Camera Calculator V3 Need Help? Ask Here

We are making this a 'sticky' at the top of the discussions to help anyone using the Camera Calculator. This is for the new V3 calculator (feature overview here) and replaces the old discussion thread for the V2 calculator that had 170+ comments.

Just ask your question in the comments.

Related, here is our tutorial video for the Calculator below:

Again, need help, have a suggestion, just ask in the comments.

Is there a way to rotate the satellite image and all the included objects that have been placed on it?

Larry, we do not support rotating the satellite image. While we definitely see the value in doing so, there are technical limitations on how we map items that restrict it. If we can solve it in the future, we will. Thanks and sorry about that.

We do support rotating uploaded floorplans / images, demonstrated below:


What is the protocol to request the addition of a camera model?  I'm looking for the Canon VB-M50 please.

Thank You!

Chris - We will get that added by tomorrow. Thanks

Awesome, Thanks!


Chris - the Canon VB-M50 is added.  Let me know how else I can help.

Hey Guys. I'm currently stuck on the error message. I tried to export a project in PowerPoint format and the export failed. I reloaded the page to try again and now all I get is the error message and I can't choose another project or create a new one. Any recommendations?


The satellite imagery is really old. Im trying to do a design for a large site but the satellite view is over 10 years out of date. Can a google earth image be imported and worked on, or can you offer the choice of imagery sources?

Derek, the dates for the satellite imagery varies by location. In my experience with US urban and suburban areas, most are from the last few years but I am sure there are some older.

You can important any image you want using the 'upload floorplan' button in the upper center of the calculator. We do not support other mapping services.

It's been 24 hours and I'm still dealing with that error message. Are you guys able to delete my projects to see if that solves the issue?

They were small projects so I'm fine starting over on them.

Kenton - I've opened an issue on this.  I will post back here as soon as I have an update. If there is anything else I can help with in the interim please let me know.

Thanks John!

Kenton - this is issue is resolved.  If by chance you see the error again, try and force refresh (ctrl +F5).

Thanks again, much appreciated!

Hi John - I'm experiencing this same issue again.  I've tested in Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Edge and have the same result in all 4 browsers.  Force refresh is not working this time.

Let me know if you can help out, I need to make changes to a project by COB today, if possible.  Thanks!

Hello Kenton - This issue is filed with the development team & I just bumped it.  I will reply with an update as soon as I have one.  Thanks again. 

This has been resolved.  I will send you a follow up email now. Thank you.

 Hi. After adding a floor plan, I am unable to set the scale. I can adjust the green bar to the desired location, but I am unable to set type a number in the "Width" box or change the value of the "Feet" box (not that I want to change it, but I'm supposed to be able to click on it and select a different type). I've tested it in both Firefox and Edge. Same results in both. I've also tried different images and PDFs. Am I missing something simple here?




Nathan this has been resolved.  Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

Nathan - it should work like this:

If not, please email me a permalink:

Thank you. That's how I've been trying to set it, but when I click in the box to type a number, it won't let me type anything. I've sent you the permalink.



Hello Nathan:  Which browser are you using?  Thanks,

I'm having the same problem with scaling the floor plan and I'm using IE11.

Thank you - I was able to recreate the problem and will reply here when resolved.

Hi John,

It looks like you guys did something on your end. The scale function is working fine for me today.



This is fixed.  Thank you for the IE11 detail, and let me know how else I can help.

doesn't work in Chrome any more. I had no issues with a previous version.

Dennis, Do you mean the calculator or a specific feature?

at first after v3 release the whole software was not opening. Right now, I can open my saved project but nothing happens when I try to select the existing camera.

Everything works fine in IE

I'd think the technical guys prefer Chrome. Did anybody else report the issue?

Dennis - What OS / version of Chrome are you using and would you send me a permalink? Thank you

When I export my project, the view is "zoomed in" cutting off the top of the building that I have laid out the exterior cameras for. There are no cameras in this area but I would still like to show the entire building on the "overview" page of my powerpoint. How can I fix this? Thanks!

Mathew - I'd like to help, can you send me permalink?

Hi Guys,

The previous version had a camera height option. I am not seeing that option on the new calc?

