SMP Security Robot Profile

By IPVM Team, Published on Dec 08, 2016

A Russian manufacturer, SMP, has a commercially available outdoor security robot, at a lower price and with much less marketing than their main competitors.

How well does it work? What does it offer? We visited Make Em Move Robotics [link no longer available] in New Jersey to observe their S5 security robot in action.

In this report we cover:

  • Company Background
  • Speed / Patterns
  • Run time
  • Issues and limitations
  • Hazards
  • Cost

Company ********

*** ******* *** ****** control ******** ** ******** by*** ********, * ******** ***** ***** ** **********, ******, ***** we **** **** **** has ***+ *********.

*** *********** ******* * variety ** ************. 

  • **** ** **** ** the ** **** ***** distributor, ********* ************, ********, and ******* *** ***** products. **** ** **** is *** ******** ******** of***** ****, ***** ****** *** sells **** ******* ********. They ********** ***** ******* unmanned ****** ******** ******** to ***** *** ********* and ***** ***** ****, for *** ** *** agricultural ********.  
  • ******** ******** [**** ** longer *********] ** *** US ******* ***********, **** an ************ *********, ******** a ******** ******** ********. 
  • ******* ********** ********* *** ** **** Coast ***********.

***** *** **** ******, Russia, ****** ****, ****, etc., ***** ** ****** ******** ******* ****.

Product ********

*** ** ** ******** to ****** *****, ******** ********, continuously *** **** ***** without ********* ****** **** * human ******** ***** *****.

*** ** ******** ********* payloads, ********* *** **** and ********** ** *******, thermal, *** *****, *** D/N **** *** ******* IR ************. 

*** ** *** ****** * set **** *** ****** ***** back ** * ******* center. * ***** **** has ** **** ** the *****, **** * decision, ***, ** *********, respond ** ** ********. Additionally, **** ***** ******** facial *********** ******** **** *** identify ************ ********. ** course, *** **** **** works ******** ******* ** be ****.

*******, * ***** ******** guard *** ******* *** more ********* **** * UGV ***. * ***** can **** **********, **** observations, ******** ********, ******** and ****** *********, *** render ******* **********.

*** ** *** ** average ***** ** ****, potentially ******** ** ** patrol a ****** **** ***** or **** ***** ** hour, ********* ** *** paths ********* ** **. It ** ******** *** prepared, ********** ****** ** footpaths, ******* ** * ***** ******** guard ********** ** ****. 


*** ** *** ** designed *** *** ** prepared ******. ***** ** handles ***, ******, ****, tree *****, *****, *** gentle ****** ******, ** is *** **** ** traverse ****** ******, **** deeper **** * ******, or ****** ******* **** 25 *******. **** ** Move ***** ** **** what **** ******** ** an ‘*** *******’ ** their ***** ****** ** available ** *** ********* of ** **** **** will ** **** ** patrol ****** ******. **** marketing ***** **** **** Em **** ***** *** S5 ******* ** ****** surfaces, ******* ** *** down ****** ******, *** driving **** ****. 


*** ******* ***** ** the *** ** ***** 5MPH. ******** ******* ******** last *** ***** ** hours, *** **** * hours ** ********. *** on ******* ***** **** can ****** *** ***** to ** *****.

**** ************

***** *** ***** ******** various wireless *********** (*.*., ****, 4G, ** ***** *****, ***.), **** ** Move ***** *** ******* any *********** ***** ***** bandwidth ************. ** ****, and ***** ******** ** other autonomous ******* ******** *****, ***** should ********* ***** *** ability ** ***** ******** to ******* ***** ******.

********* *******

**** ** **** **** us *** **** *********** challenge **** ** ***** ******** ********** ******. ****** on *** *****, *** example, ******** *** ****** and *** *** ******. While *** ******* **** collision ********* ******** ** avoid ******* **** ********** objects, ** ********* ** deal **** ****** ** objects ****** ******* **, effectively ********* *** ***** for **** ****:

**********, **** ***** **** there ** * **** that ** ********* ***** deliberately ******* ** ****** the ***. *** ** is *** **** ** stop ** ********* ********. All ** ** ******** to ** ** ***** human ********* ** ** the ******** ** ********, and ** ******** ***** back ** * ******* location. *** ********* ***** shows ** **** **** to *** ***** ***** to *** *** ****** it '***' ** *** ******* to ****. 

**** ** **** **** not ********* ***** ** ** ***** **** ******** present, *** *******, ****** that *****'* ** *** to ********* **** *** UGV ** **** ** predict *** ***** * small, **** ****** *******.


Cost Versus ******

** ************ ****** ***** ******** for $*,*** ** $*,*** a *****, ********* ** options ******. **** ***** out ** ******* $*.** and $7.40 ** **** ** average, **** ** ** **** daily *** **** (**** they *** ********* ***), which ** **** **** **** an ******* ******** ***** makes.

