US Air Force Cancels Hikvision RFQ

Published May 01, 2017 12:28 PM
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The US Air Force has cancelled an RFQ for Hikvision video surveillance, following IPVM notifying the Air Force that Hikvision products are made in China and Hikvision is owned by the Chinese government.

Thanks goes to the US Air Force who immediately responded and rectified the mistake.

Here is an excerpt from the original RFQ:

IPVM Image

And below is the subsequent cancellation notice:

IPVM Image

Hikvision Barred From GSA Sales

Hikvision, like all China made products, are barred from GSA sales (explained here). As Hikvision declared in the recent article "Is Hikvision spying on its customers?":

All Hikvision products are proudly ‘made in China’.

Indeed, in January 2017, 1,000+ Hikvision listings were removed from the GSA for such violations.

Let IPVM Know

If you see Hikvision products being sold to the US government and/or using the US GSA, please let us know ( and we will work on resolving and publicizing these problems.

Beyond these sales violating US law, the deployment of Chinese government manufactured products increase US government risks.

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