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What Has Your Experience Been With DMP?

We had a DMP sales rep give a pitch today to us and to hear him say it, the DMP panel is your all in one solution.  But I have concerns as while I am sure it is a good Intrusion panel, and probably smaller fire alarms, but how good is it in the rest? He was telling me that it can do fire in a large building  (up to 500 points) and that it has great access control. I see IPVM had a review in 2013, but what has been your experience?



My one complaint regarding DMP is their wifi devices. It seems I am always RMA'ing a door contact or motion.

We have been dealers for nearly 30 years. It is my go-to solution for all of my burg and nearly all of our access. The fire alarm product is good but expensive, but the biggest issue is the fire alarm market does not know who they are. I will tell you this, if you want a solution that works well and a US-based partner that does things in a professional way, they are a very, very good company.

One advantage dealers often overlooked is marketing. They have become quite good at it. They also create a lot of content for you which most companies don't have a clue about. They are easy to go to market with. They have a ton of literature and videos and they hold all kinds of sales and marketing training that you will find useful for all of your products, alongside their technical training.

I will also say their cellular product is cost-effective and technically superior across the board. It is very easy to setup and install, and has become nearly agnostic.

Internally, I would put their tech support up against anyone, period. I don't work a lot with their sales reps. I don't need their help a lot so I don't bother them, but if I do call, they are always very responsive. I do talk to inside sales from time to time and they are professional and helpful. I have just not heard the complaints about the numbers that others talk about, but again, they are our lead horse.

Their video line is limited, but like their other products, it just works. It is also growing. Their video is aimed at a very particular market, residential, and small business, which is two of their niches. you will find out soon enough and they don't hide it, but they partner with Hikvision. They use DMP software so we don't have the security concerns that you might think. To be totally candid, I am not a fan of their video doorbell but that is about the only product they have I don't care for. If they offered a hardwired version, I would be all in on that. I don't care for any of the WIFI doorbell solutions.

I don't work for them at all, but they can offer you almost any combination of hard-wired and/or wireless, alarm, access, and limited video, which is what most want. They also have several deep integrations with other products that most just can't match.

We were invited to quote a system with an excellent local non-profit that I am very fond of (my family volunteers for them). They wanted an alarm system, one or two cameras, and two doors of access control. They also wanted the app for remote door access, alarm notification and we proposed cloud storage for their video. Nothing fancy schmancy. We presented our version of an integrated DMP solution and we walked away with it easily and didn't have to drop our pants to do it. DMP nearly sells itself if you know your product.

My only complaint, if you want to call it that is they can sometimes be late to the market. 10 years ago they didn't think apps would be important to our industry and they were not alone. They were late to the market with their solution. But when they do arrive at the party, they know how to do it right. They have figured things out.

You will from time to time find vendors with more bells and whistles, some might be sexier, but they all come and go. There will be some that are market-specific. But over time, you won't find a better vendor/partner. Do yourself a favor and get yourself and your staff certified. I can install and program any DMP product we have. You will not regret it.

As an end user for a cleared defense contractor, DMP easily became our standard intrusion platform. the simplicity of use for us end users made i the best option, used it for stand alone compartmentalized non-networked systems, and for multi building accounts.

I hope you sell lots of Burg systems otherwise you will have DMP one day and not the next. Don't get me wrong DMP probably has one of the best intrusion systems out there but they demand a high volume of sales. 

For access control it is good if you just need a few doors controlled.

As far as the fire portion if you are doing a large fire system you are better off having a dedicated fire panel, not a combo panel.  

Interesting side note is a company next door to us in our office complex has built a few prototypes for them. I thought was kind of cool anyway.

I installed my first DMP panels about 15 years ago and they have always been great hardware with good support. The combo panels, burg/fire and/or A.C., works as well but it's been at least five years since I used their A.C. functions .I think they've made a lot of user features easier through their app for reporting and controlling the system which was a plus as it is obviously not what I'd call an enterprise system, but it doesn't need to be.


The one thing that always annoyed me was the zone expander numbering system not being logical with it going like 21-24, 31-34, etc. Nothing functionally wrong with it but weird. 


I out a DMP in my house, and my families houses if that counts for anything.

Our DMP tests were done in 2017 and are still current in terms of detail:

DMP is solid and compares to Bosch G-Series Intrusion at the high end.  Our tests show it is good performer.

DMP access is integrated, but a standalone access system will generally be higher performing.