*** ***, ******, **** be *********** **** ********* the ********* ** *** robot ***** ***** ******** to ******.


Comments (23)

The variety of security robots seem to have a way to go before they're ready for primetime. Add a mower deck and I can see it having a real purpose.

I definitely think this is good for edge cases only. If you've got a huge property with multiple buildings and lots of landscaping between them, then this is cheaper and more efficient than hiring lots of Paul Blarts. But the robot isn't really good for much else.

Also, if you've got Canadian geese tearing up your grass and harassing your employees, this thing will chase them off and keep them chased off. Which, if you hate Canadian geese as much as I do, is worth every penny.

Which, if you hate Canadian geese as much as I do, is worth every penny.

Yes, and let's hope Trump's proposed 35% aviary import tariff finally puts some bite into our "Fly American" policy.

It is being tested at many sites right now so will have to report back with the Use Cases. We are happy to have the pioneers on board. And I love your idea about the mower. It is actually being looked at in Canada where they will add a shovel for snow. Everywhere we take the robot, we are getting great ideas. Ball gatherer for Top Golf, Drone Landing Platform for Drone races, and the little girl in this photo asked if she could use it to walk her dog. :) And Security Firms think there is a play...especially when third shift has about a 200% turnover rate. Good input though! Thank you.Kids excited about the robot

Yes, perfect for covering the revolving door security staff on the graveyard shift!

After more thought, I'd stay away from the mower attachment as parents might get upset if the robot became a FlowBee.

yeah - no mower attachment. I envision a kid may jump for a ride on the snow plow too.

I have a responsibility in robotics. So NO mower attachments :) Asminov's laws below.

  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  2. A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.[1]

This thing is no NASA rover. I'd still prefer a highly trained and mobile Paul Blart with stationary cameras and sensors on campus to guide him.

You can't touch this.

Image result for paul blart segway

[IPVM note: Poster is from SMP distributor]

Hi Ari - Thank you so much for covering the SMP autonomous robot! You are so right, the solution is cheaper. A higher capability at a lower cost can be achieved by the customized selection of cameras and sensor payload. It also provides a collaborative robotics (cobotics) solution, keeping guards at the command center out of harms way handling more high leverage and valuable work, especially video coverage and analysis.

And, we are super excited about the BriefCAM technology which analyzes all collected VMS data to reduce false alarms and to deliver appropriate on-site responses. Additionally, intelligent alerts provided via the sensor package heightens human guards' awareness of actionable events, either onsite or at a Central Command Center (e.g. ViSentry).

I love the comparison that prior to computers, an accountant was merely a bean counter and post computers, this same accountant is now a numerical data analyst whiz.

How can we transform the current security industry with this autonomous mobile platform? Especially given the escalating dangerous and violent world we live in, I would rather send a robot to go out and take a look around if there is suspicious activity versus a security guard. And the robot can capture data and surveillance video in hard-to-cover areas on large properties. Refineries, golf courses, farms and ranches are prime examples. In some instances, meth dealers use farm fertilizer for drug manufacturing using "Breaking Bad" style mobile trailer labs set up on premises! College campuses and nuclear power plants are some more locations where autonomous solutions can modify behavior and reduce potential soft terror targeting.

The most fantastic thing about the SMP platform (other than it is the only outdoor fully autonomous platform that can cover inclines, work in all weather and on most terrain) is how the solution architect puts it to work. This is where American creativity and ingenuity come into play!

So, what sensor payload and camera system will truly be a security force multiplier? Of course, it will depend on specific use cases. Adding a flame detection sensor for fire suppression, acoustic sensors and a 2 way intercom can chase away intruders with loud warnings and strobe lights, or use the robot to haul out tools in a 375 acre chemical detection plant with a gas cloud imaging camera mounted on the mast letting workers know to stay out of this area it is dangerous....or the bird lazer on the security robot cruising up and down airport runways monitoring for nefarious activity while keeping the bird population down so they don't fly into the airplane engines.

That is the power in the platform! And the best part of being the distributor is to have conversations with customers learning about the problems they want to solve and the results they want to achieve...Many of the solutions are not bullet proof yet and we still need to test. So welcome dreamers, doers and system integrators to the wild world of SMP Robotics. Call us if you want to have fun, innovate and make a good living. A correction to the article is weSECURE robotics focuses on the gas and oil, security, and pest control sectors.

And we are all for using the robot to chase the Canadian Geese off your properties and we hear Texas has issues with Grackles. We are bringing in the robots!

The most fantastic thing about the SMP platform (other than it is the only outdoor fully autonomous platform that can cover inclines, work in all weather and on most terrain)

Cathleen - how do the outdoor capabilities of your robot differ from the Sharp UGV Robot?

Hello Brian - Great question. And no matter how you reply, I will not tweet WTF?!?Who is Brian Karas :).

First - I think competition is a great thing. It drives innovation. When I saw the Sharp UGV at ASIS, I thought it had a lot of cool features. There was discussion that it was a prototype being launched in the market in 2017.

