New Hikvision 5+MP All DWDR?

When Hikvision upgraded their old 3MP DWDR cameras to the new "120dB" WDR 4MP electronics, the WDR quality increased noticeably. However, it seems that all their new cameras 5MP and above (including the 6MP, 4K models) are all DWDR again. Is this a step backward due to some limitation with the 5+MP electronics resulting in actually worse WDR or is it just a name change with no noticeable impact on the WDR quality?

Anybody has experience with those?

The 4MP sensors in general offer the true WDR support. It could be that the sensor manufacturers just don't offer true WDR in the larger resolution sensors. Remember that Hikvision, just like almost every other camera manufacturer, relies on a third party for their sensors and other internal parts.

Higher resolution cameras delivering worse WDR is actually typical. It's not always the case but, as a rule of thumb, it tends to accurately describe the state of the market.

On the 4K side, there are a few (very expensive) cameras with strong WDR. Surprisingly, the best one we tested so far is the Bosch 4K that despite marketing DWDR is very good.

From this test...

I believe all are +5MP except for the vb630.