Martin, that is the one feature we have not re-implemented so far in v3. All the old settings have been saved for existing projects, we've simply hid those controls.

We had a problem with how to display it and not confuse people so we are trying to re-work how it is displayed and plan to re-release later this year.

Bumping this topic.... Are there still plans to re-add the camera height feature? I miss not being able to represent the blind spot below/in front of the camera.  Thanks!


We are currently working on this, and are planning for release in September.

In the meantime, what camera height is the calculator defaulting to?

It's essentially 0 feet/meters or ground level.

Please hurry :).  We put cameras at 15, 20, 40 and 50ft depending on application so that feature is really important for us.  Thanks - you guys are doing an awesome job!

Thanks for the positive feedback Meghan, the wait is almost over...

Yea!!!!!  :) 

I'll add another vote for restoring the height field - we've found it very helpful since most of our installations are outdoors, and look forward to having it back in v3!

+1 for adding camera height back into the calculator.

Noted, thanks for the feedback Joseph!

I wondered with this option can I point a camera straight down and show the FOV

That will potentially be more difficult, but we will look into that as we add that feature back into the calculator

Thank you for the response back John! Other than that V3 is really great! I had one more question. Is there a way we can add an option for 360/180 panoramic views? I found a few axis cameras that when selected either give you the panoramic view or 360 view but not both.

Hello- I would like to ask that the Avigilon selection in the calculator be expanded to include the HD PRO series.

I have a situation where I need to cover a bar in a stadium, that is about 280 feet from the nearest camera mounting location and the locator doesn't have the upper range of options.

Would this be possible?



The Pro series is in there. Here's a project with a 30MP camera added: 

You should find them in the listing of Avigilon cameras:

Hi guys, great job on the latest calculator. I just want to ask about uploading scenes of my own. Is there any tutorial to get the right picture uploaded perfectly ? 


You can create your own scene by uploading an image as shown below:


I used an iPhone 7 to capture the sample scene image that was uploaded, so I set the AoV to 65°. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Having issues getting the label feature to work today?

Shannon - I want to help, but labels are working for me. Can you send me a permalink to the project with the problem or a screenshot of what is going wrong?

I created a gif that shows how it is designed to work.


In the off chance you were referring to camera names / labels I also made a gif that illustrates a couple of ways to rename a camera. 

I am having trouble using the label function, also.  I have tried all 3 browsers.

Not sure what is going on.  don't have trouble with any other of the features.


U9 - There is a known issue with dropping labels on top of uploaded floor plans.  If this is the case please place the label off of the floorplan and drag over.  If there is another problem please email me - I am happy to help.

John (Scanlan),

The calculator does not have the "re-sort" camera feature like the previous version.

If you export or for any reason, edit a camera and export in either pdf or ppt formats,  most often it's not in numerical order (Camera 1, Camera 2 etc.) and there doesn't appear to be an option to fix or shuffle the placement for ascending order value and/or presentation.

Also, there was the "close" option within the previous calculator version and not now, so we're just switching between views of compiled projects.  Can this be resolved?  The aforementioned issue is a higher priority though in my opinion.

Thanks for your time and input.



Thanks. The re-sort issue for exports is a bug. We will fix this today and respond. We had not realized it. Thanks for telling us!

As for the 'close' option, because it auto-saves now, there is no need to save or close. One can simply switch to a different project by clicking on 'all projects' or create a new one by clicking on 'new project' shown below:

Does that make sense or am I missing something?

Eric, all,

Cameras in exports are now displayed in alphabetical order. Thanks again!


I'm having problem that the ppf will resize after i closed and re open the project (see below)

Camera#: Panasonic WV-SFV781L

1. before closing


2. after i reopen





Sorry about the problem. You say the ppf will resize but, in your example, the ppf stayed constant but the aov and the width changed.

We tried to recreate it but cannot so far. Can you see if this happens again? It could be some intermittent or edge case we simply have not found yet.

Hi John,


when i print the ppf will resize to 37° even though on the website it will show a number that is bigger. i think the actual calculation is correct, just the actual display that is wrong?


