What do Manufacturers Think About the Future of Video Analytics?

Published Apr 06, 2010 00:00 AM
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A recent STE print supplement carried an interview with video surveillance manufacturers. Below is a summary of manufacturers's answer to "How will video analytics gain traction and become a profitable part of the video surveillance industry in 2010?"

  • ArecontVision: Citing lack of standards and cost increases of adding analytics to cameras, "analytics will likely remain a niche market for a while" [Note: ArecontVision offers no analytics on any of its cameras]
  • Bosch: "Analytics won't truly gain traction in the market until integrators and end-users recognize it as a reliable technology." [Bosch offers its own video analytics who we previously criticized for over-selling but who is now fairly quiet on analytic promotion]
  • DVTel: "No longer is video analytics the 'black magic' it was . .. it is now a technology that improves surveillance." [Note: DVTel acquired ioimage in January 2010.]
  • Milestone: "It's questionable that [video analytics will become profitable] in 2010 ... no VA companies have proven what an acceptable, sustainable business model would look like." [Note: Milestone offers an open video analytics framework for 3rd party VA systems].
  • Panasonic: "adoption of video analytics as a security tool ... in the early stages"
  • OnSSI: "effective tool in the broader-based PSIM" [Note: OnSSI now markets its Ocularis as a PSIM]
  • Sony: "Use of video analytics not prevalent in most security applications" but successful in 'high-risk, high profile" environments [Sony offers DEPA which sometimes it markets as video analytics and other times as motion detection plus]
While all vendors promote their own interests, it's interesting to see a fairly subdued tone throughout (especially from Bosch and Milestone who offer solutions that integrate video analytics].