The 3 Most Outstanding Security Manufacturers (OSPAs) Make No Sense

By: John Honovich, Published on Sep 08, 2017

The Outstanding Security Manufacturer finalists (US edition) are here:

And if you are wondering, "How did those 3 get chosen?" then you are thinking right.

*** *********** ******** ************ finalists (** *******) *** ****:

*** ** *** *** wondering, "*** *** ***** 3 *** ******?" **** you *** ******** *****.


The *****

**** ** **** ******** (*********** ******** *********** Awards),******* ******** *** **, **, Romania, *****, *******, ***. ***** values ***:

** ** **** ** say **** ***** ********** are ***** ** ****** jeopardize * *** *.


**** ** ********** *** ******* ***** on huge ***** **** ********* *** **** ****. In ****, **** ******** *** $228,720 ***** ******* *** while **** ****** *** growth ** ****, **** still ****** **** ***** $1 ******* ****** *******. While **** ***** ** impressive *** ** **********, it ** ********* *** for * ************.

** ********, **** ** 'outstanding' *** ******** *** highest ********** ** *** revenue ** ***** **** booths ** **** **** seen. ***, ****** ****, the ******* *********'* *************** or ****** ******* ** clearly *******.

**** ****** *** ******** knows ******** ************* ***** put **** ** *** top * '***********' ** implausible, ** *** *** least.

Cheering *******

**** ******* *** * press *************** ***** *******:

** ** ********** **** year ** * ******** in *** ‘*********** ******** Manufacturer’ ******** ** ** even ******* *****, *** which ** *** ********

***** ****' ****** ********, I *** ********* ********** **** their ****** ** ********** on ******** **** ***.

Better **** **** ****

**** ****, *** ********* ********* ***********, **** the ********* *********:

** *** ******** ****, after **** *********, *** OSPAs ******* *** ***** from '****' ** '***********'. And '***********' ** ********* softer **** '****' *** the * '***********' ********* are ********** *** '****' outstanding, ***** ** *********** the **** *****.

Dahua *********

***** ***** * ******** in **** ** ******** as *** ** **** in ****. ***** *****'* 2016 *******,*****'* ******** **** ******* ** a ******* ***** ******,*****'* ******** *** **********, ******** *** ** ** its ***** **** / CEO **** ****. ***'* **** *** 'best' ** '***********'?

Means ****, **** *** ******

*** ******* ** *** OSPAs ****. ****** **** ** Perpetuity *********** ** *********** ***** well. **** ** *** another ***** **** / trade ******** **** ****. But **** ***'* ******** ******* one's *********, *** ******* are ******* ******** *** respectable.

Comments (31)

Another IDIS fabrication.

When you're governed by individuals as inexperienced and shiftless as those at IDIS America, you not only waste money on tradeshows, you exchange emails internally demanding that employees vote for IDIS any time they apppear on a list such as this.

Take a look at the 'Awards' section.   Any awards which are 2013+, IDIS has garnered as the result of their own employees' voting.  Fact-check how these awards are given, 'DR-6116P ranked top in Benchmark Magazine test', for example, and you will find not only that this award is altogether meaningless, but also that Benchmark Magazine allows anonymous cookie-based voting.  Want to vote again?  Just erase cookies and try again!  

Dear Undisclosed Manufacturer #1!

We don’t ask our people to manipulate any voting system, but do ask to share this with our customers and partners regardless of the outcome. We will Fact-check this for you! By asking those organizations to open their voting information.

If they are willing to do so, hopefully they will be as transparent as we are, we will prove you wrong or we will publicly apologize for this.

Innovation nominations given by various independent 3th parties are based on testing, comparing and benchmarking our technologies and products. And we are proud to have received them in the past and hopefully in the future.

We also know, as you all, that when sponsoring an event, exhibition or even when having an advertisement deal with off- and online marketing agencies, your name, product and innovations will be exposed more dominant then others. We all, you and I play that game.


Pay to play.

Pay to play.

No, to the best of my knowledge. There is no money involved that I can see. You just need to apply. Even your company could be outstanding! ;)

My best guesses are:

(1) Not many manufacturers applied.

(2) Majority of the OSPA judges are ASIS CPPs and many of them don't have significant expertise in evaluating security manufacturers. 

Has IPVM done actual product testing on IDIS?

Would be interested to see how they actually stack up to others and do they deserve the premium price tag. 

