Hikvision Alleges Forehead Only Fever Screening is Smart; It's Actually Dangerous

By John Honovich, Published Oct 09, 2020, 09:13am EDT

Forehead only fever screening violates global standards and increases error risks but Hikvision alleges that it is 'smart'. It is not.

This 43-second video explains it:

IPVM Image

To the contrary, this Hikvision blog post declares they "Provide Safe, Accurate" screening and that it is 'smart' because it 'only screens forehead skin surface'.

This unfortunately fits into an ongoing pattern of fever camera deceptive marketing (e.g., 1, 2, 3). Making it worse is Hikvision's sheer size (a $9 billion annual revenue company with 40,000+ employees who claims to have 19,000+ "R&D engineers). When Hikvision deceives the public, their power creates even greater public health risks.

Violates Global Standards

Hikvision's move violates the global standards for febrile screening:

IPVM Image

The correct way is scanning the inner canthus but Hikvision's implementation does not even try to measure the inner canthus:

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This increases the risk of false fevers when it is warm:

IPVM Image

And missed fevers when it is cold:

IPVM Image

Plus, it increases the risk of missing febrile people who have hats or hair bangs:

Danger To Public Health

There's a good reason that the world IEC and the USA FDA both specify screening with a single person in front of the camera without hats, bangs, glasses, etc.:

IPVM Image

Hikvision has taken advantage of an opportunity to make quick money on unsuspecting buyers, providing an inferior forehead only system that, for the public depending on this for safety, is not 'smart'.

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