Archerfish Criticized by Reviewer

Published Dec 12, 2009 00:00 AM
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Cernium's home video offering, Archerfish Quattro, has been criticized by an on-line reviewer/tester of the system.

Unlike a previous reviewer who criticized poor outdoor analytic performance, this reviewer was OK with the analytic's quality but did not place significant value in having them.

The reviewer focused on the basic viewing capabilities, emphasizing that the system was "much more expensive than expected." The 4 channel kit with smart DVR appliance costs $1699 on-line [link no longer available]. This review states the monthly service is $7.99 including 50MB of online storage (a tiny amount).

In November 2009, Cernium announced MyArcherFish Solo, a smart camera, that is likely to be a better fit for the home market and more competitive with the growing number of managed/hosted video offerings.

However, the challenge for 'smart' hosted video analytics will remain. Two risks: either (a) the customer will not value it, seeing it as an unnecessary added expense or (b) the customer will want it but not find it good enough. This is at the core of the challenge for companies differentiating on video analytics and how non-video analytic companies have outpaced the growth of video analytic focused providers.