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Hello UD#28

I've updated the HFOV to the 101 viewing angle. I apologize for the inconvenience. Please let me know if you have any questions, you can feel free to reach out to me at

I like the new multi-head functionality. That was always a sore spot. I did notice an error in the Avigilon H4A multi-heads in that the 360 4K model is showing views utilizing a 4 mm lens as 70 degrees. On the Avigilon spec sheet for the 4K models 4mm is 101 degrees. The imager size is different on the 4K than the 5 megapixel and 3 megapixel units.

Hello Ryan, thx for your swift answer!

I haven't tried the csv export so far. I will do it now.



I will answer your last question first. You can export your project as a CSV to see the full list of cameras:

IPVM Image

Regarding the floor plans on a multi-floor project. That is correct. We would actually recommend one project per floor in cases like that. You can export as Powerpoint and combine them into one file.

Finally, the Calculator can sometimes have issues uploading PDFs of that size. Try converting your floor plan PDFs to JPGs before importing them to the Calculator. Floor plans uploaded as JPGs also have better resolution at increased zoom levels in the Calculator.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me directly at

Good evening gents (GMT+1 here :) )

English is not my mother tongue so please be indulgent...

I have two problems with pdf floor plans:

1- typically, when importing a first floor plan (let's stay floor -1), when I want to import another plan (floor 0), the second plan is locked on previous one. So far, when working on multiples floors, I had to create one project per floor.

2- unless I'm wrong, I haven't find so far the weigth limit of a pdf. I've worked today on a 1,44MB plan but the other plan weighing 2,48MB is not loaded despite having the 3 green "v".

Additionnal question, can you extract a list of all cameras used for a project?

Thx for your answer!


I am not able to duplicate your issue specifically on multiple projects. I was thinking that maybe the 'without IR' images may have been due to low PPF images, which look like 'without IR' but are actually "Dark with IR":

IPVM Image

But based on your description that is not the case. Email me at and I can help you further.

Many thanks & understood

Hi There,

Having some issues with the 'Simulated Person' images, specifically the right hand image representing a person with or without IR. On my latest plans I have existing and new cameras mapped, and done with different fill colours. The weird thing is that a few of the existing cameras (coloured green) show 'with IR' but the rest show 'without IR' when producing a power point, PDF or word export.

This is in spite of the fact that I have gone to every cameras & changed them all to 'with IR' & even tried locking the camera - nothing seems to work. Any ideas?

Many thanks.

Hi Chase,

Would you be able to send me your project permalink and the png image to my email at I will take a look.

I am unable to see the floor plan using any of the supported formats.

IPVM Image

IPVM Image

It looks as though even here I can't successfully load .PNG images to show the issue.

I just pulled up this thread with a similar question. I'd love to remove the IPVM logo from the PowerPoint export.

Hi all,
Couple of questions, both probably asked before but here goes:

1. Is there a way to remove all IPVM branding for integration into our own reports? This would be during export.
With Photoshop, Acrobat and Word I can do what I want but it takes time.

2. Is it on the roadmap to allow the use of a custom image in the Simulated Person section? I would like to do some vehicle mockups in particular.



The 360° option AoV has been added. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

The GeoVision FER5701 only has 180° option. Can you add the 360° similar to the FER5700?


Hi There, any chance of making the zoom in/out more graduated? I.e. x2, x3, x4 etc.? Whilst it's a great feature, you can end up too close or too far away with just a single click of the '+' or'-'. Many thanks.

Hi People, Iam new in IPVM, Iam doing some tests using the calculator and the projects that I´ve created are becoming without name and cameras. Any idea?

Thank you Michael, problem solved!

Thats because the resolution on the overhead image is too low. At the bottom left of the screen switch from satellite to blank. When its blank you only see the drawing, but you can get close up. When you have added in your cameras you can pull back and flip the satellite button again.

The zoom level appears to not allow us to get close enough to prints when imported. Here is an example. This is as close to the print as I can get.

How do I reorder cameras? I have 8 cameras and when I went to export it changed the order and put camera #7 as the first camera and camera #8 in third spot.

thank you John yes it helps many thanks.

Werner, by BOQ, do you mean Bill of quantity / line item? If so, we have a CSV export that does that, e.g., for this 4-camera sample project I created, here is what the CSV export looks like:

It is a CSV file so you then can of course edit / copy / delete / customize it, as you please.

