Dahua Racial Analytics And Human Rights Abuses - Explainer Video

By IPVM Team, Published Nov 17, 2022, 11:13am EST

Dahua has been caught, over and over again, specifying racial analytics targeting ethnic minorities. Watch the ~3-minute video below to learn more:

Here are 6 examples of Dahua racial analytics.

  1. First, in November 2020, Dahua's software development kit showed three distinct 'races' by skin color - "black", "white", and "yellow".
  2. Second, in February 2021, Dahua's own technical documentation showed detailed specifications for what it described as "real-time Uyghur warnings"
  3. Third, in the same month, Dahua’s client/end user facing software, SmartPSS, was verified to include "race" as a "face recognition" category.
  4. Fourth, the next month, Dahua was verified to have co-authored China police standards tracking people's skin color - such as "black", "yellow" and "brown" - and ethnicity.
  5. Fifth, in October 2022, four Dahua cameras were verified, on its own website, to specify detecting "race", "skin color", and "Xinjiang/Tibet" facial attributes.
  6. Sixth, in the same month, a Dahua Shanghai sales representative told a reporter on the phone that they had cameras that recognize "racial and ethnic characteristics" as well as people "that are not Han Chinese".

Dahua's numerous contradictory and implausible excuses deepen the danger and damage.

In November 2020, Dahua told The South China Morning Post that it "does not sell products that feature [an] ethnicity-focused recognition function".

In February 2021, following the revelations of its "real-time Uyghur warnings", Dahua changed its position, saying that "we never provided products or services for ethnicity detection in Xinjiang, PRC"

In August 2022, Dahua changed its position again, alleging "We have never developed a product or solution designed to identify or otherwise target any specific ethnic group."

However, in an August 2022 letter to the FCC Dahua admitted the authenticity of their "Uyghur warning" documentation but alleged that it was a "historical internal software design requirement document" that "was never implemented by Dahua or put into commercial use.”

In October 2022, when Dahua was caught for the third time offering minority detecting video analytics on its website, Dahua admitted the authenticity of the evidence but alleged that “we have not and never will develop for commercial use any solutions targeting specific ethnic group,” despite its own detailed and numerous product documentation.

Dahua's North American VP of Sales Wayne Hurd refused to address or refute any of this evidence, claiming this was simply "ideological".

Most recently, when a Dahua salesperson confirmed these racial analytics, Dahua refused to comment.

This adds to Dahua's extensive Xinjiang government surveillance projects. Dahua is mandated to operate high-tech police stations until 2027 In Xinjiang, where Dahua has verified contracts approaching $1 billion dollars. Dahua has signed numerous 'strategic cooperation agreements with China police departments.

Dahua's CEO Mr. Fu personally signed several of them that include direct Dahua assistance of police surveillance activities and the creation of Dahua-police research labs. Dahua boasted that its staff helped PRC police arrest almost 2,000 criminals. But Dahua's police projects put Uyghurs in the same category as gangsters and fugitives.

Dahua's extensive track record and contradictory excuses show the depth of the abuses here and the risk to a free society.

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