"IVPM Is A Self Proclaimed Garbage Heap"

We have some detractors on Facebook, here is a fascinating response:

We tested this, e.g., ADI's W Box Camera / NVR Gen 1 (Hikvision) TestedADI W-Box Dropping Hikvision, Using Sunell (Tested). And it is not rocket science to prove this.

For example, ADI shows Sunell's model number in their system, e.g.,

The new W Box cameras use the same OUI as Sunell, 00:1C:27, shown below:


The 'ADI' W-Box cameras and NVR were discovered using Sunell's Search Tool, shown below.

Etc., etc.

Lie Or Kept In The Dark

As for this person speaking to a 'Directir' of Residio (note: that is the new corporate name for ADI / Honeywell Home), we have no idea who he spoke to or even if he did speak to anyone there. 

However, are there really people in 2018 who do not know that either (1) manufacturers can lie or (2) manufacturer employees are kept in the dark about sensitive information like this? At least, on that point, IPVM needs to do a better job of educating the market.

It is really unfortunate that there are so many people like him who truly believe they know what is best and are making recommendations to customers that are based on just absolute garbage data they "learned" from clueless employees of manufacturers and distributors.

John didn't you know that EVERYTHING said on facebook is 100% true and also the utmost authority, especially, IP video products :)


Image result for it's on facebook it must be true

We only started seriously posting and promoting on Facebook this year so it's been somewhat surprising to me how much less sophisticated and more ad hominem comments are on Facebook. LinkedIn comments, for example, are much more professional overall.

And for the same reason, other than IPVM, I am off all social media. There are no checks and balances on Facebook. Keep up the GREAT work John.

how much less sophisticated and more ad hominem comments are

I've noticed the same thing, I think it's awesome that you're posting on Facebook though. It's nice to see what other people are thinking/saying. 

JB, it's been an education for me :)

I run a Facebook group of over 10,300 people, 95% of my members are active every month. In the beginning, I had to be in the group constantly trying to elevate the conversation and make sure it didn't degrade into your typical Facebook garbage heap. After two years the group is pretty strong, every once in a while someone like this dude comes out and we deal with it but it's rare now. When I look in other facebook groups I am appalled by how awfully uncivilized people can be towards each other.

I'm in Google+ for a Community and while not huge as Facebook, Twitter, etc, and definitively not free of issues, I found a lot of professionals there and a lot of professional content. BTW, no surprise of the quality content on Linkedin, it IS probably THE Social Media destination for professionals.

Guillermo, thanks!

Curious, which Google+ Community or groups are you following? I ask because I have not kept track of Google+.

I joined the Surveillance Security Systems community of 2,365 members as of today (https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/103004149924871158492)

I'm also in the Computer History Community, if you're curious enough, here is the URL:


Guillermo, thanks. The Surveillance Security Systems community looks mostly to be spam:

Sad true, the owner/moderator(s) of that community currently are doing a poor job maintaining that community so no wonder the increase spam. Maybe I should think in creating a new community for these topics and keep it free of spams and trolls (the Computer History Community is the opposite, no spams/trolls).


Do you remember LinkedIn Groups? Well, they still exist :) but not much used these days. I raise that because it's a similar problem. It's time-consuming to moderate groups, especially when it's free and there is no clear business interest so often hard to maintain.

Granted I've not read EVERY article on IPVM, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have missed the "We're a Garbage Heap" report...

I don't think this dude understands what 'self proclaimed' means.

I don't think this dude understands

You could have stopped there :)

Ha! Can you imagine JH proclaiming his own site is a garbage heap???

Apparently the dude is self proclaimed stupid, albeit, indirectly!

Sorry if this was inappropriate. Just couldn't resist. 

Or how to properly spell "Directir"

Huh, he's doubling down:

Btw, in fairness to him, I believe the ADI people he is talking to have never heard of Sunell. Sunell is no household name and ADI corporate gets no benefit from publicizing that, even to their own employees.

