Hikvision USA Hires VP of Business Development

By John Honovich, Published on Jul 05, 2017

Hikvision USA is expanding again, this time in its drive to move up market to larger integrators and end users.

In this note, we analyze Hikvision's hire, Hikvision's goal here and the potential fit.

May 2019 Update: The executive has now left amidst Hikvision unprecedented US challenges.

Role ** ** ******** ***********

****** ********** ** "*********** *** building *** ********** * vertically ***** ***** **** focused ** ******** ********* products *** ********* **** specialized *******", ********* ** a ********* **** *********. Hikvision *** **** ********* their ******** ******** ********* in *** **** ****, with**** ********* ********* *** healthcare, ******, ********* *** education.

****** **** ****** ******** to ******* **, ********* of *********'* ***** *******.***** ************* ** ** ***** at ********* ***.

Existing ****** ****

*********'* **/****** ******** *********** team ** ***** ********** small, ** ***** * half ***** ****** *****. Currently **** **** ********-******** focus, ****** *** ****** (**** ***************** ****) *** ****** ** focusing ** ******* *&*/********** business ****** ********* ********.

Howard **********

**** **** ** ******'* 5th ****** ** ********** in *** **** * years, ********* *** ****** with ****** ***** ** was **** ******** *** the **** ** ****** in ********* ********. ***** to *** **** ****** term **** ******, ****** was * ** *** integrator*** *********** ****** * ***** and * ** *** Avigilon *** * ******.

Industry ******** ** ******

********* ** ****** **** spoke ** *** *** worked **** ****** ** each ** ***** *********, Howard *** ************ ***** as * ****** ***** person *** * **** manager. **** ***** ***** challenging ********* ** *** much ****** ** ******* himself ** ******** ******.

Benefits ** ********* ******** *********** *********

*** ****** ******** **** business *********** ******* ** is * **** *** both *** *********'* ****** to ***** *********** *** level ****** *** ** opportunity ** ****** *** extremely ***** ********* *** end ** *** ****** that ********* *** *** done **** ** ****. Certainly ** *** ****** side, ********* *** * broad ********* ** *** to ****** *** ******* (including ***********, ***********, **** range ****, *****-*******, ***.) to *******. ** **** can *** ** ***** larger ********, ** ********* means ****** ******* ******* price *** ****** ****** gross ******* ***** **** the ********* *** ********* of ******* (** ****) per *******.

Challenges *** ********* ******** ***********

****** *** ********* *** for ****** ******** *** business *********** ****, ********* faces **** **********:

  • **** ********** ** *** price: ***** *** ***** and *********** *** ********* not ** ***** ****** so *********'* *********** ** cut ****** **** *** work ** **** ** it **** **** *** ADI ******* *********.
  • **** ********* ***** *************: Many ** ***** ***** end ***** *** *********** will ********** ************* *** cybersecurity *****, *** **** typically **** ******* **********, which ***** ***** * problem ***** *********'* ************* problems *** *********** *** **.* ***** cybersecurity *****.
  • ******* **************'* ******* ********** *********: **** ****** *** accounts *** ****** ********** users ** **** ********** funding / ********** (*.*., critical ************** ********* *********). These ******** *** **** it **** ****** ** authorize ****** **** *********, given *** *********.

******** *********** ***** ***** to ***** ***** **** larger ******** *** ******** potential ********** *** ***** are ****** **** *******.

***** *********'* *********, ******** up ***** ******** *********** team ** ***** ******* makes ******* *****, ****** executing *** ***** ***********.

Update: ****** ******, **** ** *******

***** **** **** **** 2 *****, ****** *** left ********* *** ** now ******* *******'* ******** physical ******** *****.

***** ****** ****** ********* in ****, *********'* ********** intensified ************* **** *******, the **** *** *** now ******* ** ********* against *** ******* ***********. In **** **** ** environment, ****** ***** * nearly ********** ********* *** enterprise ******** ***********.

** *** ***** ****, Qognify **** *** ** simple, ** ** ** in *** ***** ** digesting * ***** ***** its*********** ** ***** / Seetec** *** *** ** 2018.

Comments (30)

Your listed challenges about Hikvision's large end user's are spot on. I really like the diversity and performance of Hikvision's products but to deploy them in a government setting would be irresponsible.

...strong sales person but a poor manager...


Isn't this kinda' a personification of Hik?

Actually a common issue with sales managers. Companies tend to promote their best salespeople to management, hoping their skills will rub off on the rest of the team. Thing is, managing people is very different than selling things to people. Call it the Michael Scott problem. 

I was promoted to sales manager as kind of a reward for winning my company's sales contests year after year after year. Problem is, nobody taught me how to make a schedule, assign prospects, discipline bad employees, coach poor performers, or how to deal with bureaucracy or play office politics. 

It took me a few years, but I think I taught myself how to be an okay manager, maybe even a good manager in some respects. I never learned how to be a great one, though. Mainly I used my sales skills to convince people to want to work harder. Didn't work on everyone, but we showed consistent growth quarter over quarter, and that's mainly what they wanted upstairs, ever-increasing revenue.  

agreed! Great Sales Managers arent always the best salespeople, and vice versa. Some are better at leading superstars then being a superstar themselves. Look at professional sports and the coaches who coach the teams.

I've worked with him before, That's a spot on assessment that I'm sure many share; Not a team player  

He'll say all the right things but won't stay long. The A&E and top tier segment is an uphill battle for Hik and China has unrealistic expectations. 

They want Hik specified as much as Axis when they've only been in the enterprise market less than 2 years. They'll continue beating on this team until they break. Jeremy doesn't handle that kind of pressure well.

I wonder where this leaves Sam Belbina...

A&Es used to report to him. Seems like a redundant hire....or a replacement. 