Has IPVM done actual product testing on IDIS?

No, we have decided not to test IDIS so far.

We have 4 rough criteria for testing products:

  • Technical differential claims that are clearly different and potentially impactful vs existing products (an example of this is our test of Xandem's Next Gen Intrusion).
  • Manufacturers that have significant market share and are widely used and competed with (Axis and Hikvision are the big two in this category for video).
  • Smaller companies that we gaining significant ground (e.g., LTS in the past few years).
  • Companies that have some disruptive tactic that many people are aware of (e.g., Longse and their crazy global spam campaign).

IDIS does not really fit into any of those categories - their revenue growth shows that they have extremely limited uptake, they don't have significant market share (especially with their own branded products), the technical claims are roughly similar to others (their notable 'differentiators' are modest, like DirectIP or better fisheye panoramic dewarping) and their only somewhat newsworthy tactic is buying huge booths, which is not enough to justify testing.


I'm sorry to hear this. your arguments for doing the testing of products and/or covering brands based on above is a solid foundation. But i don't recognize IDIS in your comment given.

Technical differential is huge !, When only looking at specifications sure you will see a lot of common factors, but when looking under the hood you soon will notice big differences in comparison to our competitors. I hope I can persuade you in the future to experience this yourself.  

If you take the marketshare as a factor we should be on your wish list, globally we are the larger Korean manufacturer and rank (ok if you believe the ranking list) outranking various other manufacturers tested here. but ok, you'r right if you look at the domestic market of the US. In the US our OEM marketshare is still significant larger then our branded presents for now.

Gaining ground, when considering that in 2013 we started the taking the IDIS brand to the global market and within these 5 years,  globally outperforming our OEM's, with a compleet new product line to minimize the negative effect on our OEM partners a much a possible ? i find that a   achievement as is. But will respect your view on this matter.

Disruptive tactics are indeed not within our companies DNA, but perhaps we should ! Seems that the aggressive, don't care and just do methods are having some effect ! 

In regards to our massive booths.....Yes you a right ! Smaller is much more effective then what we have done so far. Doing other events, different forms of promotion with the same budget would have been the better way into the US market, like we have done this year.

When we meet your standards, call me !




Let me say first I appreciate and respect that you are willing to engage in a thoughtful manner on a post that we have been critical of your company.

If the technical differential is huge, what is it specifically? You reasonably should be able to express in words and then we can evaluate (1) how significant they potentially are and (2) if they are really significant, that we should test.

No problem, I’m proud doing so.

As said, we are a Korean manufacturer, all our products, with the exception of some camera mounting accessories and small size monitors we develop and manufacture all product in house.  Our R&D team is one of the best, but most stubborn in the world, that’s my personal note.

And let me explain myself, nothing will pass the Alpha development before the can guarantee all specification summarized by our researchers, domestic sales & product managers and partners around the globe. So, when we state that a unit has a specific performance you can be guarantee that’s it will do this with ease. In a way, we guarantee the performance specified. If there is any doubt there is no way our products will be released to the market. Not branded and not OEM.

To be more specific on a product level, without any doubt I state that our NVR is the best in the world. The components used are without any compromise, if what we want doesn’t exits we develop it on our own, from FPGA to software its done in house. The performance of our manufacturing is fully automated so that every product leaving the production line is 100% the same, even if that wasn’t more than enough they also need to pass physical inspection protocols before shipping out to a partner. DOA’s are at SIG6. 1:100.000.

The easy and philosophy behind our products will always be the ease of use, technical performance and outstanding reliability for the next decade. The DirectIP protocol is so much more than just plug and play, it’s also responsible for a secure network environment and performance balanced to guarantee all streams / communication without external interference. A “zero” worry environment build to last.

Camera performance is maximized, utilizing 4 streams per camera that independently are managed by our NVR or VMS platform, 3 streams for live and/or remote viewing, one for recording as an example, all is real-time (always) but can be modified by our partner/end-user to their needs. We are a video company and not a foto …so always’s we go for the maximal specification within our systems.

Next monade i'll provide you with all the technical details (what i can open to the public) and hope that you will be tempted to start testing our products (even if you don't publish the outcome)

Now i need beer....

I need a little more time.....

i hope to present you "under the hood of IDIS" by the end of this week.

A lot of text, then passing the legal department, R&D, marketing etc, not that simple as i anticipated to provide you all with this intel.


|Technical differential is huge !|

I have to know more... time travel?

