Smart Hosted IP Camera Launched

Published Nov 11, 2009 00:00 AM
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Cernium's Archerfish has added a smart IP camera to their existing 4 channel smart encoder for the home market. Called Archerfish Solo [link no longer available], the camera embeds storage and analytics into an IP cube camera managed by Archerfish's hosting service. The camera is indoor/outdoor, has integrated WiFi support and provides intelligent search (see product comparison table [link no longer available]).

This looks to be a substantial improvement to their first Archerfish product (now called the Quattro [link no longer available] for its 4 analog inputs). While Cernium does not disclose the price of the new Solo, the price of Quattro is shared [link no longer available]: $1700 USD for the kit and $25 per month for the service. It's likely too much for the home market (see our analysis of the Vue personal video and other home market competitors).

The next question for the new Solo camera is: Will this still be too expensive and too much for the home market? On a feature basis, it will be hard to beat all the functionalities built in? However, will that make the cost and complexity too much for what the home market seeks?

While distribution for the Solo is not disclosed, the Quattro can now be bough direct from Archerfish on-line.