Suffers Outage

Published Jul 26, 2019 13:47 PM
PUBLIC - This article does not require an IPVM subscription. Feel free to share. suffered a major outage this week, impacting its 5+ million customers.

alarm com outage

Inside, we examine what happened, what told IPVM and the risks such outages have for the growing smart home / security market.

Outage Overview

The outage began Wednesday at 5pm EDT as a message posted to the Facebook Burglar Alarms Online group showed:

On Thursday, sent an email to partners saying that by 5 and a half hours later, the outage was fully resolved, citing a database issue, as shown below:

We asked what they were doing to prevent this in the future and they responded:

We continue to investigate.

No Media Reports

Interestingly, there were no official media reports with the company being silent on social media, etc.

The only discussion we found was on SS&SI's Facebook Burglar Alarms Online group:

Beyond that, Brinks Home Security, aka bankrupt ASCMA / Moni, did call out's outage for the reason they were down: Huge Player Now

As touts on their home page, they have more than 5 million customer accounts:

When has an outage, obviously, a lot of people are affected.

And does market how they continue to provide protection even when power is out:

When goes down, especially as they continue to grow and these services continue to become more critical to users (including business ones where is expanding to), it poses significant risk.

It will be interesting to see what, if any, steps takes to prevent this going forward and how they can better communicate with their dealers and users proactively.

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