IP Solutions Take a "Hit"

By John Honovich, Published Sep 18, 2009, 08:00pm EDT

ADT's President discussed [link no longer available] how the recession was impacting their security business. Possibly the most interesting remarks were on the growth of IP where SIW summarizes that ADT's "commercial video business, particularly IP solutions, has taken a hit during the recession"

The question becomes: how much of this 'hit' to IP solutions sales comes from the general economy vs ADT's abilities to migrate to IP?

ADT is frequently thought of as a burglar alarm company, a reputation they have been working to turn around [link no longer available]. Growing IP is critical to changing their reputation. To that end, ADT is promoting Cisco's IP solutions at ASIS. Though given Cisco's own challenges in our industry, it's an interesting combination of one company struggling to make it into IP and another company struggling to get into security.

Also in the interview, ADT's President notes that ADT's revenue continues to decline: "This particular fiscal quarter some of our vertical markets have seen some growth" which indirectly implies that revenue across the board is lower.

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