Panasonic Consolidates Video Insight

By Brian Karas, Published on Apr 04, 2017

Panasonic has consolidated [link no longer available] VideoInsight, the VMS provider it acquired in 2015.

In this note, we examine Panasonic's goals and its potential market impact.

Solutions ********

********* ********** ********* ** IPVM **** *** ******* to ***** **** ** an end-to-end ********* **. ********* sales *** *** **** driver *** ***** *********** the *** *********.

********* **** **** ************* will **** * ****** sales **** **** ***** all ******** ** * solution-oriented ********. ********* **** not **** ** *** any ********** ********* ** a ****** ** **** change, *** *** *** that **** ******** ****** may ****** ***** **** their ******** ***** ** the *** ****** *** merged.

Free ******** ******

********* ******* ** ******** to ***** ***** ******* licenses **** **** **** with ********* *******. *** non-Panasonic *******, ** ******** will **** ** **** of $** (* *********** drop **** *** ******** $150 ****).

New ******* ** ***** *******

* *** ******* ** Video *******, ****** "******* Plus" ** ***** ******** as ****. **** ******* will **** **** ** a ****-** ************, ******** Panasonic ** ****** ************ with ***** ********, ** develop ***** ************* ** help *** ***** *****. Initially, *** ****-** ********* will *** ** **** to *** ***** **********, though **** *** ****** in *** ******.

*** *** ******* **** be ******* ** * Panasonic ******* ****** **** Video ******* ** ***** to ********* *** ******** approach.

Advidia Cameras ******

********* **** ******** ** offer ****** *******, ***** *** ***** products (*.*., **** *****), as ***** ***** **** line. *** ******* **** also ******** ** ******* new ******* ***** *** Panasonic *****, ***** *** targeted ** ************ ***** customers ******* ********** ********, durability, ** *********** (*.*.,********* ******* *.*** ******* Tested).

Good **** *** *********

***** ******* ********* ****, with ***********, ** ****'* testing, *** ***** **** under *** ********* ***** increases ********* ***** / strength. ************, ** ******** a ****** ***-**-*** ********, Panasonic *** ****** ******* in ****** ***** *** assure ********* **** **** can **** *** ******* a '********' ******* ** 'components'. ******, *** **** software ******* ******** ***** Panasonic ******* ** * race ** *** ****** market ******* ****** ** drastically ****** ******** ******, using *** *** ******** to ****** *** *********** cost ** ***** ********.

Comments (13)

That's not the direction I expected their VMS licenses to go. 

What direction did you expect the VMS licenses to go?


I expected a price increase. Where's the money in cheap licenses?

In my opinion the money is in the cameras.  Unless selling the entry level Panasonic/Dahua products, this is not a cheap brand.

Its also possible VI is not at the point where it is justifiable to increase the price.

Thank you for the article.

We just started deploying our first VI/Advidia job recently. During the spec phase the client was adamant about no China cameras and wanted Panasonic. While talking with VI we learned they also OEM a Panasonic camera, indicated by a P as its prefix. This ended up saving a bit per camera but at the cost of no firmware update currently available and still allows default credentials. The Panasonic branded cameras came with a newer firmware that required a user/password change.


I wanted to share since we had believed Advidia was only Hik/Dah/Acti and learned otherwise.

David, do you recall what Panasonic model was OEMed? We are aware of a few but were not sure which were shipping.

The Advidia model was P-34 and it was tough getting information on it. We were told it is the same as Panasonic WV-SFN631L. The Advidia Camera definitely had the same look and UI. An OUI lookup shows the Advidia camera as: Matsushita Electric Co LTD

Matsushita is a Panasonic heritage name.  Konosuke Matsushita was the  founder, and the company was originally Matsushista Electronics, but they officially changed the name to Panasonic in 2008.  The Matsushita Company today is a Panasonic China holding which imports non-Panasonic electronics in to Japan from China.  So, short story long, Matsushita cameras are Chinese Factory X with a Panasonic label. 

Too many s'es in my 2nd Matsushita.

VI/Advidia bought a lot ( physical lot or pallet) of OEM Panasonic camera about 3-6 months before Panasonic bought VI/Advidia.

Part of the deal was to drop the P-Series cameras as they were cheaper than the Panasonic brand cameras but they were the same hardware.

So if you were some of the lucky few who bought P-series cameras you got a Panasonic camera with standard firmware, at a 10%-20% discount.

If I am not mistaken the P-series included a WV-SW598-series PTZ, WV-SF438, WV-SW458, WV-SFV631L, and WV-SPW631L

I think I still have a hard copy sales book with the models some where.

What really should be mentioned though is the new values series, ( that is a Duaha camera with Panasonic label on it that street price is about $175) I am not sure if they are aware that if it is the camera preforms like I think it will, it will destroy their I-Pro brand.


A new version of Video Insight, called "Monitor Plus" is being released as well. This version will have more of a plug-in architecture, allowing Panasonic to extend integrations with other products, or develop other functionality to help win large deals.

This statement worries me as it makes me believe Panasonic will use their existing footprint to bolt on a VMS to sites with ASC970 and old matrix switchers.  At some point you have to severe ties with legacy product.

Aren't the Advidia's as well as the BridgeVMS's oem's by Hikvison?

The V-series does not come with a VI VMS license as the Advidia and other Panasonic cameras do. The license cost for non-Panasonic and Advidia cameras has not been reduced. :-( 

If they were to reduce the license cost for other cameras it might help their adoption rate either due to integrators garnering more profit per license or by passing it along the end user. Every manufacturer out here seems to want to race to the bottom. Go figure!

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