UTC Interlogix Layoffs

By: Brian Karas, Published on Jun 06, 2017

UTC's Interlogix has conducted a layoff.

Inside this note, we examine what happens and what this means for the company.

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Comments (7)

A message to UTC employees:

We are aware that many of you are upset about IPVM's coverage of UTC / Lenel / Interlogix. It is important to know that your management team has refused repeatedly to speak with us, despite us reaching out over and over, including about these layoffs.

It is absolutely not that we dislike UTC or Lenel or Interlogix. Factual events occur, like these layoffs or your President exiting, yet UTC refuses to provide any input or clarification. Moreover, employees feel so threatened by UTC management that they refuse to talk.

One of the excuses that UTC makes is that being a publicly traded company they cannot talk to media. This is false and is proved repeatedly by various publicly traded companies speaking to IPVM, e.g., Pelco/Schneider (e.g., their layoffs), Axis, Flir, Hanwha, Tyco/JCI, ADI/Honeywell, even Avigilon (e.g., their new COO), etc.

I understand why you are frustrated but if you want to resolve this, share your concerns with UTC management because that is where the issue is. We are happy to talk to UTC and its companies, on or off the record, anytime. It's their choice.

Interlogix is hiring. I just saw this on Facebook:

I have seen quite a bit of concerning activity out of Interlogix for a while. Their intrusion / access control platform Verex (or AFX that was once a Chubb product prior to UTC's purchase of them) has all but withered and died. They did not even renew it's ULC listing so it cannot be used for ULC fire monitoring anymore, forcing integrators who used the panles to have to add a new line to their offerings. 

Feels like they have stripped all R&D out of all UTC held products and are pushing for sales only. They are only realizing now that you can inly ride a horse for so long wihout feeding / watering it. 

I have to quibble a bit on something...


Interlogix does not compete with Milestone. They just don't. Two totally different worlds. I can't imagine that even Interlogix would try to suggest they compete with Milestone. 


They're both video companies, but that is the extent of their "competition."


Had to mark it disagree because they absolutely TRY to compete with Milestone.  So technically they do compete it is just not much of a competition.  Like Lebron James playing one on one with a corpse would technically still be a competition.....

I guess I will consider myself lucky then, because I've never run into an Interlogix sales rep that was a big enough douchebag to attempt to tell me that I should consider Interlogix over Milestone in any scenario. All my rep would do is to tell me to please use Interlogix cameras with that Milestone VMS.

My guess is they are consolidating sales forces among the UTC companies. Used to be when Interlogix came into town there were reps for all the different lines they had which amounted to several people. Again this is just speculation from what I have seen. Also they are no different than every other manufacturer out that. Consolidate territories this quarter and expand the next.

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