Richard - Can you send me an email with your phone number?  I would like to help you with this, and a call will expedite that. Thank you, John

Yes, I'm having the same problem. Coincidence, but terrible timing. I'll start snipping all the areas I need across each camera, but if there's a fix please update. This is just adding a lot of time unfortunately since I need to compile each the photo and info separately onto a blank document.

Robb, sorry about that. We've contacted you directly to solve it, Thanks.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

Hi John,


I'm experiencing some problems with

When exporting to pdf or word I only get the detail from the first 3 camera's.

Any clue what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks a lot

Yoeri - thank you for the permalink.  I was able to recreate the problem and filed this issue with our development team.  I will follow up with you as soon as we have it resolved.

Yeori - Sorry for the inconvenience. The issue was related to a google satellite image limitation, but a fix has been deployed and your export is now working.  Please let me know how else I can help.

I can't seem to use the calculator at all if I am logged into my account. I thought it was a browser based issue, but after trying Chrome and Firefox, neither work while I am logged in, both work when I'm not.

JD, sorry about that. We'll get it resolved by tomorrow morning and update you then.

JD, that is fixed for you. Also, we fixed a few underlying bugs and changed the error message to make it more clear for situations where a user has no existing projects. Sorry about that and thanks for letting us.

Thanks for the quick fix. I already was able to use it to plan out a site earlier today. Great tool!

John H, 

First off, it is a pleasure to see the quick responses / resolutions for members in this thread. Great Job! 


I have 2 questions: 1- Is it possible to get the Hanwha PNM-9080VQ added to the camera list? 


Question#2: I had read that currently the Calculator does not support google map rotation. Does the Calculator support the rotation of imported maps? I am wanting to line up imported maps, and overlay them with the structure they represent. 




John, thanks for joining and thanks for your first comment. Welcome!

We've tested that Hanwha camera - Hanwha 20MP Multi-Imager Tested (PNM-9081VQ). However, we can't add it in to the calculator until we add repositionable multi-imager support since those cameras work fundamentally different than single imager ones. We do plan to add such multi-imagers in the next few months.

As for #2, we do not support rotating the google map. However, you can import your own maps and then rotate them. You do that by using our floorplan functionality. It can import any images, whether it's literally a floorplan, a picture of yourself or, in your example, your own map. Once imported, grab the corners of the image/map and then move it circularly to rotate.

Thanks for the quick response. I was able to get the Map re positioned . . not by the corners, but more by dragging the edges of the map (if that makes sense). 


I look forward to the integration of the 9081VQ. I can see why you would need to engineer that type of cam into the software. 



Thanks again! 


I'm looking forward to an update to the multi imager capability, specifically with Hanwha cameras.

Any news?

Otherwise , is there an option to add a field of view manually ?


Thanks for your feedback, we are currently focusing our development on the Phone/Mobile version of the Camera Calculator. Multi-imagers are high on our roadmap, but I can't give any estimates or news.

For multi-imagers, we have models loaded with a "(Single Imager)" prefix, which simulates one of the imagers, and then you can Duplicate the camera (1x - 3x depending on the camera) to quickly add the additional imagers.

Let me know if this answers your question.

From the Calculator Guide:

Simulating Repositionable Multi-imager Cameras

The Calculator does not currently support repositionable multi-imager cameras (e.g. Avigilon 9W-H3-3MH, Axis P3707-PE, etc), it will only place 1 camera on the map, not 4. The quickest way to have the remaining 3 cameras on the map is to duplicate the original camera 3 times:

When using multi-imager cameras, keep names consistent by naming them <Camera Name> N.1,( N.2, N.3, etc) will help your projects stay organized in your exports.



I would like to know if we could edit the presentation exported by the calculator? Thanks!

U3- thanks for your first comment!  Yes, you can export to Word / PowerPoint and edit.

Let me know how else I can help -

How will I remove the Simulated person and logo of IPVM before exporting the file? Thanks!

Sarah Jane, We don't support removing the simulated view or the IPVM logo. You can manually edit PPT or Word exports.

When will the height of the cameras be re-introduced in the calculator. I need to know the dead zone just beneath the camera.

We have not determined the exact date of re-introducing camera height calculation. It is a medium priority task.

