, the 48 channel unit has 16TB RAID. Both include 4 hour business day on site service.

All models can be expanded by 50% of their base size (16 -> 24, 24 -> 36, 48 -> 64).


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The 16 channel unit has an MSRP of $3,999 and the 32 channel unit has an MSRP of $10,999.


Like any NVR, the key benefits include simpler setup, less risk of performance issues (compared to underspecifying one's own box) and included hardware support.

For Axis S10 line, given RAID and rapid on-site support, it targets more demanding customers.

Likewise, with its price point, it is not attractive to cost conscious buyers. However, it in a similar price range to big name NVRs with comparable feature sets.

Partner Competition

Every time Axis expands its video management offerings, VMS manufacturers recoil in fear of competing with one of their largest camera partners.

Axis, in its promo video, calls the S10 'the perfect fit for manufacturing facilities, larger retail stores and schools', which will not allay those fears. However, given the limited model options and the fundamental self imposed constraints on Axis VMS software (no third party camera support, no enterprise management), this should not be a significant competitive threat.

Modest Overall Impact

While this is an incremental advance that might help Axis somewhat, we do not think it will make much of a competitive shift.

Update 2016

Axis has now released additional NVRs, the S20s, with integrated / embedded PoE switches. Moreover, Axis has opened up their VMS ACS to 3rd party cameras. These two moves increase the potential competitive impact of Axis selling 'end to end solutions'.

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