SDM's State Of Video Surveillance Market - No Hikvision, Lots Of IDIS

So SDM's State of the Market: Video Surveillance report has no mention of Hikvision at all but 4 quotes from IDIS.

Like Hikvision or not, how can you leave them out of a video surveillance 'state of the market'?

And IDIS is one of the key manufacturers cited / covered. Best quote from IDIS America:

We will be entering our third year of operations at ISC West 2017, and doing so on a steady growth trajectory.


IDIS America's 2015 total revenue was $228,000 vs $1.7 million loss. Perhaps the reporter could ask IDIS America what steady means? Are they aiming for $500,000 in revenue this year?

One other noteworthy point, Axis emphasized SMB expansion:

Axis has also broadened its focus to include three different segments of the market. In the past, our products primarily served the enterprise portion of the market; now we have offerings to meet the physical security needs of small and medium business, as well.

However, the Companion line does not seem to be doing so well and, with Hikvision's most recent 40% price cut, going to be real hard for Companion kits to sell at ~3x the price of Hikvision's in the SMB.

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