The Axis Site Designer has a quick way to show dead zone, e.g.:

Thanks for this info John!

I too am very interesting in getting the height calculation introduced back into the calculator.

Looking forward to any/all future updates as well. Thanks for providing/updating such a great tool!

Is there a way to remove the map pane so that only the numbers and simulated views show on the screen. Sometimes I want to show someone just the numbers and simulated views, and the map pane gets in the way and is distracting when I don't need it.

Are you also considering a storage calc page, too? I know there is a ton of them out there, but most times I prefer not to send someone to a branded site that has one, especially a brand I don't sell or support.

And very much for the height calculator!


Sometimes I want to show someone just the numbers and simulated views, and the map pane gets in the way and is distracting when I don't need it

You can't completely hide that pane but you can switch from map to 'blank' as shown below to remove the map and only show the cameras, etc., 'blank' selection is in upper left side, shown below:

Are you also considering a storage calc page, too?

No, we are not. There's no way to be regularly close to be accurate, given how many factors go into storage/bandwidth consumption (and the rise of smart codecs makes it even more difficult / likely to be wrong). I don't want to release a tool where we know the results are going to be way off most of the time. Related: Does IPVM Have A Storage Calculator? What Calculator Should I Use?

This alone is worth the price of admission. SUCH an awesome tool / app you've had made John; THANK YOU. 

While no doubt, this is a group of people who know how much harder it is to bring an idea to fruition than others, I still think this is even more amazing than is explicitly stated. 


Cannot thank you enough. BUT, then again, my uncle said... "There's nothing as sincere as cash."

Hopefully my membership, continued, will say it for me. :) 

I am not seeing an Axis P1435-LE with 10-22mm lens as a selection. I tried the P1435LE with the 3-10.5mm lens but the slider will not take me to a 22 mm/18 degree FOV.

That's been updated and should be reflected in the database soon. I'd say in the next few hours it should refresh.

I am not seeing the updated lens yet. I assumed maybe it would be a sub-choice under the P1435-LE for type of lens

I've noticed that generic camera 4MP gives me more ppf compared to 5MP

Dennis, yes, 4MP gives more ppf than 5MP because 4MP cameras typically have a 16:9 wider aspect ratio than 5MP's 4:3.

Our chart from the resolution tutorial showing the actual pixel counts for each camera:

please check this datasheet:


This 5MP bullet camera has 2944 × 1656 resolution, which is 16:9


See that model's product page:

Evidently, one of those 2 Hikvision resources is incorrect. 

I did find a Hikvision firmware release note from earlier this year that Hikvision changed the resolution:

That might be the answer to this discrepancy. We will look into that on Monday.

Generally, though, 5MP, as used in video surveillance is 4:3 aspect ratio. To the extent that Hikvision is now selling 5Mp 16:9 aspect ratio cameras, we will need to update our reporting and the calculator.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Dennis, we have a DS-2CD2355FWD-I from the same series, which uses the same firmware. We just updated it to 5.5, newly released on and the max resolution of the camera is now actually 6MP (3072x2048). 

Why they don't just market them as 6MP cameras is beyond me, but they appear to be. 

is it just an interpolation?

Good Afternoon,

Think something maybe wrong with the BOSCH cameras in the calculator.  The list starts half way through the alphabet.  I am looking for an AutoDome G3A, very common Bosch camera (several years ago) but can't find it in the list.

#7, I believe those G3A cameras are SD analog (e.g., see the G3A 2013 product brochure). In general, we have not added in SD analog as they tend to be fairly old. However, if there are specific models you need to calculate, we will add them in. JohnS will follow up with you directly.

 Hello, the camera icons keep falling out of view and not following placement within the uploaded floorplans (pdf) as they are adjusted. Please help. Thank you

U8 - I believe what you are seeing is due to zoom level / camera icon size.  As an example here is a camera mounted ~3 from a wall.

Without changing the camera position here is the same layout zoomed in on the floor plan, with the camera in the same position:

and zoomed out the camera icon is relatively larger, but remains in position:

Please let me know if this helps explain what you are seeing.  Let me know how else I can help:

The calculator has not worked in a couple of days for me. I have tried different browsers and different computers. 

