Scott Schafer Responsibility In The Fall Of Arecont

Scott Schafer was ousted as EVP of Arecont last October (2017). With Arecont chapter 11 filing and the possibility that Schafer uses this as an excuse (i.e., that he was gone before this happen), this is to make clear Schafer's responsibility.

Contrary to his LinkedIn description:

(1) As the bankruptcy filing itself shows Arecont was already in trouble while Schafer was still completing 'his assignment':

(2) Revenue fell 40% in 2017 and by the time Schafer was ousted in October 2017, Arecont well knew their deep problems:

(3) Schafer was the public face and head of Sales, Marketing, Service and Quality. His tactic, over and over again, was to pretend that everything was great.

For years, anytime integrators complained on IPVM about Arecont's quality, Schafer offered some excuse (user error or old news or people just were against them). The man simply could not take responsibility.

A month before Schafer was ousted, at ASIS, in the midst of rep firms and employees resigning or being let go left and right, Schafer was all happy talk. Things are great, blah, blah, blah.

Best summing up Schafer is how he handled IPVM's report on Arecont Getting Kicked Out of Google:

Schafer is now selling consulting services to security companies. Be warned.


I have heard his happy announcement so many times and each time I hear him talking knowing there is something wrong going on.