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Uniview Or Alibi?

I am currently installing uniview cameras and NVR's, however a local individual asked me to look into the Alibi cameras. Let me know your thoughts, good or bad and who would you recommend.



Allan, Supercircuit's Alibi is a Hikvision OEM (related, see Hikvision OEM directory). In general, Alibi uses lower-end Hikvision cameras, so while it depends on what Alibi models you consider vs what Uniview ones, that is the basic comparison.

That noted, if you like Hikvision, I would recommend going with Hikvision over a Hikvision OEM, especially since Alibi is marketed online via Supercircuits.

John, What do you mean by "especially since Alibi is marketed online via Supercircuits"?

I mean that Supercircuits is well known as a mass-market, low cost, sold anywhere offering and therefore does not have a premium brand. Alibibi is Supercircuit's relatively speaking premium dealer brand but it's still associated with Supercircuits and I know few true surveillance dealers that prefer buying from Supercircuits. 

Thanks for elaborating. I fully agree.

As a side note, the Uniview brand is gone by the wayside I believe, and the Alibi brand is now available through dealers only.

As a side note, the Uniview brand is gone by the wayside I believe...


Sorry for the late reply, and perhaps I should have worded it a little differently, Uniview is no longer carried by Supercircuits according to the latest dealer catalog. My apologies for any misunderstanding.

Do you prefer buying from Supercircuits?

I have seen more and more integrators using Uniview as of late than ever before. They have a limited selection of distributors but seem to be comparable to Dahua and Hik for quality/price but are not as widely available online so less issues with consumers price shopping

See Uniview Bigger Than Hikvision And Dahua In China? for an example of an overly enthusiastic partner :)

David, related to that, Uniview made the list of top gainers in 2016. We will run the 2017 one at the end of next month and will be interesting to see where they are.

Hi John,


I dont see Uniview in the list of 2017 itself.

Can you please explain why?

I dont see Uniview in the list of 2017 itself.

Not enough integrators selected them either way. That's why. We don't put companies in or out of the list, we tabulate and report.

Why that's the case I am not sure. Generally, I think Uniview needs to ramp up more marketing and sales resources as there is a limit how much market share a company can get with, e.g., no local manufacturer staff in North America.

OK,I get it.

Thank You.

They do have a master distributor in Canada. Petawise (