Yes it would actually be interesting , in my previous company we used IDIS products actually, the price was quite higher and not reasonable to the features presented, also we had trouble in interfacing their systems with other as they seemed to have a policy to present their own unique solution in whole with no integration with other 3rd party, .... well it would be really great to test their system as you said to see were are they going on their solutions !

You have to find a place that actually sells IDIS in order to purchase it for testing.

IDIS America

  • 801 Hammond Street
    Suite 200
    Coppell, TX 75019
    United States of America

1 (866) 986 1312 (Toll Free)
1 469 444 6538 (Local)
1 469 464 4449 (Fax)

Technical Support
1 (866) 986 1312 ext. 2 (Toll Free)
1 (469) 444 6538 ext. 3 (Local)

1 (866) 986 1312 ext. 1 (Toll Free)
1 (469) 444 6538 ext. 1 (Local)


or just go to

Indeed ! you will not find our product on any online retailer or street corner.

We think thats a good thing !

Dear all,

If you like to test, review and benchmark our product you can, just let us know and we will assist you in any way possible. 

Or just go purchase CoStar (IDIS OEM) through distribution.

Sure, thats also possible.

Nice to see that you take the effort helping us out !

No disrespect but when did Romania, Ghana and Nigeria emerge as tier 1 security technology manufacturing evaluators??? Is Venezuela a participant? Sarcasm, sorry. 

More generally, I don't understand the point of running it in so many different countries. Surely there are some regional differences but I am not sure it makes sense to pick most outstanding security manufacturer for Italy, Ireland, Iceland, etc.

Part of the rationale, though for different countries is that they are also picking Outstanding 'security manager' and 'installer' etc., though again going to be really hard to pick there as it's a fairly subjective process unless you want to go by straight financial metrics.


I know this isn't Photoshop (shadowing is different), but I am guessing they have a closet full of aqua ties standing by in case a photo op presents itself.

Sorry, where all taken on the same day during a exhibition ! 

Dress code....

Every employee gets the same IDIS-branded tie.

How many on this list or the one in the past actually "manufacturers" its goods? Seems these days there should be a class for those that simply re-brand others products..We have drifted away from the true definition of being a manufacturer. 

I have played with their equipment. It seemed solid and more functional than some of the other stuff out there at the time. and frankly, those other brands havent made much progress since then. I have not played with IDIS equipment lately, but I would like to see a test. Im not willing to risk my business on it as I wouldnt want to buy from a manufacturer with less revenue than my integration company without some really compelling reasons to do so. They do seem to have (or believe they have) a genuinely different approach. I do miss the days when there were a bunch of korean manufacturers that you could count on to be a step above the average chinese equipment.

Im not willing to risk my business on it as I wouldnt want to buy from a manufacturer with less revenue than my integration company

To be clear, the reference to IDIS revenue in the post is about IDIS America specifically, to quote myself:

IDIS Americas had $228,720 total revenue and while IDIS claims big growth in 2016, that still leaves them under $1 million annual revenue. 

IDIS overall revenue is $100+ million, mostly OEM. See Manufacturer Revenue Directory.

IDIS choosing to expand their branded sales at the same time Dahua and Hikvision was doing so has proven to be unwise.

Update: Down goes Axis, down goes IDIS. The winner is:

How they compared the three remains a mystery. It got zero press coverage.

Well that glory was short-lived.  

Related, I wonder how much longer IDIS will be active in America given their abysmal booth traffic at ASIS, in spite of being a “Dallas-based” organization.  

Update: The 2018 edition is here, Axis did not make the finals this year but IDIS is back:

What a clown show, though fairly fitting for ASIS GSX's situation.

But IDIS has another fisheye, and a new closed-loop NVR... #innovate.

Hi all,

John, I just had a security company submit a bid through one of our SWISS manufacturers who is spec-ing a shop-in-shop. The cameras seem a little expensive, I would like to see a test on one against AXIS, Hanwah (or Samsung), or even the Chinese people that I try not to use... They say nothing but sunshine and even if you tested one camera I would know how to classify them in the field......

test on one against AXIS, Hanwah (or Samsung), or even the Chinese people that I try not to use...

Do you mean IDIS? IDIS just never made much progress and their USA head Keith Drummond recently quit.

I don't have any reason to believe it's per se bad product but they have never clearly been able to differentiate themselves as less expensive (Hikua or Hanwha) or higher quality.

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