James - I would like to help.  I just verified that the calculator is working with your account.  Can you email me a quick description of how/when it fails and provide a screen cap to

Any chance adding the Open Eye OE-C6123-W. Thanks!

Joe - Thank you for the model suggestion. We will have that added within 24 hours.  Please let me know how else I can help.


With V3 and auto-save how do you start a new project from an existing one? I want to do a second version of a proposal but retain the original. If I type a new project name it renames the existing one. I don't see any option to copy or to save as a new project. I'm sure I'm just missing something. 

start a new project from an existing one?

Richard, here is an immediate way to do this. 1. clink on and create a permalink, like so:

2. Open that permalink in a new tab, click on the 'make it a part of your projects' link like so:

3. Rename the project whatever you want, now you will have the same exact data in 2 different projects and can then do as you please with the 2 versions, like so:

Either I am simply missing how to do this directly or we made to find a way to do this. I have filed it as an issue and we will review ways to improve.

Richard, let me know if this works for now and sorry for the inconvenience.

Worked like a charm. Makes me feel better that the solution was a well crafted work around rather than something I just missed. Thanks for the help.

I was looking to use the Arecont Vision AV20375RS in the Calculator but is come up indicating a max. FoV of 102°. This is an omni-directional camera capable of 360°. Can this be fixed in the Calculator?

What is the process to create a new project name or edit an existing project name? Have been unable to complete in the latest version of the tool.

Mark, the new project button is located at the top right:

To rename a project, just click the existing name and type the new name:

Please let me know how else we can help. 

Thanks much. Did not know there was an editable field located there.

Hi John

I find that the zooming function works well on some projects, and not so well on others?

Is there a reason for this?

Justin, zooming might be limited by what Google maps have? I am just guessing but I see you are in South Africa so I wonder if there are certain areas of South Africa where Google maps have less detailed coverage.

John Scanlan from our team will follow up to help you further.

I'm not seeing the field for the focal length in millimeters anymore. Was this removed?

Luis, we've hidden the focal length and imager size but they can be expanded / shown by clicking on the icon next to HFoV, demonstated below:

Related, is there a camera model you want to use that is missing? We are happy to add that in for you asap.

Also, background on this decision here - Should IPVM Remove Imager Size And Focal Length From Calculator?

Ahhh, you tricksters! Thanks. But as a suggestion, maybe use a triangle or arrow type icon as a means to expand options.

maybe use a triangle or arrow type icon

We have it in queue to switch the icon to a gear as our UX specialist says that gear is a more commonplace and appropriate icon to symbolize "Settings" or "Advanced Configuration". Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey, no apologizes needed. Even if it weren't there, the fact it is such a useful tool and provided FREE is of great service to the industry.


The v3 calculator does not seem to have an option to indicate mounting height of the camera.


Mahesh - that is the one feature we have not re-implemented so far in v3. All the old settings have been saved for existing projects, we've simply hid those controls.

We have not determined the exact date of re-introducing camera height calculation. It is a medium priority task.

The Axis Site Designer has a quick way to show dead zone, e.g.:


Let me know if I can help more -

Thanks John for the info.


Screen Shot

I am battling to upload scenes into the calculator - as per the picture above, they upload and come into the calculator upside down?

Please assist.


I apologize for the images uploading upside down.

Two things:

(1) As a quick hack, can you try flipping the image upside down before uploading it to the calculator? That might work if the calculator is flipping it.

(2) Can you send us the original image that was uploaded upside down? We'll then have our developers recreate the problem and find a permanent fix. I'll email you separately about that. 

Note: generally, it uploads correctly so there may be something wrong with a particular type or setting of images that we need to fix.



      I am not seeing a way to save my uploaded scenes (my scenes) like in a previous

version?  Was this done away with completely?

Thank you for your time.  


Barrett, thanks for your first comment!

Now, we have made it a single scene per camera. We think this makes sense since if you upload a scene for Camera A, it would by definition not be the same scene for Cameras B, C, nor D. This also reduces confusion / long list of scenes.

Are we missing something or?

Any way you could make it where I can upload pictures to the simulated view??

Travis, yes, you can upload pictures to the simulated view, just click on ''uploaded scene' to do that as highlighted below:

We do need to make that easier to find and have it in the queue to improve the UI for this.

