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Avigilon ONVIF Cameras Compatible With Exacq?

We are replacing an Avigilon system with exacq and would like to use the existing avigilon cameras which are onvif complainat. Has anyone successfully integrated avigilon cameras with exacq? What functions work and don't work. Can you set motion detection areas in the Avigilon a cameras through exacq, ect? Thanks

Hi Duncan, I've used both the H3 box cameras and HD bullets with Exacq in testing. Streaming works just fine, though the only control of camera settings you have is compression, frame rate, and resolution. Motion detection does not work, unless I'm missing something.

Replacing Avigilon? BLASPHEMY! :)

We regularly test Avigilon with Exacq and do not have problems integrating the two. I am not sure about motion detection, though. Derek/Ethan can you comment and run a quick check on our systems to verify? Look at lower level features that may or may not be included.

Btw, the one function you will lose with Exacq is Avigilon's image display enhancement feature. In quite a number of our test shots, the same image / camera on Avigilon displayed more details than Exacq.

Considering the integration uses ONVIF, is dependent on more recent ONVIF version levels, etc. I asked Sarit to follow up with the manufacturers involved to see if there is any other information, steps or changes that would make this work.

Keeping in mind their H.264 encoder will only give you 1 analog output, not 4 like ACC does

Steve, so you mean if you connect 4 analog cameras to Avigilon's H.264 encoder and connect it to Exacq, you can only record/view 1 of those 4? Or do you mean you have to pay licenses for all 4, unlike Avigilon where it is only a single license?

It only saw 1 analog camera, even when Exacq was licensed properly. We tired RSTP to work for the other analog inputs but couldn't get them to take.

Duncan, Can you elaborate on why you are making the switch?

We're in the process of replacing an Avigilon system with Exacq as well. The reason is because the end-user is fed up with poor service from their current integrator and wants to switch. We can't take over the Avigilon system because we aren't an Avigilon dealer. We've tried to become one, but Avigilon says they have already out enough dealers in our area. I find this frustrating because some RFP's specifically ask for Avigilon and unless you're part of the old boys club you can't participate.

I'm guessing Duncan is in a similar situation?

John, I haven't tried this particular product combo, but I have used an ONVIF 4 channel video encoder with Genetec and additional work was required to get more than1 channel recognized. The core ONVIF specification doesn't cover multi-channel devices that share a single IP address so this is most likely why you are only seeing 1 channel with Exacq and the Avigilon encoder.

The Avigilon cameras we used show an ONVIF supported version of 2.0 and Exacq supports Profile S ONVIF integration. Avigilon's response was that they do not support version 2.2 ONVIF in any of their cameras as of now, but it is in the works (no ETC).
Furthermore, Exacq's integration disabled the following three options when integrating with Avigilon via ONVIF:
  • motion zones
  • Video settings
  • Multistreaming channels are not pulled in
Here's why: There are 3 different ways in which a VMS can query events in ONVIF: metadata streaming, push notification and pull queries, so any incompatibilities between the device and the VMS integration could cause problems. In addition,the Avigilon camera would need to follow ONVIF 2.2 standards, which it currently does not.
Why would any one replace Avigilon with Exacq?

Is anyone able to explain why Avigilon is placed on such a huge pedestal? What exactly is so great about Avigilon? Compared to a VMS like Exacq. I was under the impression that Avigilon only supports PC (no mac) whereas Exacq has native clients for Mac, PC and mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry etc. And being an Avigilon dealer requires mandatory quotas and it's hard to get a dealership license. Is there a compelling reason to use Avigilon? Not trying to be a smart ass just genuinely curious.

Scott, we have debated Avigilon seemingly to death at IPVM :)

Is there a compelling reason to use Avigilon? I think yes (this is coming from a guy who many at Avigilon despise). They have a strong end to end solution. That doesn't mean it's the only game in town, obviously. It's hard to just point to a single post on Avigilon but check out our product reviews on Avigilon.

How about working in reverse?

Will an ONVIF camera work on the Avigilon headend?

Avigilon mainly uses ONVIF for camera integration, including their own H4/H3 camera series.

However, that depends on your definition of "work", as well. I've seen very few problems with cameras connecting and streaming via ONVIF to ACC when the cameras are Profile S conformant. Motion detection, I/O, and audio are not always supported, though. Avigilon's supported device list is pretty clear about which cameras' VMD is supported, and if you're looking to use cameras which aren't listed, I would not count on it working. 

We have completed a number takeovers with Avigilon and hundreds of 3rd party cameras.  Most of the issues with motion detection not working are on very old IP cameras which don't have new firmware.   I really don't recall newer cameras that haven't worked once you get the correct firmware.  

Also, Avigilon has Arbitrary Events which you can use to get custom events sent to ACC from 3rd party cameras. 

My experience was that the Avigilon cameras, when connected to a few other systems (Aimetis, Milestone, did not test Exacq) really taxed the processors.  It became an issue on the larger Megapixel cameras much faster, but the ONVIF processing and lack of native drivers for Avigilon made it all too difficult to even calculate the processor requirements.

 Are you processing motion detection on the server or camera?  

Server sided in order to run analytics.

And I know that is more of a hog, but the lack of native drivers is really an issue with any VMS.  

Aimetis does analytics on the server so of course, you're going to see CPU usage.  ONVIF/Native Drives are really the issue there.  I have tested Aimetis multiple times with Avigilon cameras. 

Scratching around for answers on a similar issue.

We can't get an Avigilon 3.0C-H4M-D1 to talk to a VideoEdge ADVER12R5N2G. We know the NVR doesn't support the native driver - but VE tech have told our engineer that they don't even support ONVIF!!



Video Edge is listed in the official ONVIF conformant directory:

Indeed - perhaps someone had better remind their tech support of this!

I still need to get my head around it and where the problem lies - Avigilon or Video Edge, but it was just the tech support response that got me.