So when I commented the SMP Platform is the only outdoor fully autonomous platform, I mean available now. If the Sharp robot is available now, I would say we are one of only two outdoor robots available in the market today. The Knightscope K5 Robot from my conversation with them at the Allied Universal launch is not what I would call an outdoor autonomous robot. It needs to work in the snow or rain and handle speed bumps and outdoor terrain to be considered an outdoor robot. I understand they are coming out with a K7 which looks more like the Sharp and SMP robot, but once again, that is not available yet.

There are 2 areas I think we differ from Sharp and this information may already be outdated as it was gleaned from the ASIS conference. If much has changed, please let me know.

First is the technology used for autonomous navigation. At ASIS there was discussion regarding GPS yellow-line navigation, which is technology viewed by SMP Engineers as outdated. Sharp also uses LIDAR as well which is very expensive. GPS for navigation has pros and cons. So from a navigation point of view, my opinion is SMP's autonomous navigation is more sophisticated, accurate and cost-effective.

SMP uses several forms of autonomous navigation, with one being machine vision.

This is a conversation so I think you would really need to have a 3rd party evaluate them both and then weigh in here.

The second big area is cost. At ASIS, although no one from SHARP directly quoted a price in the booth, the number being thrown around was $200,000 for the machine. I read in your article that the cost was in the neighborhood of $120,000. In our humble opinion that is still way too expensive. Most unarmed security guards make between $10 and $15/hour and while the robot does operate for much longer than an 8 hour shift - $120,000 - $200,000 still makes the robot pretty expensive. You have not even factored in the various sensor packages or the cost to integrate with a VMS etc.

What we both are doing very well, is letting the customer choose the various sensor payloads that addresses their risk and vulnerability.

What Sharp is doing very well, is to organize a Distributor/Reseller Network program with System Integrators. Sharp seems to have a more structured program and this is an initiative I am currently taking up.

Our West Coast Master Distributor has 20 years experience as a system integrator and he is testing great things with the robot.

The 2 way communication intercom system, strobe lights, license plate recognition packages etc. You can buy all these packages directly from the manufacturer but it is also smart to test and experiment with different packages yourself. Steve made a video, if you would like to check it out.

When I make my video, I am going to figure out a way to get the FLOWBEE conversation factored in as well as the cardboard security guard stand-up. I don't know how I will do this yet..... I am still working on the script.

We think the System Integrators are key to the market!

And if you have more updates on the Sharp robot, I would love to hear about it.

Cathleen -

That was a very informative response, thanks for taking the time to write it all out.

My pleasure. Have a great weekend.

Is this more of an automated vehicle than security robot?

Meaning what autonomous capabilities does it have besides navigation and locomotion?

For instance, while on patrol, does it stop and attempt to locate suspicious sounds?

All I got to see was the obstacle avoidance. They talk about their other capabilities on their website.

There are many other Security capabilities that have been tested by SMP and are currently being tested by the Master Distributors.

The Make Em Move Team East Coast team featured in this article started off with a focus on Bird and Pest Control robotic applications. If you wanted to see the demo of the Bird Hazer/Lazer Robot, or Mosquito Control Robot, the Make Em Move Team are the Robot Architects and Experts. They have just added a security distributor to cover the NY/NJ area and will have more Security Bot applications at their facility soon.

Our West Coast Distributor, Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), is establishing best practices and quality assurance and testing for various security applications to be brought to customer sites within 1st Q 2017.

RAD is testing the 2 way communication intercom, intruder detection and mobilization, facial recognition and license plate recognition technology just to name a few. The manufacturer has stated there are many features and capabilities for Security, and the Master Distributors are testing them at Customer Sites. We will be publishing the Use Cases 1st and 2nd Q 2017.

System Integrators are encouraged to become sales agents/partners and distributors. We believe the more input we have from these experts, the more targeted Security-centric solutions will be tested and brought to market.

As Ari mentioned, the smprobotics website is dedicated to highlighting the various applications available.

Here is my guard force replacement solution.

Image result for lazy guard cameras

ha ha! That is the best thing I have seen all day. My pitch deck for getting investors, integrators, distributors interested in the robot was a pic of Paul Blart. I need to snip your guard hiding behind a cardboard guard! ha ha LOL

Before I would consider any robotic security firm, I would need a satisfactory answer to the question:

WTF?!?!? Who is Brian Karas?!?

No hints :)

That was one hilarious tweet!

Maybe it could make sense in a large installation that currently has multiple guards round the clock.  

Granted that limits the target market quite a bit, but with 1 real guard working with 2 or more robots could be effective, with the human being able to make complex judgements when necessary, and the bots being able to cover and survey a wide area.  

Yes - It is the customers with expansive properties to protect that have begun deploying the robots for security patrol.  weSECURE Robotics is a Kickstarter Finalist at the Milestone MIPS 2017 gathering in San Antonio.  If you are there, please stop by asd say Hello - Booth Number T37.

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