Does that help?

Good day John,

On the camera calculator is there a way to get a BOQ on the projects a person created?


This due to the combination of that camera's specifications and how the Calculator works. With that camera's 86.7 degree Vertical Field of View, unless the camera is specifically pointed with an uptilt, there would be no blind spot.

However, it is still an issue with how we model those types of cameras. We are updating multi-imager support and will take a look at how we can improve these types of cameras.

Hi There,

I am plotting a new project on Camera Calculator V3 but cannot see any blind spot calculation for the Hikvision DS2CD6924FIS 180° camera? The statement onscreen is 'HFoV must be lower than 180 to enable blindspot preview' - is this a camera issue or a software issue? Could really do with this information wrt blind spot at 'x'm mounting height? In advance many thanks.

Best regards,


I see. Thanks.

This is likely because the Phone version only displays the Map background, not Satellite, and Google offers greater zoom capabilities on Map mode. We will be adding Satellite and Blank backgrounds to the Phone version.

Beyond that, because the Phone version restricts the view due to resolution and menu overlays more than the PC/Desktop version, it can seem like it offers a higher level of zoom. However, the zoom limits (Map, Satellite, Blank) are identical on Phone and Desktop, as we are using the same Maps API for both.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. These have now been updated to 360°.

There is an error in the IPVM listing for the Interlogix TVF-310x series cameras where they are listed as 180 degree cameras rather than 360. This is reflected on the map with the wrong FOV. I had to put in an Axis 360 on the map to get the correct fov but that means the camera model listed in the exported report is wrong now.

I can zoom in on my phone much more than on a PC

Thank you for the feedback, we are looking at ways we can increase the zoom capabilities beyond what Google offers, without negatively impacting Calculator performance.

We are limited to the zoom levels provided by Google Maps API, however, if you switch to Map from Satelite, or to Blank (in the lower left-hand corner), that will allow increased zoom levels:

As a workaround, you can switch to Map/Blank view, and import a snapshot from Google Earth (if that provides closer zoom capabilities) as a floorplan, and then import your actual floorplan over that. Calculator Guide link: Importing Google Satellite Image as Floorplan

The DNS issue should be resolved, we have verified by proxy and through manual VPN connection testing from US West Coast, London, Montreal, Sydney, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong , Dubai, Belgium, Switzerland, and Norway.

If anyone continues to have issues please reach out to

Sorry for the issue, we are actively looking at this. DNS is working in some regions, but not others. We will update you here.

Hi ,

we cannot connect to the IPVM tool .

Link is offline (DNS)

John, I haven't been able to use the calculator for the last hour. Assuming the DNS issue hasn't be resolved

Thank You John.

Werner, sorry about that. It should be up now or in the next few minutes. We had a DNS issue, which we resolved and the corrected information is now propagating across DNS servers worldwide.

Good day, i cannot connect on camera Calculator. i am logged in but it says server not found ?

Can't zoom in past city block level. I just imported a floor plan. Sized it against the building on the map but can't zoom in to place and adjust cameras. The screenshot below is a zoomed in as I can get.



Thanks for your feedback, we are currently focusing our development on the Phone/Mobile version of the Camera Calculator. Multi-imagers are high on our roadmap, but I can't give any estimates or news.

For multi-imagers, we have models loaded with a "(Single Imager)" prefix, which simulates one of the imagers, and then you can Duplicate the camera (1x - 3x depending on the camera) to quickly add the additional imagers.

Let me know if this answers your question.

From the Calculator Guide:

Simulating Repositionable Multi-imager Cameras

The Calculator does not currently support repositionable multi-imager cameras (e.g. Avigilon 9W-H3-3MH, Axis P3707-PE, etc), it will only place 1 camera on the map, not 4. The quickest way to have the remaining 3 cameras on the map is to duplicate the original camera 3 times:

When using multi-imager cameras, keep names consistent by naming them <Camera Name> N.1,( N.2, N.3, etc) will help your projects stay organized in your exports.


I'm looking forward to an update to the multi imager capability, specifically with Hanwha cameras.

Any news?

Otherwise , is there an option to add a field of view manually ?

