XProtect Analytics 2.0 Overview

By John Honovich, Published Mar 30, 2009, 08:00pm EDT

Manufacturer Description: “Seamlessly integrates video analysis tools from different manufacturers under a single, easy-to-manage user interface ... and addresses key industry issues such as the customers' need to correlate alerts between various analytics tools.”

How the Product is Different:With no standards for integrating analytics with video management systems and no VMS system offering an open framework, the result is very few analytics supported by any video management provider. XProtect Analytics 2.0 [link no longer available] offers a standard open format to help video analytics be integrated with their video management software. Equally importantly, Milestone has released production support for over a half dozen 3rd party video analytic providers. What is the

Value of the Product: Customers need a way to quickly review and respond to video analytics results - either to (1) dismiss the alert as false/nuisance or (2) to dispatch security forces to an incident in progress. Integrating video analytics with the video management system is a key step in simplifying this review and response process. By providing an open interface that many analytic providers are already using, customers have extensive choice on what analytics they want to use on what cameras for which applications. While Milestone claims that this can help users correlate alerts between various analytics, this is a very simple correlation that requires the use of multiple systems (which is costly) that may miss valid alarms because both systems must trigger in a set period of time. Due to cost and accuracy concerns, correlation may not prove to be useful in many field deployments.

Who Can Use the Product: This is a feature of Milestone's video management software. If you are an existing Milestone customer or are considering deploying Milestone and analytics are key to your system, this offering could be quite valuable.

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