Dahua Maximizing The FLIR Brand In The ADI Catalog

Two months after FLIR shipped off their SMB and Lorex business to Dahua, Dahua is making the most out of the FLIR brand in April's ADI catalog.

It still remains to be seen when Dahua stops using FLIR's brand and what the new brand is.

But smart move on Dahua's side. The FLIR brand is a lot more respected in North America than Dahua.

But poor FLIR people, it should be over soon...

Another Dahua FLIR promotion today in ADI:

And 'FLIR' is now on sale more than Hikvision, this week's new run:

This is the sharpest Dahua marketing move I've ever seen. Keep on damaging FLIR's brand to sell Dahua equipment as long as possible....

So was there a deal made in which Dahua could continue to use the Flir brand for a certain amount of time or something?

Yes, for a certain amount of time, I am not sure how much that is, though. But, if I am Dahua Lorex, I see the value of continuing to use the Flir brand.

And the sale is back on, double Dahua:

'FLIR' now selling 4MP HD Analog cameras for under $40:


Now who at Dahua had any experience with maximizing value from a brand with a limited lifespan?

Oh, right...


And now September but Dahua is still making the most out of the FLIR brand, with far more FLIR branded products shown than Dahua in the ADI September catalog.

And now October and still FLIR across the board sales at ADI:

I've heard that Dahua / FLIR is clearing out inventory but how much damn inventory did they have? It's 8 months since the acquisition was made.


...but how much damn inventory did they have?

Hanwha didn’t run out of Samsung stock for years ;)

I was told by a rep they have until the end of the year to sell off their remaining flir branded inventory. After that, it would only be the inventory left in distribution. 

I was told by a rep they have until the end of the year to sell off their remaining flir branded inventory.

Which could mean the “remaining” inventory might still be coming off the line until mid Dec, just in time to be Xmas “stocking stuffers” for distribution.


January 2, local ADI branch.

Integrator: Yeah, I’m back.  Hey, I just needed to grab a half dozen more of those square FLIR bullets, you know the ones that have been on sale for months now, they’ve become my “goto” brand.

ADI counter: Sir, the sale flyer clearly stated “while supplies last” and unfortunately...

Integrator: Oh, I know the promo is over, I don’t mind paying the regular price.

ADI counter: There are none left at ANY price.  Although, between you and me these Dahua cameras here are essentially the same “deal”, wink, wink.

Integrator: Hardly. That Dahua is banned by the government.

ADI counter: Well, actually to tell you the truth, the FLIRs are technically banned as well, it’s just not common knowledge yet.

Integrator: So that was the reason for the sale, eh?

ADI counter: Look, I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you the old FLIR price on these new ADI WBoxes, and I’ll throw in 20 logo removal kits for the FLIRs, ok?

Integrator: Now that’s more like it.

Front page of ADI today:

Customer: How much to buy the whole sale? I’ll take everything.

ADI: Lets see, 400 cameras, 100 recorders, that’d be about $9,999.

Customer: That’s great! I’ll take it.

ADI: Bill To?

Customer: FLIR Systems USA - PR department

ADI: Ship To?

Customer: Local Landfill


Funny cause it's true!


What’s your bet? I say two more...

Always take the over!

I don't know. Ostensibly, as we reported here, it will end at the end of December. ADI is pretty aggressive at doing end of year sales so I am guessing a half dozen more ADI promos for FLIRua in the next 6 weeks.

Even a half dozen may be too conservative.

Today's ADI flier, twofer:

New ADI sales, is this the last FLIR one?

It won’t be over until we see promo code M3D123150


Party underway at FLIR HQ

Too bad NY does not have vegan, gluten free, free range, no offensive yet conservative authentic Italian pizza anymore....HNY!


It's a new year but FLIR is still in the January 2019 ADI catalog:

However, interestingly, Dahua is the lead advertiser this month with only a handful of Hikvision items, not clear if this is a one-month aberration or if this signifies changing spend between the two Chinese mega manufacturers.

Existing FLIR-branded SMB models will continue to sell into the channel until the end of 2018. After December 31, 2018, no new FLIR branded inventory will enter the channel. However, all FLIR-branded SMB products still in the channel will be available for purchase by dealers and integrators who wish to purchase it until inventories are exhausted.

Maybe for Christmas ADI got a channel “stocking stuffer”.

How low will they go?

FLIR in today's ADI sales newsletter:

That's evidently a lot of inventory...

thats some really inexpensive thermal cameras


Now March 2019, FLIR still prominent in the ADI catalog:

Still going! Thanks, ADI :)

Did they really have this much inventory or is it selling this slow?

I don't know. I am surprised that they are still selling / promoting it.

FLIR could be the first company ever to lobby for sanctions against its own brand ;)