I wonder where this leaves Sam Belbina...

Hikvision's response: "This organization change allows Sam Belbina to focus on the growth of the Enterprise Sales and National Accounts." That is consistent with what we have heard from others, that it is complimentary to Belbina.

I guess time will tell :)

The Hire Hikivision deserves!

While I see the viability of reporting on this hire, I don't see the purpose on maligning this individual with people's opinions of him:

"According to people IPVM spoke to who had worked with Howard at each of those companies, Howard was consistently cited as a strong sales person but a poor manager. "

What does this accomplish?  I don't care for Hikvision, have never heard of this person before, and I like IPVM, but publishing this type of hearsay does not enhance your credibility and comes off as an attack for no reason.  Is this persons career and future opportunities now potentially damaged because of this story?

I think the 5 changes of employment in the last 7 years speaks for itself...

its perfect for Hik though, they want results and don't care how they get it. So if he stays 12 months and moves on, it fits their churn and burn model. 

I can agree with that, it's factual history that he has changed jobs a number of times.  However, reporting peoples' opinions about "strong sales person but a poor manager" serves no purpose to me.  Why not say, "he's a strong salesperson, but makes a lousy spaghetti dinner according to friends"???  It does nothing to provide facts and comes off as just another excuse to attack Hik.


Because this person was hired to be both a manager and sales person. He was consistently cited by co-workers as a poor manager. This calls into question Hikvision's hiring of him. To me it is relevant because it shows a pattern of questionable choices by Hikvision.  

How can you screw up spaghetti?  Come on!

It accomplishes better reader understanding.

By publishing personal opinions of somebody's character or a third party report of how he performed his job?  Where's the report of the guy doing a bang-up job and deserving it (according to someone out there I'm sure)?

Feedback on Howard was very consistent, far from "hearsay". If it was only 1 or 2 people, or only related to a job he held 10 years ago, we would certainly not mention it. In this case, it was very consistent.

It was included because it is relevant to his role/position at Hikvision.

Brian has already commented on why we published this and I concur with that.

I did want to clarify on this claim:

publishing this type of hearsay

This is not 'hearsay'. Hearsay, in this instance, would be something like "Hey Jane Doe, what did did Bob Rogers say about working with Jeremy Howard?"

Our reporting was only based on feedback from people who either directly managed, worked for, or worked with Howard, based on those people's direct experiences with Howard.

Is this persons career and future opportunities now potentially damaged because of this story?

I assume Hikvision did the same reference checking we did and were comfortable with the hire. It literally was not hard, surely they have as many connections in the industry as we do.

A line in an IPVM article is not going to have anywhere close to the impact on anyone's career as what a person accomplishes in his job. If he does great at Hikvision, his career will do great, etc.

I see your points, but can only agree to disagree with you that these opinions, (I'll retract my characterization of hearsay) are just that, opinions.  Personally I like to do a little more research and form my own opinions, I think that promotes a stronger character, but that's just my opinion.  With this, I will retire from this thread with a little different outlook on the site.  Have a good day.

Spot on UD7!

Should readers here expect " Industry Feedback" piece to be the standard elements in similar articles from now on?

I hope IPVM continues to balance their articles with these questions otherwise I'd be reading the same old press releases posted on other security news sites.

I like the "industry feedback". I think it's insightful and not something you'll find anywhere else. 

Peer review is invaluable in my opinion. 

For any given report, we tend to contact multiple people/companies, depending on the topic and scope. From information gathered we determine what is most relevant and provides the best overall view/analysis for that given report.

If we had received consistent feedback along the lines of "Jeremy was born for this job", that would have been included instead. If we received mixed feedback with no clear consistency or applicability to the report we would have likely omitted that section altogether.

For future reports, you can expect "Industry Feedback" summaries to the extent there is a consistent theme applicable to the report.

For any given report, we tend to contact multiple people/companies, depending on the topic and scope. From information gathered we determine what is most relevant and provides the best overall view/analysis for that given report.


I will remember that statement......

Brain, I don't think you're getting the point.

I think it's fair game to do "Industry Feedback" on companies.  However, I do think it's improper for this forum to be reporting on an individual's characterization from other people.  That makes it subjective reporting and could be considered biased.  Doing so makes it a fair game to attack people that could potentially damage on'es reputation.

Update: Hikvision did an interview with Howard, key quotes:

One of the most fruitful strategies from our vertical growth approach was developing deeper, more strategic relationships with enterprise VMS providers.

Casino gaming and corrections are ideal markets for leveraging Hikvision’s broad portfolio of high-quality products that deliver a lot of value. 

The comment about the deeper relationships with VMS providers is a little ironic. (Genetec)

Reporting on an executive’s performance is important but must be balanced with a high degree of analysis. Someone might have an axe to grind. If 10 people all said the same thing about this person then it is fair to report on it. However, I would like a little bit more information. For instance, what are his other strengths and weaknesses. It’s easy to say he is a poor this or that, but it hardly presents a full picture of this individual.

Update: Howard Leaves, Goes To Qognify

After just less than 2 years, Howard has left Hikvision and is now leading Qognify's Americas physical security sales. 

Since Howard joined Hikvision in 2017, Hikvision's challenges intensified significantly with tariffs, the NDAA ban and now reports of sanctions against the company forthcoming. In that type of environment, Howard faced a nearly impossible situation for enterprise business development.

On the other hand, Qognify will not be simple, as it is in the midst of digesting 5 VMSes after its acquisition of OnSSI / Seetec at the end of 2018.

Btw, there's no way Howard's departure has anything to do with last week's sanctions reports since the process of recruiting / deciding on executive jobs takes quite some time and is not done in days. On the other hand, it's certainly good timing for him.

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