Ex-Avigilon SVP Global Sales Joins IndigoVision

By: Brian Karas, Published on Oct 09, 2017

IndigoVision has pulled a well-known ex-Avigilon sales leader back into the security industry to head up their global sales operation.

This follows IndigoVision hiring numerous Avigilon salespeople.

Inside, we examine IndigoVision's latest hire, feedback from IndigoVision, the potential upsides and risks of this move.

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Comments (18)

How appropriate— the revolving door at IndigoVision spins equally as fast as Avigilon’s.

...though it is encouraging at least to see companies in the industry attempting to make such large bets.

Will they double down?


I do not think Schmode has any plans to return to the security industry, and if he did it would most likely not be in a role working for someone else.


I guess I’m still trying to understand the motivation for all these ex-Avigilon guys joining IndigoVision. Are they trying to steal business from their previous employer for spite? Are they chasing a bigger paycheck? Did they just like working together?

No matter how much Gary Tryon or others try to spin this as an “upgrade”, it’s not. One product is clearly superior, am I wrong?

From what I have heard, IndigoVision has certainly made some lucrative (at least on paper) offers, and has made claims of new things coming from R&D. Meanwhile, Avigilon is releasing new products too, but also concentrating on profits over growth. This translates to "no more $500 steak dinners with customers" and increased pressure for returns from each sales pressure ("increased pressure", keeping in mind the pressure before was certainly not mild).

For people who like to shoot the moon, you have greater potential to go 100% over quota (and reap the rewards of that) at IndigoVision vs. Avigilon right now. On the flip side, you probably have a better chance at doing "only" 100% of quota at Avigilon vs. IndigoVision (or, if you hit 100% quota at IndigoVision it was likely a low introductory quota and the next year it will go up by 100%).

I can see where IndigoVision would attract some optimistic people.

would attract some optimistic people.

Related, sales people tend to be irrationality optimistic...

If you were at IndigoVision, though, what is a reasonable Quota?  That's a rhetorical question, no need to answer.

My point is their revenue was down in 2016 from 2015 and based on their most recent financial report, the first 6 months of 2017 is also down YoY compared to 2016.  So, from a Quota perspective is "flat" the new "up"?

Additionally, their margins are down, their headcount is reduced, and they are operating at a loss. All not surprising considering the entire profit for 2016 was a mere $59K USD, so there wasn't much margin for error.  Lastly, their R&D expenditures are also significantly reduced YoY by more than 30% making it even more challenging to design and develop new products.  

IndigoVision H1 2017 Financial Results

But, despite all of that, they've certainly hired some high power sales people who will expect those lucrative offers you make reference to. 

I believe the real question is how much longer IndigoVision can afford it all. 

#4, good points. Related to that, I worry about the product positioning and as you note the reduction on R&D spend.

The hardware side is increasingly OEM / ODM / contract manufactured by Dahua. The ex-Avigilon may be better (or worse) at sales but, at Avigilon they had a more compelling story about developing their own cameras, which IndigoVision does not.

Pedro is a good guy. I'm sure he'll do well for them in this role.

I was a part of the Avigilon sales team, and something I don't see talked about often is that the core group of people from five or so years ago really know how to present products in a way that shows their value. Pedro was great at seeing that value. Maybe Indigo doesn't have a product on par with Avigilon or others in the industry (I truly don't know if this is true or not). If I was their competition, I would expect that Indigo will present the product they do have in a very favorable light.  

I know this seems like it should be the same for all manufacturers, but my experience shows the opposite.  

It's great to see how we all have different experiences. I still work for AVO and was there when Pedro and Brian were top tier management. Although they both contributed to where AVO is now, and should get some praise for that, a lot has changed within the organization since they left, and for a lot of us things have improved. Now you can speak to anybody you want including the guys that run the company on a daily basis. I'm not saying that the previous guys weren't 'good' guys but the style of management was so different that it created a certain culture about which a lot was written already. I hope Pedro does well at Indigo and I am sure that he loves a challenge!

I'm guessing since you spelled Bryan's name wrong, we're from different generations of Avigilon employees. 

What did I say that makes you think we have different experiences?

No, nothing to do with generations. Bryan is the only Bryan I know spelling his name as Bryan most other Brians I know spell their name as Brian. Of course there are several other ways of spelling Brian, or Bryan as you wish, depending on what part of the world you are in. Bryan or Brian, what's in a name...but sure if that's the thing you picked up on first...you got the 'Funny' votes so well done you...

We probably have a different opinion of what makes somebody a 'good guy'.


You know me, here for the jokes.  It's what you picked up on that makes me curious.  I made a compliment to my old peers, and you decided to take it down a dark road. 

I stand by what I said, Pedro is a good guy in my book. 

Don't be reading in it to deep. I'm sure you got my point though. Nothing personal against either of them. It was simply what I experienced during their leadership period. 

I'm guessing since you spelled Bryan's name wrong...

Curious how do you pronounce his last name?  I assumed it was just 1 syllable, but I heard someone on BNN say "Schmod-dee". Is this just a Canadian affectation?

It is 2 syllables. Roughly "Schmo-dee"

#2, for Christmas, we will get you an autographed picture of Schmode...

I wonder if IndigoVision strictly enforces the jacket and tie protocol... that alone could be a compelling reason to make the leap. 

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