First, great tool. I appreciate the time taken to create something that's usable in our industry without the complexity of AutoCAD. 


Second, I apologize in advance if someone has already asked/suggested what I am about to, analyzing all of the existing comments is a little tricky.


Is there a way to hide the camera icons, and leave only the triangles?


Is there a way to change the camera colors from the original blue?


From a communication standpoint, both of these are huge. The icons easily get cluttered when working in small spaces or zooming out and you really only need the visual triangle to know there's a camera there. 


The camera colors would allow for differentiation between groups, such as differing models, old vs new, etc. 


I feel both of these concepts could be implemented and controlled very cleanly on a per camera basis from the "All cameras" Menu. There could be a toggle hide/show on each of the camera line items for its icon, plus a color palette link that could dictate camera color. Or the config could be in the setting section for each individual camera.


Regardless of the implementation method, I believe both ideas are worth considering.

Is there a way to hide the camera icons, and leave only the triangles?

What is the exact use case, or intent of that? We are investigating the opposite affect of hiding the coverage areas, to have a map of only where the cameras are located.

Is there a way to change the camera colors from the original blue?

We are currently working on this, as it has been a popular request.

In camera-dense areas (a corner with three cameras, a pole with an LPC and overview each direction) the camera icons really clutter up the image and both I and customers have had trouble identifying what is happening, and exactly where the cameras will be mounted.  Its just a lot going on.  Allowing different different colors would help this, but just having fields of view would be ideal in certain situations.


Colors would be huge, it would allow us to de-clutter over lapping views (LPC vs overview, etc), and breakout cameras with different objectives (facial recognition vs overview vs detection) to help customers understand what each camera's purpose is.


Thanks for the feedback, we agree that having different colors would be very helpful, and we are currently looking at multiple feature updates to put in place next.

Hi Sean - any update on the color option?  It's been about a year since the last post about it being on your to-do list.  Thanks!


Thanks for the question!

We are currently working on a user interface refresh for the Calculator, which is needed to handle a bunch of new features/capabilities going forward, including camera color selection, and large system design-focused solutions (e.g. better project organization).

We also spent a lot of time earlier this year getting our new in-house development up to speed. I can't set a date to it, but we just went over our UX consultant's recommendations for the camera color option last week, and can say it is a priority for myself and our dev group. 

Three Questions:

1. Is there a way to get a full page, overall drawing of the design that's a larger size on PDF export? The PDF provides it, but it would be great to get it in a larger format/sheet size to show customers.

2. Though I haven't tried it, can I bring in a multi-page document? I've just been separating sheets and starting separate projects for each (to get the single page view on the first page of the PDF export). 

3. When using multi-sensor cameras, I have problems organizing the structure of the document based on what I call the camera, even if I start with the prefix "C1" or "Camera 1 -". Is there a way to manually compile the sequence of cameras listed so I can keep them in order?

Thanks for the questions Robb. We're noting these (and many other) requests.

1) Currently there's no options for that with the PDF export. You have a bit more flexibility with the Word Doc export. You can change the page orientation, paper size, etc within word for saving back as a PDF, or printing on larger format paper.

2) Is one use for this having multiple floors on a floorplan and/or multiple buildings?

3) The way I've kept this organized when using the Calculator is to use a decimal naming system for the multisensor cameras (C1.1, C1.2, C2.1, C2.2, C2.3, etc). Does this make sense? This keeps them in order as you would need. The reports will output the cameras in Alphanumerical order.

Thank you for the response Sean. To answer #2, yes it is for one project using multiple floors. 

Is it possible to add a FoV selection for fisheye cameras? i.e. 180 Wall Mount or 360 Ceiling. 

Daryl, I believe this has been requested, I will check on it, thanks for the input. 

Just following up on this Daryl, we have identified the issue and will be updating the models for this.

I am having difficulties (again) with the calcualtor. I am unable to open any projects or create new ones. Please help.

