Ezviz = Hikvision = Chinese Government

By John Honovich, Published Jan 08, 2016, 12:00am EST

Ezviz has seemingly come out of nowhere to become a major player in consumer electronics / security. Unfortunately, Ezviz consistently hides the truth of who they are from the mainstream press.

Ezviz claims to be an American company (e.g., "EZVIZ is a North American company headquartered in City of Industry, California.") but Ezviz is a brand of Chinese based Hikvision, which is primarily owned by the Chinese government.

In the Ezviz 'story', they portray themselves as 3 mid-western millennial girls who evidently head out to California:

[link no longer available]

They claim to be 'video obsessed.' And, in fairness, the Chinese government is certainly 'video obsessed', deploying and monitoring more surveillance cameras than anyone in the world.

[Update: Hikvision has now deleted the Ezviz 'story' page.]

Indeed, Ezviz in North America simply follows Ezviz inside China which has been running there for a few years. You can learn more and see the 'original' Chinese Hikvision / Ezviz here [link no longer available].

[link no longer available]

Disclose / Let Consumers Decide

At the very least, Hikvision should disclose who runs and owns Ezviz. Stop self-censoring Hikvision from Ezviz's marketing, PR and tech press communications.

In an era of consumer mass surveillance run by many governments, including the US and China, it is fair and appropriate to make one's background clear. And, by working hard to obscure this, it increases media manipulation concerns and the chance that mainstream press highlights the connection and the hypocrisy.

Chinese Government Strengths

On the positive side, some may find the connection to be a selling point. After all, if you want an organization with vast experience and incredible dedication to monitoring people, Ezviz Hikvision the Chinese government is a great choice.

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