Offering An IPVM Sales Course - What To Cover?

[UPDATE: IPVM will be offering a sales course this summer and next winter. Thanks John B! This is now a discussion of what to cover.]

Has IPVM considered offering a sales course? I wonder how many people would be interested in taking one from IPVM.

I would think it would include the following:

  • Finding Leads/Lead Sources
  • Making First Contact
  • Best Practices for Proposal Design
  • Bidding on Projects
  • What to do during a walkthrough
  • Using the Camera Calculator to win business
  • Follow through
  • Basic Communication Skills

Just thinking outloud at this point to see what others and IPVM thinks.

John, thanks for asking this.

We actually did 1 sales course in 2015 (see description). Here is one of the course sessions recorded:

We had not done one since. Chris Peterson and I have both been busy with other things.

I do think IPVM should include more sales topics and training overall. Looking forward to feedback and questions on this.

Are the other parts available?

Im in

This is a fantastic idea.. A vendor neutral sales course would be welcomed..

Yes please, I suck at sales.

Me too !

Please do!

Sales is very import to business, count me in. I'll be most willling to join.

John one of the best ideas I have heard in a long time....

I believe watching Wolf of Wallstreet and Tommy Boy should be required homework.

Dont forget Boiler Room

Update: We are going to do an IPVM sales course, first one is planned for this summer and another in January (2019).

What do you want us to cover? We have plans and ideas ourselves, I am curious to hear though what you think is most important.

Bazyk, thanks for starting this and your initial suggestions!

Noice. I assume this will be geared towards integrators?

Yes, integrators are the focus. A lot of the material will be valuable for manufacturers as well but less so for distributors and on-line resellers, given the focus will be on physical meetings, closing larger deals over time, etc.

I’d be interested in this as well to learn more about the sales process for an integrator, manufacturer, etc. this would be helpful for my team. Who would be conducting it / providing the content?

It will be a combination of Chris Peterson of Vector Firm (on the sales side) and us (on the SE / tech side).

I am in, run my card now..

Some topics:

Pre-qualify clients before doing a site survey

How to advise client you are doing a budgetary estimate versus a true estimate based on their commitment

determine client type/markets company wants to focus on

How to reach decison makers/how to get past gate keepers

How/when to make presentations

How to sell the value of higher end VMS systems versus NVR

How to minimize ghosting

Ethics in Sales (government sales, drinking, gifts, trips, selling communist owned parts)

The follow up sales course for your last item would be:

How not to use forums to defend the indefensible

Hello everyone. If we do ten sessions (40-45 minute webinars), what do you think about the following topics? Below are 11 sessions that we are considering, but wanted to get your feedback before finalizing. Any that jump out at as "Yes, I really like that topic", or "No, that's not worth our time". Also, suggest others - we've got plenty more.

Here's the preliminary list of ideas. Beat 'em up. Give 'em praise.

  • Principals of Selling Security Systems Today
  • Using Email to Schedule Appointments
  • Social Selling for the Security Sales Professional
  • Proactive Account Management
  • Build Relationships with A&E Firms and Consultants
  • How to Win Full Engagement in the First Meeting
  • Delivering an Excellent Sales Presentation
  • How to Effectively Ask Probing Questions
  • Managing Common Objections
  • Beating the Low-Cost Providers
  • Selling to the DIY Customer

Thanks - looking forward to our course!


I would like to see the discussions on following topics -

- How to Scale and Sell Day-2 Support with initial contract

- Live Demos - are they worth it?

- How Big is your Portfolio of Offerings?

- When Do you Walk Away?

Hey Chris, those topics look great to me.

From your Linkedin posts, I saw the article on DIY which seemed to focus on commercial clients I believe. I assume the topic here will focus on commercial as well?

Hi Jay. Yes, all of the content will be based on commercial sales.

I would love to take this course. All of the topics listed would be great. For me personally I would love detail on finding leads/lead sources.

I would like to take this course as well.


Ethical sales practices.

Look to the future regarding what the client / project will require a few years from now. Make a long-term client vs making a short-term/immediate sale.

Service/maintenance contracts

Sell beyond price. Build value in the system as a whole. Shift the focus from strictly cost to benefit and value.

How is the product/service going to improve their operations.

Ask inquisitive questions that help you figure out what they are actually after.

Listen to the client - You'll learn more.

The old adage: "I don't care how much you know until I know how much you care"

Don't promise more than you and/or your team can deliver.

Be honest and straight-forward. If there are limitations or potential pitfalls/delays - Discuss them up-front.

Organization, Time Management??

Great Idea

Thanks for everyone's interest. The course description / registration page is now live and the course will start next month. Any questions or feedback, let us know.

How to manage objections is always a plus. Some objections are self inflicted, some are obvious and others should be disregarded and not addressed.

How not to trash your competition, to make yourself look better.

Great idea to have this training. Perhaps a discussion on why no business is better than bad business is worthy.

How to become a trusted source of information.

The value of timely follow up.

Actually delivering on what is promised.

Also I think there is discussion on Hikvision/Dahua but how many people know that Qsee and Lorex are actually Dahua? LTS is Hikvision? There are others..........

Update: We have over 100 attendees in this summer's course which just had class 3 yesterday.

Now, we have opened a Winter 2019 course due to significant interest in the class. Thanks!