The Sleaziest Booth Of ISC West

Published Apr 10, 2017 14:20 PM
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The use of 'booth babes' is way down overall, but one company, Rapid Response, continues to treat ISC West like it is an HBO brothel documentary setting up a literal lineup of 10:

The sheer number used by Rapid Response compared to how few are now used in the show make it stand out even more.

This 'marketing' tactic is unprofessional and demeaning to the industry and woman in general.

Ironically, as the social media post below shows, Rapid Response does not consider them part of the 'team' or their 'people' despite positioning them at the front of their booth facing the heavily trafficked center aisle:

IPVM Image

As one integrator noted in response:

Rapid has been trying to get our business for years now. They're a sleazy company emphasized by the use of booth babes. They actually have a very good monitoring center but I'm not comfortable working with the people in sales or the people who run the place.

If they dropped the booth babes and started to clean up their image I would consider them more seriously. At this point I don't trust them.

Update 2018: ISC West is now enforcing its attire guidelines and Rapid Response ceased such practices in 2018.

Also, see IPVM's 2013 report: Sexism and the ISC West Party Girls.

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