Hello James,

We are looking into this error now. What browser are you using? Is it updated to the latest version? You can reach me directly regarding this issue at

Is there a way to copy a project and use it as a baseline for a new project?  I know I can rename an existing project, but what I am looking for is to have 2 projects at the same location, like an Option 1 and Option 2.  I can manually build the second project and give it a different name, but it would be good if I could take an existing one and save it with a different name instead of having to start it from scratch.

Larry, I think the feature you're looking for is the Clone button, which makes a duplicate project that you can rename as the basis for a 2nd option project.

Thanks for advising me about the "Clone" button.  I had not noticed it.

Its a recent addition to the Calculator, and probably hasn't been noticed by most =)

Hi. New user here. Just tried to add a single camera, but the simulated view does not update at all...remains a static POV. I thought this tool would utilize Google Maps for its simulated views. Am I missing something?

To clarify, a static, generic image. It does not represent the map location at all.

So the pre-loaded Scenes to not move, but will adjust the zoom level based on your Field of View. The Google Streetview will only come up, or can be switched between in the Simulated Views Menu.

Does this help? You can email me at sean@ipvm if you want direct help.

My question has to do with Corridor Mode and HFoV. I am applying a Panasonic WV-S2231L in a corridor application.

In the calculator, when I change the camera to Corridor Mode, the HFoV minimum setting is reduced to 17 degrees as expected and the field of view visually changes to match - all good. 

However anytime I leave the calculator then return to that project the camera displays a wider HFoV of 23 degrees, even though the readout to the right still says 17 degrees HFoV. And the field of view is visually much wider than a nearby camera of same type set to 30 degree HFoV.

Same thing happens when I export the project to PDF - the specs above the camera say 23 degrees HFoV, even though the camera is still set to 17 degrees in the calculator.  Also in the export the field of view is visually much wider than 17 degrees, much greater even than a nearby 30 degree HFoV camera.

I have had similar results with other cameras using corridor mode in the calculator.

Is there a setting or option I am missing?

Greg Cook




Just decided to use this software today after using IP Video System Design Tool for years.  Is there away to change the size of the camera for export? After I export the cameras, they are overlapping and way to large. Is there away to change the color or the cameras?


Josh, you can only change the size of overage cone of the cameras, not the camera icons themselves. The color changing of the cameras is on our to-do list, but is not possible currently.

Thanks for the questions. You can email me at (I am the Camera Calculator Product Manager) if you want further help, you can comment here, or there is also a FAQ/Guide located here: Camera Calculator Guide

Andrew Cichoki asks:

is there a way to download a complete project, complete with floor plans?

Hey guys, weird question. I have been using the calculator for awhile now, and have uploaded custom images taken from the client's site. I've done this before, and had very little issue. However, for some reason when I did this today it is sizing the pictures a bit odd. They are all off center and even if I drag the picture in the tool, any time I export the project it resets the pictures and they are off. Now to be completely honest, I don't recall the FOV as being an option in the past when uploading pictures. So I'm guessing that if this is a new feature, I must be using it wrong. Could you guys point me in the right direction to get these images corrected? 



I will take a look at that for you. Can you email the permalink for your project to, please? 

Thanks Ryan, permalink emailed. 


Did you receive my email yesterday? I think I found the solution to your issue.

Still getting this window , can't access the calculator!


Our developers are working on this now. I will update you when we have a fix.

Thank you.


This issue should now be fixed. Please confirm.

Just a reminder: if you have an urgent issue, rather than just a "how-to" question, please email directly. That helps us prioritize and track issues better. 


Perfect it is working. Thank you.

Is the calculator down? I have tried different browsers and different machines with no luck.

Hello James,

The calculator seems to be working for me, but I will look into it for you. If you are getting an error message, please email a screenshot to Also, please include in your email the browsers and versions you have tried so far.


A couple questions......


1. I see a labels button on the screen but when I press it, it does nothing. Is this supposed to work? We'd love to be able to label the cameras on the layouts!


2. Is there a way to turn cameras on/off? We'd like to be able to show the individual camera's FOV without all the other cameras showing too.



1) To create a label, click on the label button and then click on the project:

2) You can't turn cameras on and off, we've had requests for being able to enable or disable the Camera FoV coverages, but it is not currently possible

I am unable to delete my projects.

Sorry UI#12, send an email to and I will help.

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