Ok, looks like a happy ending:

The House Bill ban and a chicken sandwich, not too bad...

So has he said when he will deliver on the Chicken Sandwich?

Well, any day but Sunday...

Most people haven't heard of the majority of manufacturing companies. We have thousands of logos and brands in our industry alone, but very few true creators of hardware and software between them.

These are the same type of people who believe fake news on facebook......

...and swear that it's the fault of those posting the fake news, not those that are foolish enough to believe it.

Honest Abe said “Trust Facebook, Zuckerberg is a friend”. I saw it on Instagram so it appears real. 

Seriously starting to sound like the left vs the right...politics aside. =)

JOHN HONOVICH hates Chinese cameras! Very biased! Doesn't he know that AXIS and SONY all have security problems too? SAD!


You forgot to end on:

NO COLLUSION!  Total witch hunt

Everything has problems when installed poorly, which many in the industry do since they do not care about the quality or training of their installing staff. I have seen so much work done for profit by companies only to later come in a rip it all out and start over again and do it correctly.


If you do not control the quality of your technical staff they should do us all a favor and get out of the business.


I was going to leave a comment but then I thought better of it. The level of immaturity is off the scale. As the saying goes, there's no fixing that. But it gives the trade a bad name almost as bad as used car salesman.

Is this guy even a member?

I like FB advertising for our business as well but it sure does bring out the ocassional incoherent redneck who likes to comment on our posts.

IVPM Is A Self Proclaimed Garbage Heap

Nah, it’s more like a fixer-upper:

Those Facebook posts make my head hurt... Make it stop.

I agree the immaturity is off the scale for a professional industry. I like the info IPVM is giving and we too have been using HikVision cameras with DW Spectrum VMS and am concerned with all that is happening in the Hik world & now the US Govt. ban.

Axis just sent us 2 of their cameras to try and must admit I placed them side by side with Hik and what a difference! I had only 1080 Axis cameras to 3MP Hik and Axis clearly blew them away with clarity & detail, but unfortunately with a much higher price too which is why so many use Hik & Dahua.

As far as IPVM, I might suggest not opening your statements with what sounds biased, but then again that is what grabs people to read your article. Thank you for all you do for our industry.

Dude drug himself. Seriously. If you’re going to attempt to denigrate someone or something, at LEAST be able to spell the four letter acronym of the organization that you are slamming. 

*I apologize if this gentleman has dyslexia or another disorder that prevents him from spelling IPVM. 

If you look at his actual Facebook page it's filled with a lot of zealotry, and I'm not just basing that on his political leanings. Zealotry can come from all sides. But it just seems to be his general nature. Egos have a hard time finding middle ground.

Best advice I ever got:


"Your Ego, is not your Amigo"...

If this guy is a security contractor, I would hate to be his customer. I'm sure he has no problem lying straight to their faces. He is ill-informed and is probably a great ADI / W Box customer.

A fair share of SMB and residential customers, if they knew where the product  was manufactured, who would tell their respective contractor to offer them another, non-Chinese option;Especially today!

Thank God for IPVM. There is just way too much information/technology to digest and decipher and not one of these manufacturers domestic or otherwise should be taken at face value. As sad as it sounds, there is a lacking of honesty and integrity in the corporate world. That's why the marketing budgets for these companies is so large.  They are all in the business to make money, even if it means telling a few lies along the way.  It wouldn't put a scratch on their financials. 

IPVM helps keep manufacturers honest and points out the ones who are stretching it a bit.

TY John and team!


As sad as it sounds, there is a lacking of honesty and integrity in the corporate world.


It is sad, I would hope that Honesty and Integrity would be unquestioned givens in the Security industry!  After All, we're here to rid the world of criminals right?  Are we as an industry a case of honesty amongst thieves?  Very sad!

BAM, POW, SNAP!!! You go John!

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