Hi Sean,

By multilayer I mean the ability to group labels, annotations and cameras into groups that can be shown/hidden together. This of course is the simplest form, this piped up as I wanted to propose multiple options for the same project or segmenting cameras.
For snapshot export sometimes I don’t have internet access and want to discuss something with the client, so I should be able to export a single image for my project that I can use to zoom into details. Currently if I want to do that, I have to snapshot the project, zoom in to each area and snapshot it.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by multi-layer? Different camera layers? Floor plan layers? We are open to adding new features to our roadmap, I just want to make sure we understand the request/feature.

Multi-imager support has been on our roadmap, we want to make sure it is accurate and functional, which is complicated given the different mechanical variables of different multi-imagers. From our Repositionable Multi-Imager Camera Shootout:

Are you looking for a higher resolution than the current Snapshot export (1280x720), or something else? We can look at options for that.

There are some features that will make the tool very useful, and my life easier:
- multi layer with the ability to show and hide layers
- multi lens Camera support without stacking multiple copies

- the ability to export an image in high-resolution snapshot so I can zoom into details offline


We have seen that issue before when a project has an error on loading and thought we had it fixed a few months ago. It is typically due to a camera distance getting set to 0 feet/meters. I sent you an email to get the Calculator running again.

This is all i see when i sign in and then go to calculator, it does in on my laptop and desktop, in chrome and Internet Explorer. Please help!

Thanks Sean! that should do it.

You can use a single segment of the Polyline Tool as a ruler. From the Calculator Guide:

Using Polyline as a Ruler

The Polyline tool will display the total length of the line when you draw it and have it highlighted. To use it as a ruler, select the Polyline tool, click where you want to start your measurement, and then click twice where you want to measure. The Calculator will display the length in feet or meters.

The Calculator does not support a multi-segment line, just a single line.

Hi guys,

Would it be possible to add a measuring tool to the calculator? I use Visio a lot and love the measuring option there.

I find myself using a spare camera to get distances on floor plans when planning camera layouts. Sometimes the spare camera gets overlooked and I'll forget to delete it. This then leads to confusion later on.

Thanks guys.

Hi David,

This camera is now in the calculator as you requested. I also emailed you with the specifics. If you need any further adds or need anything else please email me at

Hi there,

The camera is an infiniti PHX-39X-TI

It has a 1/2.8" Exmor progressive scan CMOS is 1920X1080.

Min illumination is 0.05LUX for color and 0.0008 LUX for BW. It has a ZLID laser as well.

It is auto focus and auto shutter speed between 1/50 to 1/10,000.

It's a PTZ and has a 8-315mm lens


I have a few cameras in a project that are from a small manufacturer and are not in the calculator but are PTZ.

David, we are happy to add in any camera from even small manufacturers. Let us know here or email us at and we will get it added within 24 hours.

It would be really nice if we could make a generic camera be a PTZ as well.

I have a few cameras in a project that are from a small manufacturer and are not in the calculator but are PTZ. When showing the project to stakeholders it would be nice if they they had the circle.

Thanks for the speedy fix

David, these models have now been corrected, as shown in the example below:

Can we get the Axis Q874#-LE cameras changed from bullet to PTZ?

When I plan using the tool and they show as a bullet fixed cam it doesn't accurately show the coverage provided by the camera.

I know it isn't available yet, but can you add the Axis P3719-PLE.

It would also save time to have a 180 and 270 degree configuration for these types of cameras in addition to the 360.

I was pulling together cut sheets and going to the manufacturer's website to get them to make sure I had current docs and found a few cameras were EoL. The design was not finalized just yet thankfully, but I did have to go back and update a bunch of stuff. I realize nothing is going to be perfect, but I figure the more chances to catch something, the better. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback, we will be adding a selectable option to show/hide end of life cameras.

Quick question(s), how did you find out later that the camera was EoL? How much later after the design was completed were the cameras EoL?

As a sales engineer at an integrator I would typically only know if I manually checked the manufacturer's website, or an updated pricelist (e.g. Axis and Hanwha update their pricelist for End of Life cameras).

With all the thousands of cameras now in the calculator, is there a plan either flag or offer a filter to filter out cameras not being currently sold? I have had it happen now a few times where I added a camera to a project only to find out later that it has be EOLed. Thanks!